Friday, October 29, 2010

Caroll O'Connor

All In the Family was first broadcast in January of 1971.  Before Carroll O’Connor began playing Archie Bunker, he appeared in a February, 1967 episode of That Girl with Marlo Thomas.  O’Connor played a temperamental Italian opera singer named Giuseppe Casanetti.  His blue Irish eyes betrayed the fact that he wasn’t really Italian.  The name of the episode was “A Tenor’s Loving Care.” 
Carroll O’Connor’s character was a womanizer with a beard and an Italian accent.  To see what he looked like, click on the link below

It is interesting that Carroll O’Connor’s co-star on All In the Family
 also appeared on That Girl.  Yes, Rob Reiner, the Meathead
 himself, appeared on three episodes of the Marlo Thomas series.
  A young Reiner played an acting student in a December 1, 1966
 episode entitled “All About Ann.”  H played a character called
 named Carl in “This Little Piggy Had A Ball,” a March 23, 1967
 episode.  On September 14, 1967, he appeared as a hairdresser in
 “The Good Skate.”

Here is a video of an excellent  1999 interview with Carroll
 O’Connor.  Click the link below. 

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