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Y&R Report (November 27, 2021): The Latest on The Young and the Restless

Hey Y&R fans, every second Saturday TV Banter discusses the latest happenings and provides commentary on your favourite daytime drama. Note to U.S. readers - SPOILER ALERT: Here in Canada, I watch the show on Global TV which is one episode ahead of CBS.  I will inevitably refer to incidents you haven't seen yet.  Read at your own risk.  If you are the curious type, though, you may prefer to discover some things in advance

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There's not quite as much to write about because we've had a short week on The Young and the Restless.  Due to American Thanksgiving, the show was not seen on Thursday, November 25, 2021 or Friday, November 26, 2021 on CBS.  On November 25th, there was an encore presentation of Victoria and Ashland's wedding.  Y&R was  preempted on November 24th and November 25th on Global TV

Well, Victoria and Ashland definitely want to become the newest power couple in Genoa City.  They are acting like a younger version of Victor and Nikki Newman.  It seems that Victoria is calling the shouts and leading the way.  That's not a surprise because of all Victor's children, her behaviour most resembles her father's.  She is a cutthroat businesswoman.  She and Ashland just waltzed into Billy and Lily's office and offered to buy their company.  Princess Victoria takes great delight in the prospect of acquiring ChancCom.  

Victoria and Ashland praised Lily and were highly critical of Billy.  They want Lily to run ChancCom on her own, without Billy. They dangled the prospect of career success and being CEO of her own company to Lily.  Lily, however, is dubious about accepting their offer.  She doesn't want to fall into a trap. or make a huge mistake.  She knows it's Jill's call anyway.  That's why she phoned Jill to discuss the situation.

Poor Billy Boy Abbott!  He can't help himself.  He is his own worst enemy.  Even when he tries to do something noble, such as resign from ChancCom and let Lily take over, he can't win.  He didn't consult with Lily before making such a momentous decision.  Lily berated him for that.  Billy just doesn't have good judgement.  However, according to an online spoiler and previews, Billy's mother, Jill, will be arriving in town soon and she will take command of the situation.

Faith is back in the swing of things - finally!  It was good to see her have a heart-to-heart conversation with her brother, Noah.  It was about time that Noah really opened up to someone.  He's really been a drag sitting around at home.  Speaking of Noah Newman, I wouldn't be surprised if he and Tessa become romantically involved?  Why?  First, they seem to have a lot in common.  They both like music and art.  Secondly, if those two hooked up, it would create a conflict between Mariah and Noah.  Remember that they are half siblings.  Their mother is Sharon.  

The Thanksgiving episode featuring Phyllis and Gloria was hilarious.  It was some much-needed comic relief after all the drama surrounding Chance's disappearance and baby Dominic.  I really enjoyed it.  It showed some real insight into the mind of Phyllis.  Gloria was funny as "Golden Glo."  

I'm very pleased to be seeing more of Eileen Davidson lately as Ashley Abbott.  She one of the show's anchors and her presence is very welcome as far as her fans are concerned.

Those of us who watch Y&R on Global TV saw the first scene with the new Chance, played by Conner Floyd.  I will reserve judgement on Conner until I've seen more of him.  His style seems different from the other actors who have played Chance.  He seems less military the others and more bohemian, with longish curly hair.  

Much to Abby's disappointment, Chance seems adamant that he won't come home until he brings down the bad guys who killed his colleagues.  Here's what I think may happen.  Abby will go home alone and pretend that has accepted that Chance is dead.  Once he brings down the bad the guys, he will return to Genoa City, but will remain in hiding in order to protect himself and Abby and Dominic.  Devon and Mariah and the others with continue to believe that Chance is gone.  This will cause plenty of conflict, especially where Mariah is concerned.  Chance will eventually return home.  The powers that be at Y&R did not select a new Chance so that he remain in Spain.

Y&R seems to be taking its time to pay tribute to Jerry Douglas, who portrayed John Abbott, the patriarch of the Abbott family, for many years.  They have shown a photo of him with his birth and death dates at the end of an episode.


Steve Burton (ex-Dylan on Y&R) fired from General Hospital

Genersal Hospital has fired former Y&R star. Steve Burton, for failing to comply with on-set COVID-19 protocol (GH has a vaccine mandate, while the other major soaps, including Y&R, rely on testing, social distancing and other on-set protocols).  The actor, who portrayed Dylan McAvoy on Y&R from 2013 to 2017 was let go from his GH role as Jason Morgan because of his refusal to get vaccinated.  Burton says he applied for medical and religious exemptions and he argues that it is a matter of personal freedom.  


Jason Thompson (Billy Abbott)

Victoria and Ashland have offered to buy ChancCom.  They want Billy to resign.  They will put Lily in charge and she will become CEO.  Fans, what do you think of the deal?  Is it fair?  Should Billy resign and allow Lilly to run the show?  Respond to the poll below and let me know.<

Should Billy resign from ChancCom and sell the company to Ashland and Victoria? free polls


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Y&R Report (November 13, 2021): The Latest on The Young and the Restless

Hey Y&R fans, every second Saturday TV Banter discusses the latest happenings and provides commentary on your favourite daytime drama. Note to U.S. readers - SPOILER ALERT: Here in Canada, I watch the show on Global TV which is one episode ahead of CBS.  I will inevitably refer to incidents you haven't seen yet.  Read at your own risk.  If you are the curious type, though, you may prefer to discover some things in advance

Hi fans,

Have you noticed that Faith Newman (Reylynn Carter) and Moses Winters (Jacob Aaron Gaines) haven't had much screen time lately?  I know that the focus has been on Victoria and Ashland's wedding and on the Abby-Chance storyline.  Still, those two young lovebirds have really been in the background.  With Noah back in town, you'd think that Faith would be in scenes with the brother she hasn't seen for a long time.

Speaking of Noah, I can't quite figure what direction the writers are taking him.  All we know is that someone in London broke his heart.  He seems to be hanging out a lot with Tessa and Mariah.  I thought he might get romantically involved with Tessa.  However, it appears that the writers seemed to have backed away from that, at least for the time being.  It might still happen if Tessa loses patience with Mariah's obsession with baby Dominic.  Tessa is not on the same page with her on that.  

Mariah is way out  of line where Dominic is concerned.  As much as she feels a connection to the child, she has to face the reality that Abby is his mother.  She is doing herself no favours by hovering over him.  If Chance is declared dead, I wouldn't be surprised if she takes legal action to gain custody of her "Bowie."  Tess will not be on board with that.

There weren't any Halloween parties or costumes on Y&R again this year.  I was disappointed about that, but there must be a reason.  It might have something to do with COVID.

I quite enjoyed watching that heart-to heart talk that Nick had with Victoria.  They really opened up to each other as siblings.  It was rather touching.

If you're not convinced that Chance is really dead, you are definitely on the right track,  Chance is returning to Genoa City, but he wont be played by Donny Boaz (In the CAST NEWS section of this Y&R Report, you will find a brief biography of the new Chance.  That's right.  There will finally be a new Chance and it's about time).

What will Chance's return mean for the storyline?  What will await him when he finally comes home?  Will Abby give up all hope of seeing him alive again?  Maybe a body will be wrongly identified as Chance's, so she will go on with her life, only to discover that her husband is still alive.. There is going to be quite a showdown, legally and emotionally, over custody of that poor baby Dominic.  Both Devon and Mariah could eventually seek custody of him since they  are booth extremely attached to the child.  

Abby doesn't seem to be able to cope with looking after Dominic and dealing with her grief over Chance.  She ended up at Devon's doorstep asking for help.  Now Devon is looking after the baby and Abby has taken off somewhere.  My guess is that she's headed tp Spain to look for Chance.  She still has hope that he's still alive.  She's right, too, but this is a soap opera.  The question is this: If Abby does go to Spain, will she find him or will he return later? 

So far. Amanda seems very supportive of Devon's connection to Dominic and Abby.  I still have a problem with Devon and Amanda.  Wouldn't it feel weird having a relationship with someone who looks exactly like your dead spouse.  Amanda may be a dead ringer for her identical twin but her personality is quite different from Hillary's.  I think the bond between Devon and Hilary was much stronger.

Is it finally over between Phyllis and Nick?  I hope so.  Those two are not in sync.  Their relationship has run its course.  Phyllis will never accept Nick's ties to his family and Nick will always be a Newman.  That will never change.  Nick needs someone who has more in common with him and accepts his family situation.  I think he is best suited to Sharon.  Notice how often he has been confiding in her lately.  Their son, Noah, even commented that he didn't think Nick had ever really gotten over Sharon.  Having said that, I don't think the time is right for a Nick and Sharon reunion yet.  There are too many complications, such as Sharon's marriage to Rey and her fixation on Adam.  It may happen someday, when she inevitably breaks up with Rey.

Here's another thing I've thought about.  Sally Spectra might go after Nick, just for revenge against Phyllis and to make his brother Adam jealous.  I wouldn't put it past Sally.  I just don't know if Nick would be interested in hooking up with her.  However, Nicholas usually shows poor judgement where women are concerned.   

Sally should take Jack's sage advice.  He told her to o stop complaining and to stop acting as if everyone were against her.  He was spot-on with those words of wisdom.   She's got to put an end to her "Poor Sally" attitude.

Some Y&R fans felt that Ashland Locke was faking his death.  I think we can put that theory to rest.  The media mogul has clearly experienced pain with no one else was around.  Why would he pretend to be dying in that situation?

Once again, Victor Newman has won.  As he would  say, he has crushed Billy Boy.  He and Adam are threatening to bring down Chancellor Communications.  They were able to get Jesse Gaines on their side and they completely fooled Billy Abbott.  I've got to believe that Victoria and Ashland are in on Victor and Adam's scheme too.  Victor wouldn't do anything to hurt his princess.  

Billy will be facing a lot of music.  Lily has just about had enough of his shenanigans.  Not only that, but Billy's mother, Jill (Jess Walton), will be coming home for a visit.  According to an online spoiler, "she will make some stunning business decisions."  Jill's  decisions will probably involve ChancComm and I doubt Billy will be pleased.


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Here is an email I received from Y&R fan CC in Etobicoke, Ontario.

Hi Joanne

My comment for this week is related to how poorly baby Dominic is portrayed.  Wrapped in the same blue-striped swaddling blanket day after day, this cannot be the long-awaited, much-adored son and grandson of multi-millionaire parents and grandparents.

They should consider the impact of this sad visual on the amount of empathy the audience can muster up for Abby.

There must be a life-like baby doll hidden somewhere in the prop room that could be used!

Major gaffe by the powers that be!

- CC from Etobicoke

You are absolutely right, CC.  Surely Y&R can do better than that.  It's what you'd expect from an amateur production.  Do they think that viewers haven't noticed that Dominic is just a fake blanket baby?  What a joke!  The baby's crying is so phony too.  How shoddy!  The only valid excuse for not using a real baby is COVID regulations.  If, that's the case, they could use a life-like doll, as you suggest.  At the very least, they could change poor Dominic's blanket.  Sooner of later, they are going to have to get rid of that blue-striped one.  This certainly is a major gaffe by the powers that be.  I wouldn't be surprised if at the end of a scene, the actors laugh and toss around that ridiculous blanket baby.


Jerry Douglas (John Abbott) dies at 88

Jerry Douglas, who portrayed patriarch John Abbott on The Young and the Restless, passed away on November 9th after a brief illness.  He was 88 years old.  Jerry joined the cast of Y&R in 1982.  The actor played the wealthy founder of Jabot Cosmetics until his character was killed off in 2006.  He remained with the show about a decade longer, appearing from time to time as the ghost of John Abbott until 2016.  As a ghost, he guided his son Jack, offering Jack much advice.

In addition to his John Abbott role, the veteran actor appeared in films such as JFK and Mommie Dearest.  He also had television guest roles on Melrose Place and Arrested Development.  Jerry is survived by his wife of 37 years, Kym, sons Jod and Hunter, and daughter Avra.  He also leaves two grandchildren.

A new actor will be playing Chance


Conner Floyd

Y&R has confirmed that Conner Floyd will be taking over the role of Philip Chancellor 1V, better known as Chance).  Conner is a newcomer to soaps, but his television credits include made[-for-TV movies Malicious Motives and A Kiss on Candy Lane.  He will also be appearing in the film Help Wanted.

Conner, 29, is from Texas, but now lives in Los Angeles.  

Cast Notes

As i mentioned, Jill (Jess Walton) will return for an extended stay in Genoa City.  Jess has not been seen on screen for a while due to her husband's illness and death.

Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea Lawson) will return from maternity leave in December.  I can't wait to see how she reacts to Sally's pursuit of Adam.

Roxanne Hart, known for her role as Nurse Camille Shutt on the medical drama Chicago Hope, will appear in several episodes as Kim Dunaway.  Her first appearance will be on November 18th on CBS and November 17th on Global TV.


Joshua Morrow (Nick Newman)

It seems as if Nick and Phyllis are done. at least for now.  Who should be Nick's next love interest? Should he reunite with Sharon or Chelsea?  Should he find someone new?  Respond to the poll below and let me know.</

Now that Nick and Phyllis are on rocky ground, what should he do? free polls

That's all for now.  A Happy Thanksgiving (November 25th) to readers in the United States.  Please remember that the next edition of Y&R Report will appear in this space on Saturday, November 27, 2021.  

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Whatever happened to Mike Lookinland of The Brady Bunch?

The problem for me was, I lived my childhood in my 20s.  You should really live your childhood when you're a child, because if you do it when you're 26, it can be dangerous.

- Mike Lookinland, video clip from "Oprah Where are they now?"

Mike Lookinland, who played Bobby Brady, the youngest Brady son on The Brady Bunch, has kept a lower profile than the actors who portrayed the other Brady children.  He fled the Hollywood scene and eventually became a successful businessman.

Michael Paul Lookinland was born to a Mormon family in Mount Pleasant, Utah on December 19, 1960.  Mike was the second of the three children of  Paul Lookinland and his wife, Karen.  Mike had two siblings, an older sister named Theresa and a younger brother, Todd.  His father, Paul, was a junior high school principal in Carson, California.

By the age of seven, Mike was acting n television commercials for products such as Cheerios cereal, toys and Band-Aid bandages.  He was actually offered two sitcom roles - Eddie Corbitt on The Courtship of Eddie's Father and Bobby Brady on The Brady Bunch.  His parents chose the The Brady Bunch, and the part of Eddie was given to Brandon Cruz.  Mike's parents believed that it was better for their son to be around children his own age than to be the only child in an adult cast.

Mike was 9 years old when he was cast as Robert "Bobby" Brady.  The Brady Bunch was created by Sherwood Schwartz, who also created Gilligan's Island.  The series aired for five seasons, from 1969 until 1974 on the ABC network but did not attain great popularity until it went into syndication.

Mike Lookinland appeared in all 117 episodes of The Brady Bunch.  When he was cast as Bobby, Mike was told that he would have to dye his hair.  Mike's hair was naturally sandy and wavy.  HIs strawberry blond locks were darkened and straightened in order to match the hair of his TV brothers, Barry Williams, (Greg Brady) and Christopher Knight (Peter Brady}.  During the final two seasons of The Brady Bunch, however, Mike's natural hair colour was allowed to be shown. 

In a 2019 interview with the New York Post, Mike stated the following: :"It was very strange for a nine-year old boy to go to school one morning with red hair then show up on Monday with jet-black hair."  Although the series was about a blended family consisting of a blond mother with three blond daughter and a dark-haired dad with three dark-haired sons, Mike claims it was never presented to him that way.  As a child, he disliked dying his hair and found it weird.

In the 1970s, Mike Lookinland attended Chadwick School, an independent school on the Palos Verdes Peninsula in Los Angeles County, California.  He graduated from Chadwick in 1978.  During his time on The Brady Bunch, Mike studied at Hollywood Professional School along with his Brady Bunch  siblings Maureen McCormick (Marcia Brady), Christopher Knight and Susan Olsen (Cindy Brady).

Below is the cast of The Brady Bunch as featured in the shows opening theme.  Top to Bottom, from left to right: Maureen McCormick, Florence Hendrson (Carol Brady), Barry Williams, Eve Plumb (Jan Brady), Ann B. Davis (Alice), Christopher Knight, Susan Olsen, Robert Reed and Mike Lookinland.

Mike remained with The Brady Bunch until the series ended in 1974.  Soon after its cancellation, he appeared as Phillip Albright in the 1974 disaster film The Towering InfernoThe Towering Inferno was a blockbuster hit with a stellar ensemble cast including, Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, Faye Dunaway and Jennifer Jones, Fred Astaore. Robert Vaughn, Robert Wagner, Richard Chamberlain, Susan Blakely and yes, O.J. Simpson.

After The Tower Inferno, 20th Century Fox wanted to cast Mike Lookinland in a new TV series called Swiss Family Robinson. Mike turned down the offer because he and his schoolmates had planned to go on a ski trip.  He told the producer that he hadn't had a vacation in six years and that he didn't want to do the show.  He soon learned that you "don't turn down work in Hollywood if you want to get work in Hollywood."  According to Mike, nobody called him again after that.

Mike appeared in a 1975 episode of the The Secret of Isis, a fantasy superhero series.  He portrayed Tom Anderson in an episode of the show entitled "How to Find a Friend" (Season 1, Episode 8, Air Date: October 25, 1975).  Mike also guest-starred in a 1977 episode of the family drama Little House on the Prairie.  He played Patrick, a boy on a train, in an episode entitled "Times of Change" (Season 4, Episode 2, Air Date: September 19, 1977).  

Mike on Little House on the Prairie

After graduating from high school, 17-year-old Mike decided to leave Hollywood and move to Salt Lake City to attend the University of Utah.  He met his future wife while they were both attending the university and he put down roots in Utah.  He dropped out of college in order to pursue a career as a production assistant and camera operator.

In a 2019 interview with Desert News, Mike said, "I wanted to get out of L.A., get away from agents and managers.  And just to be a kid in the mountains."  It was an attempt on Mike's part to live his life outside of the public eye.

Despite Mike's escape from Hollywood, everything did not go smoothly for him,  Like many a child star, he had a difficult struggle with alcoholism.  After The Brady Bunch ended, he began drinking and became addicted.  "I loved alcohol," he said in a video clip from "Oprah Where are they now?'"  "First time I had a drink, oh boy, I thought it was the greatest thing in the world."  Everything came to a head on the evening of November 9, 1997.  Mike was leaving the set of Promised Land in St. George, Utah, where he was employed as an assistant cameraman.  As he drove along Utah State Route 18, he approached a curve and drifted onto the left shoulder.. While attempting to steer back onto the pavement, he rolled off the right side of the road.  

Mike sustained cuts and bruises as a result of the accident.  It turned out that his blood alcohol content was over three times Utah's legal limit.  He was treated in hospital and then booked into Washington County Jail, but was released on bail.  In December pf 1997, Mike completed a court-ordered rehabilitation program.  On May 27, 1998, he was sentenced to 24 hours of community service and fined $1,500.  The drunk driving incident was a wake up call for Mike and he sobered up.  "When it became clear that the choice was between living or dying, then it became a simple choice for me," he stated in the Oprah video.

Mike is a "Deadhead," a huge fan of the band the Grateful Dead.  He says his interest in the group began the day before New Year's in 1978.  Since that time, he has attended over 100 Grateful Dead concerts and shows.

Another band, Wonderful Broken Thing, titled their 1989 album Looking For Mike Lookinland.

On May 1, 1987 (some sources say May 11), Mike married his college sweetheart, Kelly Wemuth (born 1962), a sometime actor..  The couple have two sons, Scott Michael  Lookinland (born July 6, 1990) and Joseph Kelly "Joe" Lookinland (born August 6, 1993.  Both sons were born in Utah.

Mike eventually left the entertainment business behind.  After working in film production  for 20 years, he decided to change course.  One day, his wife, Kelly, brought home a library book that caught his attention.  The book's title was How to Make Concrete Countertops.  Mike made up his mind to do just that.  He told his wife that he intended to quit his job and make concrete countertops for a living. 

Mike Lookinland now operates a business in Salt Lake City that produces decorative concrete  He is satisfied with the artistic and creative aspect of  designing concrete countertops.  The former child star enjoys living in Utah and says he hasn't even thought about gong anywhere else.  He is impressed by the quality of life in the state.  

Mike Lockinland


* Through the years, Mike Lookinland has participated in a number of Brady Bunch reunion shows and interviews.  He appeared on the The Brady Bunch Meets ABC Saturday Superstars (1972 TV movie), Brady Bunch Variety Hour (1976-770, The Brady Girls Get Married (1981 TV movie), A Very Brady Christmas (1988 TV movie) and The Bradys (1990 TV series).  Most recently, he took part in the 2019 HGTV television series A Very Brady Renovation.  

In A Very Brady Christmas and The Bradys, Mike's character, Bobby Brady, was seen in a wheelchair, the result of an auto racing accident.

MHe also provided the voice for Bobby Brady in the animated series The Brady Kids (1972-73) in which the Brady children form a pop group.

* Mike reprised his role as Bobby Brady for a 1989 episode of the television series Day by Day, a comedy about a married couple who give up their professional career in order to run a day care centre at home.  The episode was called "A Very Brady Episode" (Season 2, Episode 11, Air Date: February 5, 1989).

* Mike's younger brother, Todd Lookinland, appeared in a 1974 episode of The Brady Bunch which served as a pilot for a new spin-off series called Kelly's Kids.  The series, about a couple with three sons, one black, one white and one Asian, was never bought.  he Brady Bunch episode was also entitled "Kelly's Kids," (Season 5, Episode 14, Air Date: January 4, 1974).  

* Mike's son, Joe Lookinland, is known for his role in the 2002 film Everwood.  Joe also appeared in the 2006 film Unaccompanied Minors. Mike's other son, Scott Lookinland, reprised his father's role as Bobby Brady in the 2000 TV movie Growing Up Brady., "'The Brady Bunch': Why Mike Lookinland Said His Move to Utah at Age 17 Was to 'Run Away'," by Keeli Parkey, July 12, 2021;, "Why Bobby Actor Mike Lookinland Said ' You Don't Turn Down Work in Hollywood'," by Joe Rutland, June 22, 2021;, "'The Brady Bunch Mike Lookinland Struggled with Addiction after the Show but now happily married with 2 Kids," by Olyin Balogun, September 5, 2021; WickipediaInternet Movie Database (IMDb)

- Joanne