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Internet TV Diget #8

This is the eighth of an occasional feature on TV Banter called Internet TV Digest.  Internet TV Digest contains recent news, information and discussion about online television.

Internet TV Digest

"The great granddaddy of streaming services remains the best . . . No other service has yet given Netflix an honest-to-goodness run for its money in terms of selection, quality and performance consistency." 

- Marxhall Honorof
From Tom's Guide
June 19, 2018

What's new on Netflix in July 2018?

Here is a sample of some of the programming coming to Netflix in July.:

The Comedy Lineup is a Netflix original in which a variety up-and-coming comedians perform 15-minute stand-up routines.  It will be available on July 5th.

There's more comedy with another season of Jerry Seinfeld's interview series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: Freshly Brewed,  It will be available on July 6th.  This unique series was created by Seinfeld, who is also its director and host.. Jerry picks up his guests (mostly fellow comedians) in vintage cars such as a 1977 Volkswagen camper bus, a 1978 AMC Gremlin, a 1964 Studebaker Avanti and a 1970 Ford Mustang.  They drive to a restaurant or cafe where they talk and drink coffee.
One show featured former U.S. President Barack Obama.  Jerry and Obama drove around the grounds of the White House in a 1963 Corvette Stingray.

Comedian in Cars Getting Coffee was launched in 2012 on the Crackle streaming service.  After nine seasons on Crackle, the series has moved  to Netflix for its tenth. Scheduled guests include Ellen DeGreneres, Alec Baldwin and Dana Carvey.

The second season of Anne with an E, a a Canadian series based on L.M. Montgomery's 1908 classic Anne of Green Gables, will be available on Friday, July 6th.

The Emmy-winning women's prison drama, Orange is the new Black, will return for a sixth season on July 27th.

What's new on Amazon Prime in July 2018?

Here's a sample of some programming coming to Amazon Prime in July:

The sixth and final season of the Cold War spy drama The Americans comes to Amazon on July.  Two Russian agents masquerade as an average American couple with a family.

Comicstaan features India's most promising new comics as they compete in a bid to find India's next comic sensation.  Seven of India's most prominent comedic talents judge and mentor the competitors.

There's a new season of the Amazon-produced children's show Tumble Leaf.  The series is aimed at preschoolers.

AT&T has launched a new streaming device - WatchTV

On June 21, 2018, AT&T announced the launched a second TV streaming service called WatchTV.  The announcement occurred just days after the company's merger with Time Warner.  The new service provides a less costly alternative to AT&T's DirecTV Now.  Anyone can join WatchTV for the price of $15 per month.  However, the service will be included as part of AT&T's wireless plan.

WatchTV offers over 30 live TV channels from networks such as CNN, Animal Planet, A&E, the Food Network and others.  It will soon add BET, Comedy Central, Nicktoons, Teen Nick and VH1.
In addition, WatchTV allows access to 15,000 television shows and movies-on-demand, as well as premium channels and music streaming options.

Uber driver was streaming Hulu prior to fatal self-driving crash in Arizona

On June 22nd, police in Tempe, Arizona provided evidence showed that the "safety driver" of a self-driving Uber was streaming a television shown on her phone right up to the time of a fatal accident last March.  According to the police report, the crash was "entirely avoidable."  The driver, Rafaela Vasquez was apparently not paying enough attention when she hit a 49-year-old pedestrian, who was crossing the street at night.

The Tempe Police Department obtained records from Hulu, a popular online streaning service, which should that Vasquez was playing the TV talent show The Voice at a time that coincided with the time of the crash.

- Joanne

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Y&R Report (June 23, 2018): The Latest on The Young and the Restless

Hey Y&R fans, every second Saturday TV Banter discusses the latest happenings and provides commentary on your favourite daytime drama. Note to U.S. readers - SPOILER ALERT: Here in Canada, I watch the show on Global TV which is one episode ahead of CBS.  I will inevitably refer to incidents you haven't seen yet. Read at your own risk.  If you are the curious type, though, you may prefer to discover some things in advance.

Could  J,T. Hellstrom be alive?  It isn't logical.  He had no pulse and he was buried in Chancellor Park by four women, namely Nikki, Victoria, Sharon and Phyllis.  Thad Luckinbill, who portrayed J.T., has completed his stint on the show.  Yet, we all know that it's not unheard of for "dead" soap opera characters to turn up alive   There's also a a loose end concerning J.T.  He was supposed to have a heart condition caused by an electrocution.  He was seeing a cardiologist.  Was that just thrown into the storyline for no reason, or will it have some relevance to the storyline?  Did the writers simply change their minds and drop the matter?

For now, let's assume that J.T. is really and truly dead.  So, who has been threatening Princess Victoria and Newman Enterprises.  Who has been using J.T.'s credit card?  Who has used that card to send packages containing Newman documents to Victoria's office?  What's going on here?  As far as we know, no one except the quartet of women, knows that J.T. is dead and buried.  Could someone be trying to frighten Victoria enough so that she will reveal the truth about J.T.'s disappearance?

The circumstances of the departed Mr. Hellstrom's death and burial are still haunting the four ladies involved, especially Victoria.  None of these women will find peace until they own up to what happened.  There's no escaping it.  There are those, such as Nick Newman. Victor Newman and Paul Williams who will not let the matter rest.  However, would any of them try to scare Victoria into admitting what really happened?  I wouldn't put it past Victor to torment and scare his own daughter.

Victoria is really living in a pressure cooker. She also has to deal with her son Reed's devastation over his father's absence.  As for Sharon, her future marriage to Nick will never succeed as long as she's keeping a horrendous secret from him.  The wedding may never even take place if Nick discovers the truth before the nuptials.  All four women are living under pressure, continually trying to cover up their dark secret.  This can's go on.  Something has got to give.

Isn't Nikki the jealous one?  It looks as if she's not over Arturo.  She just can't let him go.  It was hard not to notice the look of disapproval and annoyance on her face when she saw Arturo dancing the salsa with Genoa City's Latin lover.  Melody Thomas Scott is a pro at putting that expression on her face.  It's the same look she had on her face at Nick and Sharon's wedding.

I am very disappointed that Mishael Morgan (Hilary Curtis) is leaving Y&R.  I think she adds pizzazz to the show and many fans will miss her.  As for her character, I really don't want anyone else to play the role.  I don't think she's going to be replaced.  My sense is that Hilary and her baby will die tragically.  She and Devon are blissfully happy right now and all of Hilary's dreams seem to be coning true.  On a soap, that usually means disaster is about to strike.

Having said all that, a few questions remain.  Without Hilary, what will happen to GC Buzz and The Hilary Hour.  Will Mariah take over the show and will it be renamed The Mariah Hour.  No, that won't work.  Mariah is okay as a "second banana" or a co-host.  However, she doesn't have Hilary's pizzazz, her energy, her personality.

Obviously, Christian belongs with Nick and Sharon.  It's hard to believe that a judge would have awarded the child to Victor, although Nick didn't do himself any favours by flying off the handle.  Nicholas Newman should really learn to control his temper.  He needs anger management.  Sharon, on the other hand, presented herself quite well at the custody hearing.  She was calm and composed when grilled by Michael Baldwin.  Why does Michael always come running at Victor's beck and call?  He didn't feel pleased about the outcome of the hearing.  He even admitted that he felt like he had lost, despite winning temporary custody of Christian for his ruthless client.

Even in his weakened condition, Victor Newman  continues to stir the pot.  Good on Princess Victoria for supporting her brother rather than her daddy, but she needs to do more.  Nick has decided to stand up to his father and he's all fired up.  It's time that Victoria did the same instead of just standing by while "The Moustache" does his dirty work."

I'm afraid, however, that Nick is in for a couple of huge disappointments.  It seems to be a given with the Y&R writers that Victor always wins.  Over the years, he has had setbacks and he has spent time in prison, but he always comes out ahead  Why should it be any different this time?  Nick's second major disappointment will occur when he discovers what four important women in his life have done to J.T.

It doesn't appear that Kyle has gotten over Summer.  He still wants the Snowflake. However, the Snowflake is more focused on her mother's boyfriend, Billy Abbott.  He's more of a challenge to her because he's forbidden fruit.  This new devious Summer knows Billy's weaknesses and is determined to break him down.  She is taking advantage of Billy Boy's gambling addiction.  Even though he anguished over his addiction problem to her, she still mentioned hosting another poker game to


If you have any comments on Y&R, please email them to me with "Viewer Forum" in the subject line. I will be happy to publish your comments and reply to them  You do not have to use your real name. 

My email address:

I received  an email from Kelly in San Francisco, California, a Y&R viewer since 1976.  Kelly made the following comments:

So sick of the feud between Victor and Nick.  My children's father died tragically. This has been going on way too long, torch boy Nick!  Getting tired of all the fighting.  Life is too short.

I sympathize with you, Kelly.  I can understand why you are sick and tired of the feud between Nick and Victor. I would be too if I had gone through a traumatic experience such as yours.  The problem is that soaps thrive on conflict.  That's why couples rarely remain happy on daytime dramas.  When there are no problems and everyone gets along, there is not much storyline.  That doesn't mean, however, that there can't be some lighter moments.  With all the tension, Y&R can always use more humour.

 I.suppose the writers could tone down the Nick/Victor feud a notch or two.  Perhaps they will, eventually.  Right now, however, the Christian custody case is front and centre and it affects so many characters and relationships on the show.

Victor will always cause trouble.  Even if he reconciled with Nick, he'd be feuding with others, but maybe you don't mind that as much.  I have surmised that it's the father/son conflict that you dislike.
The Victor/Jack feud has been going on longer.

Have you noticed the change in Kyle lately?  Suddenly he's very sweet and supportive to Jack.  He's right by Jack's side, helping him to find out the truth about his biological father.  You should be pleased about that, Kelly.

Regular Y&R viewer, Helen in Scarborough, Ontario, has suggested the reason why the writers have done away with Kyle's hostility toward his father.  According to Helen, the writers didn't want two major father/son feuds and they realized the Victor/Nick feud was about to break wide open with the custody case over Christian.

I would like to thank regular reader, Fifi in Collingwood, Ontario,for alerting me to the Internet rumours regarding Jack Abbott's biological father.  According to spoilers, Jack's father will turn out to be Albert Miller, who also happens to be Victor's father.  It makes sense to me because Jack's father has to have some significance and I think Jack's paternity has to be linked to Victor in some way.  It has to have some significance or what's  the point?  If Albert is indeed Jack's dad, that means that Victor and Jack are half-brothers and that Kyle is Victor's nephew.

I don't think Philip Chancellor is really Jack's father, even though Dina claims that he is. Remember that Philip's body has not been exhumed and his DNA has not been matched to Jack's.  I think that's just a red herring to deter us from Jack's real father, Albert Miller, who was played by George Kennedy.  George Kennedy died in 2016 at the age of 91,  He appeared n Y&R briefly back in November of 2003,

George Kennedy

There could, however be a twist in the plot.  Perhaps Jack will turn out to be John Abbott's biological son after all.  Maybe Tracy isn't John's biological daughter.  That's possible, but I still think Albert Miller will turn out to be Jack's daddy.

Jess Walton to return as Jill, at least for a bit

There is some good news for fans of Jess Walton (Jull Atkinson).  Jill will be back in Genoa City next month. Her first screen appearances will be on Friday, July 13 (CBS) and Thursday, July 12 (Global TV in Canada. According to Soap Central, there is no word yet as to to how long she will stick around.  Her recent appearances have been short ones.  So, this may just be another quick visit.

It should be fascinating to see how Jill reacts Billy's new position as CEO of Jabot and the revelation that Jack is not John Abbott's biological son.  I'm sure she'll find time to spar with Esther, as usual.

Doug Davidson celebrates 40 years of playing Paul Williams on Y&R

Congratulations to Doug Davidson for portraying Paul Williams for forty years.  In those four decades, we've seen Paul change from a reckless young man to a private detective to Genoa City Police Chief.  We've seen his romances and his marriages to Lauren (Tracey Bregman), Isabella (Eva Longoria) and Christine, a.k.a. Cricket (Lauralee Bell).  He may be clueless as a police chief, but Doug Davidson is a great guy in real life with a terrific sense of humour. (I have seen him a few times in person).

Here's what his Y&R television wife Lauralee Bell, the Cricketmeister herself, wrote to her TV husband on Twitter.

"Happy 40 Y&R Doug!  You make the show better, you make hard scenes easy but just listening to you, you are one of my closest friends & should be so proud of all your accomplishements!"


Now that  Mishael Morgan is leaving The Young and the Restless, should her Hilary character be written out or should she be replaced with another actress?  What do you think, fans?  Respond to the poll below and let me know.

Now that Mishael Morgan is leaving the show, should a new actress replace her as Hilary Curtis?

Yes, definitely. The role of Hilary is too important to the storyline.
No, the character should be written out of the story.
I don't know.
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That's all for now.  I'm looking forward to some summer fun on Y&RPlease remember that the next edition of Y&R Report will appear in this space on Saturday, July 7, 2018.

- Joanne

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When Colour TV was a Big Deal

Yes, Virginia, there was a time when colour television was a very big deal. It was new, special and exciting.  If your relatives happened to own a colour TV, you would look forward to watching your favourite show in colour whenever you visited their home.  Hotels and motels had signs advertising the fact that they provided colour television for guests.

After World War II had ended, television engineers and executives returned quickly to a task that had begun well before the war.  Their goal was to broadcast television signals in colour.  By 1950, two companies were competing furiously to be the first to create colour TVs. They were the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) and RCA. CBS researchers, led by engineer Peter Goldmark, created a mechanical colour television system based on the 1928 designs of Scottish engineer John Logie Baird (1888-1946).  On October 11,1950, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) endorsed CBS's colour television technology as the national standard. It approved the CBS Field Sequential System, which was authorized for broadcast after November 20, 1950.  The RCA system was not approved due to low picture quality.

On October 17, 1950, RCA,filed a suit in the Federal District Court in Chicago to halt color television broadcasting by CBS.  On May 28, 1951, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the FCC ruling, approving the CBS system.  However, RCA had succeeded in delaying the launch of the CBS system for seven additional months.  During that time, more black and white sets were sold that could not receive the CBS signals.

On June 25, 1951, CBS began broadcasting in colour on five east coast TV stations.  The first commercial CBS colour program was a star-studded variety show simply called Premiere. It was broadcast from CBS-TV's Studio 57 in New York City.  The show began at 4:30 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time and lasted a full hour. It featured Arthur Godfrey, Ed Sullivan, Garry Moore, Robert Alda. the New York City Ballet, Isabel Bigley, Sam Levenson, George Balanchine and others.

Premiere was was hosted by Patty Painter, a former Powers model who was known as CBS's "Miss Color Television."  Painter, whose real name was Patricia Stinnette, was described in the New Yorker (August 11, 1951) as a woman who had "sat or stood in front of CBS experimental color cameras holding up scarves, apples and other colorful objects so that technicians and engineers can observe how the tints reproduce on the screen."  She had to wear "violent colors" and her ashbond hair "was "tinted a different color sometimes as often as three times a week."

In New York, former U.S. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and American businessman Baruch were among those who watched Premiere on colour receivers at CBS headquarters.  Unfortunately for CBS, very few viewers were able to watch the history-making broadcast in the comfort of their homes.  Most Americans owned black and white sets and only people in certain U.S. cities were able to watch the show.   Premiere was carried in New York by WCBS-TV as well as by CBS affiliates in Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington D.C.

In 1951, there were already millions of black and white TV sets (half of them RCA) and few color sets.  When colour television production was discontinued during the Korean War (1950-1953), CBS faced further setbacks and challenges.  These factors contributed to the failure of the CBS system to win acceptance.  RCA had time to fill the void and was able to produce colour television based on Alfred Schroeder's 1947 patent application for a technology called shadow mask CRT.

In late 1953, the FCC approved the RCA compatible system, an analogue colour television.  This system, commonly known as the National Television System Committee (NTSC), was used from 1954 until it was replaced by digital conversion.  The first colour television sets for this system went on sale to the public in March of 1954 and they featured a 15-inch screen. (On March 15, 1954, Westinghouse offered a colour TV for the sale price of $1,295, the equivalent of almost $12,000 in 2018 dollars.  On March 25, 1954, mass production of the RCA Victor model CT-100 began.  It was marketed as "The Merrill" and it cost $1,000.)

In his article for ("March 25, 1954, RCA TV Get the Color for Money"), Randy Alfred describes RCA's CT-100 as "the first color-TV set for consumers."  It offered low quality at a high price and was "destined to become a costly classic."

1954 RCA Victor first colour TV

Colour television was such a hot topic in 1954 that it was mentioned in an  episode of I Love Lucy entitled "The Charm School" (Season 3, Episode 15. Air Date: January 25, 1954).  In the episode, Ricky Ricardo. his friend and landlord Fred Mertz and a guest named Bill Hall (Tyler McVey) have a discussion about whether whether colour TV will catch on.  Here is the dialogue:

RICKY: Do you think colour will take?

BILL: Colour?  Some people think that's it's, uh, just around the corner.  Others feel it's going to be a year or two.

Below is a photo of Bill, Ricky and Fred (Lto R) conversing at the Ricardo's apartment.

In 1956, Perry Como's program and Dinah Shore's program were broadcast in colour.  An ad promoting the two singers' shows blared, "Here they come on NBC in a blaze of Color! . . . and it's like meting them for the first time."

Below is a Perry Como colour TV ad.

When colour television was first introduced, TV sets were regarded as important pieces of furniture.  Colour sets were too expensive for many people to afford.  As a result, the market for colour was limited.  During the 1950s, only small  number of scheduled programming and some specials were broadcast in colour.  Yet, once colour sets became more affordable, the audience increased.  The RCA standard with its compatibility with existing black and white sets was more marketable.  Few people wanted one box for black and white and another for colour in their living rooms.

By 1955, colour sets with 21-inch picture tubes were available. During the early 1960s, popular television series such as BonanzaWalt Disney's Wonderful World of ColorThe FlintstonesThe Jetsons and The Ed Sullivan Show were aired in colour.  It wasn't until 1965, however,  that the majority of American commercial networks broadcast their prime time shows in colour.

In 1966, NBC announced that all of its new programming would be in colour. The other networks followed suit, and  by the end of that year, all prime time network shows were aired in colour.  However, most daytime, local and educational programming remained in black and white for a few years longer.  By 1972, sales of colour TVs in the United States finally surpassed those of  black and white.  By the mid-1970s, black and white broadcasts were a thing of the past.


* An episode of Dragnet that aired in December of 1953 was the first commercial television program on colour film.

* The first national colour broadcast in the United States was a live telecast of the Rose Bowl Parade, on January 1, 1954.

* The first colour broadcast of a U.S. president occurred in June of 1955: President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

* The first cartoons broadcast in colour were The Flintstones and The Jetsons in the fall of 1962.

* On August 11, 1951, CBS broadcast the first baseball game in color.  The game, between the Booklyn Dodger and the Boston Bravss, took place at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, New York.  Red Barber and Connie Desmond delivered the play-by-play commentary.

*  From 1969 to the early 1970s, CBS's Field Sequential colour television technology was used to broadcast the Apollo moon missions.

"CBS Color Television Chronology" by Ed Reitan; and Wikipedia;
"March 25, 1954, RCA TV Get the Color for Money" by Randy Alfred,, March 25, 2008 "History of Color Television -Who Invented Color TV"
"Who Invented Color Television" by Mary Bellis, Thoughtco., November 23, 2017
"From Miss Claire Brown, 6/25/51 . . .Re: Color TV" by Howard Blumenthal, Digital Insider, July 18, 2012
The New Yorker, August 11, 1951, page 20


If any readers have stories about the earlier days of colour TV, please write me about them and I will publish them.  I would  also like to hear from millennials.  What was your reaction when you first viewed a black and white TV show, if you've ever seen one at all?

- Joanne

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Y&R Report (June 9, 2018): The Latest on The Young and the Restless

Hey Y&R fans, every second Saturday TV Banter discusses the latest happenings and provides commentary on your favourite daytime drama. Note to U.S. readers - SPOILER ALERT: Here in Canada, I watch the show on Global TV which is one episode ahead of CBS.  I will inevitably refer to incidents you haven't seen yet. Read at your own risk.  If you are the curious type, though, you may prefer to discover some things in advance.

Summer Newman is back in town and boy, does she have Attitude with a capital "A."  She is not just brash and sassy,  She is rude and insolent.  She is obsessed with expensive sports cars and was charged with stealing her married ex-boyfriend's fancy Italian roadster.  Soon after she arrived in Genoa City, she was arrested and jailed for felony auto theft. When confronted by her shocked parents, she denied stealing the car and claimed that her ex-boyfriend gave it to her so that she would not tell his wife about the affair.

Summer is definitely out of control. During her absence from Genoa City, "Supergirl" has transformed into "Superbrat."  She has become the very epitome of the spoiled, rich girl.  The only problem is that she's not a "girl" anymore.  She's a woman.  She's an adult who refuses to accept responsibility for her actions.  As Summer loves to point out constantly, Phyllis, Billy, Nick and Sharon haven't t exactly set a good example for her.  However, she can't keep using her parents' hypocrisy as an excuse for her own poor choices.

Mama Phyllis is very disturbed by Summer's attitude and she is sincerely concerned about her daughter's recklessness.  That's because she realizes that Summer has been acting like she did at that age.  What goes around, comes around, Phyllis.  However, an Internet spoilers reveals that something happened to Summer while she was away that may have caused this dramatic change in her behaviour.  According to the spoiler, our favourite little "Snowflake" will confide in Billy about what transpired while she was globetrotting.

The writers are having a lot of fun with Mariah's distaste for Summer.  Here are some memorable lines that were spoken when Summer showed up at Devon's "Hot Summer Nights" event and Mariah reacted to her return to town.

TESSA: So that's "Snowflake,"huh?

MARIAH:  Thank God no two are alike.

SUMMER (After ex-boyfriend Kyle tells her he's not interested in her anymore): There's not even one part of you glad to see me?

MARIAH:  No one even noticed you were gone, "Snowflake."

SUMMER; Look, I'm sorry  to burst your "sad, lonely girl" bubble, but I'm not "Snowflake" anymore.  I'm more of a cyclone or a tsunami.

MARIAH: Oh, natural disaster. - that works.

Of course, Grandpa Victor is Summer's greatest enabler.  He has already enforced his bratty granddaughter's egregious behaviour by allowing her to choose a car from his "fleet."  Summer's wish is his command.  She just has to ask and Victor will grant her anything her little heart (and I mean "little") desires.

Speaking of "The Moustache", I wish Nikki and others would stop using his childhood to justify his ruthless ways.  Yes, Victor was sent to an orphanage and he had an extremely difficult childhood.  Yes, he felt alone and abandoned.  Yes, he had to scratch and claw his way to success in business and he had to do it on his own.  However, that doesn't give him a free pass to walk all over people and manipulate them.  He needs psychiatric treatment to help him get over the traumas of his youth.

Summer is not the most popular person in town.  So Phyllis asked Kyle to spend some time with her. because she thinks that Summer could use a friend.  Kyle declined.  She dumped him for Luca and he won't go near her with a ten-foot pole.  Summer is going to turn to someone for understanding and sympathy.  It looks as if it's going to be Billy.

Who Jack Abbott's biological father?  If it isn't Victor, then whom?  There would be no conflict or no impact if Jack's father turned out to be just anybody.  Maybe there's another twist in the plot.


If you have any comments on Y&R, please email them to me with "Viewer Forum" in the subject line. I will be happy to publish your comments and reply to them  You do not have to use your real name. 

My email address:

Regular contributor CC in Etobicoke, Ontario is definitely not a fan of Hunter King (Summer Newman).  She wrote the following email expressing her feelings about Summer's return to Genoa City.

If Hunter stays too long, that might be it for me!

CC also wrote:

Summer is a major turn-off.  She will be the undoing of Billy and Phyllis, who are already coming undone, and Nick and Sharon.  Suits me fine.  I hope she doesn't stick around longer than the summer.

Well, CC, you've made it clear that you are not happy about the return of Hunter King to Y&R.  You say you may stop watching the show if she stays too long.  Obviously, her character isn't likable, but I'm glad that she has returned to the show.  She has livened things up and created a stir.

You are right that Summer will be the undoing of Billy Boy  and Phyllis.  She has already made a play for Billy, but he hasn't bitten yet.  The J.T. secret to will come between Nick and Sharon.  It isn't necessary for Summer to interfere with their relationship.

CC, I'm afraid this is the summer of Summer.  As for how long Hunter King is going to stick around, all I know is that she has signed a contract with the Y&R.  It may depend on her ability to  withstand the grind of appearing on two shows (She also stars as Clementine on the CBS sitcom Life in Pieces).

Another regular contributor, Fifi in Collingwood, Ontario, does not want Abby and Arturo together.  Fifi is not a fan of Arturo.  She describes him as "greasy" and she doesn't think that Abby Newman would fall for him.  In Fifi's opinion, Abby is better suited to Scott Grainger and she would like Scott (Daniel Hall) to return to Genoa City.  Daniel has been written out of the show and his last scene aired in January.  (By the way, have you noticed that Lauren and Michael haven't been shown much since Scott left, although Michael has recently become involved in the custody case between Nick and Victor, as Victor's lawyer).

I am in agreement with Fifi about Arturo.  I was disappointed when Daniel Hall left the show  and I would like him to come back.  At the moment Abby is upset with Arturo for not telling her about his affair with her stepmother, Nikki.  She doused him in cold water (Abby has got to stop throwing liquids when she's angry at someone.  Hasn't she learned from her experience with Victoria, when she threw a drink at her and caused her to have a concussion?).

Arturo later begged Abby to give him another chance and she refused. She may change her mind.  If not, Arturo will look elsewhere.  He may eventually hook up with Summer.  He danced with her at the "Hot  Summer NIghts" party and she flirted with him.  He appears to be her type and she appears to be his.  Arturo just can't stay away from those spoiled, blond Newman women from three generations - Summer's grandmother (Nikki), Nikki's stepdaughter (Abby) and Summer herself.

Here are some comments from Carly in Barrhaven, Ontario.

Y&R is ridiculous.  I fast forward scenes with Nick and Sharon and also ones with Hilary and Devon.  The new Kyle is a good actor.  Phyllis gets on my nerves being such a know-it-all.  Arturo is greasy.  I agree with Fifi about that.  I also agree with you about the park storyline {J.T.'s burial)..  So why do I watch that soap?

Actually, Carly, I like Nick and Sharon together.  It's unfortunate that Sharon's keeping the J.T. secret from him, but there has to be conflict in a soap.  As for Hilary and Devon, there won't be smooth sailing for them either.  I agree with you that Michael Mealor (Kyle Abbott) is a good actor, much better than the previous actors who have played the role of Kyle.  I have even warmed up to his character somewhat because some different sides to his personality have been revealed.  Phyllis gets on my nerves too.  As I've mentioned before, she's too overbearing, too much of a busybody.


Shocker!  Seems like Mishael Morgen (Hilary Curtis) will soon be leaving Y&R

It appears that Mishael Morgan (Hilary Curtis) has chosen to leave The Young and the Restless.  According to TVSource Magazine, Mishael has failed to reach an agreement in contract talks with the show.  A source has told Soap Central that "Morgan made the decision to walk away from television's top-rated soap."  Y&R has a policy not to comment on contract disputes and we don't know if the show will give her another offer.

Mishael has portrayed Hilary for five years, since June of 2013, and she received her first Daytime Emmy nomination a few months ago.  It is unclear what will happen to her character if or when she departs.  She could be written out, but she would have to leave town or die.  At this time, Hilary plays an integral part in the storyline.  So, maybe her role will have to be recast.  The question is: Can another actress portray Hilary as well?

On the other hand, given head writer Mal Young's penchant for writing character out abruptly, Hilary just may die or leave town.


Some viewers, such as CC in Etobicoke, Ontario, are not happy that the Snowflake has retuned.  What do you think, fans?  Respond to my poll and let me know if you are pleased about Summer Newman's return.

Are you pleased that Summer (Hunter King) is back?

Yes, she's really going to stir things up and Humter King is a good actress.
No, I don't think she is a good actress and I dislike her character.
I don't know.
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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Keeping up with Bill Mumy of Lost in Space

In the 1960s, a certain red-haired, freckled-faced boy appeared frequently on our television screens.  No, I'm not referring to Ronny Howard (now filmmaker "Ron" Howard).  I'm referring to former child actor Billy Mumy (now "Bill" Mumy), although both are of the same vintage, having been born exactly one month apart.  Ronald William Howard was born on March 1, 1954, while Charles William Mumy Jr. was born on February 1, 1954.  (Hey, they even share the name "William!).

Bill Mumy was born in San Gabriel, Califorrnia, the son of cattle rancher Charles William Mumy and his wife, Muriel Gertrude Mumy (née Gould).  According to his official website, Bill began his professional entertainment career at the age of five.  In the 1960s, he was a ubiquitous presence on American television, although he is most recognized for his portrayal of Will Robinson in the science fiction series Lost in Space.  By the time Lost in Space came along, Bill Mumy was already a seasoned TV actor.

In a September 11 1986 article by David Wild in Rolling Stone, Bill is quoted as saying that his emergence as a child star might be described as "a lucky break."  He stated, "I broke my leg when I was four, and I was in a cast for six months.  I had nothing to do but stare at the TV.  By the time the cast came off, I was gong, 'Hey that's what I want to do.  I want to be on TV.'"

According to, Bill's first credited television role was as a kidnapped boy in the drama series Wire Service, about globetrotting reporters.  Wire Service starred George Brent and Jack Albertson, but it only aired for only one season, from 1956 to 1957.  Three-year-old Bill appeared in a 1957 episode entitled "The Nameless" (Season 1, Episode 37, Air Date: September 9, 1957).

Early in his career as a child actor, Bill appeared in two unforgettable episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents.  In "Bang You're Dead" (Season 7, Episode 2, Air Date October 17, 1951), he played Jackie Chester, a five-year-old boy who finds his uncle's revolver and plays with it in public, unaware of how dangerous it is.  In "The Door Without a Key" (Season 7, Episode 15, he played Mickey Hollins, a boy whose father inadvertently left him at a gas station.

Below is a photo of Mumy in a publicity photo for "Bang You're Dead."

During the early 1960s, Bill also starred in three episodes of Rod Serling's classic Twilight Zone series, two episodes in 1961 and one episode in 1963.  In "Long Distance Call" (Season 2, Episode 22, Air Date: March 31W, 1961), he played Billy Bayles, a child whose toy telephone becomes a link between him and his deceased grandmother.  In "It's a Good Life" (Season 3, Episode 8, Air Date: November 3, 1961), Bill game one of his most memorable TV performances as Anthony Fremont, a boy with exceptional mental powers who terrifies his family in order to satisfy his childish whims. (Trivia note:  Cloris Leachman of Mary Tyler Moore Show fame,  played Anthony's mother in this episode).  In "In Praise of Pip" (Season 5, Episode 1, Air Date: September 27, 1963), Bill plays young Pip, a ten-year-old version of a grown soldier dying in South Vietnam.  Pip's father, played by Jack Klugman of The Odd Couple, gets to spend a wonderful hour at an amusement park with the younger version of his son .

Mumy with Lili Darvis in "Long Distance Call" - Twilight Zone

In 1963, Bill also  appeared in a Perry Mason episode entitled "The Case of the Shifty Shoebox" (Season 7, Episode 2, Air Date: October 3, 1963.  In the episode. he played Miles, a young boy who is taken care of by the manager of truck depot.

During the 1960s, prior to his role on Lost in Space, Bill guest-starred in episodes of such TV series as Dr. Kildare (1962), Have Gun-Will Travel (1962), The Fugitive (1964), The Eleventh Hour (1964), The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet (1964), The Munsters (1965), The Virginian (1965), Ben Casey (1965), Bewitched (1964 and 1965) and I Dream of Jeannie (1965).

Lost in Space was created and produced by Irwin Allen and aired on CBS for three seasons, from 1965 until 1968.  Set in 1997, it chronicled the adventures of space colonists John and Maureen Robinson (Guy Williams and June Lockhart) and their three children ,Judy (Marta Kristen), Penny (Angela Cartright) and Will (Bill Mumy)  The Robinson family became stranded when their spaceship Jupiter II was sabotaged and veered off course.  Also along for the ride were Major Don West (Mark Goddard), the ship's pilot, Dr. Zachery Smith (Jonathan Harris), a troublemaking stowaway,  and the unnamed Robot B-9.

Will Robinson. the youngest of the three Robinson siblings, was heroic and resourceful.  Will had a good rapport with Robot B-9.  The Robot constantly warned of imminent peril, using the catchphrase "Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!"

Bill Mumy as Will Robinson on Lost in Space
Will Robinson and the Robot

Of his experience with Lost in Space, Bill is quoted on IMDb as saying, "I had a great time doing Lost in Space  With the exception of a couple of days, I don't have any unpleasant memories of the show.  The only thing I'm bitter about in a sense is that the show runs constantly in syndication and none of the actors get paid.  I made a lot of money at the time, my family invested it well for me, and I have a lot of nice things.  I can't complain."

In the 1986 Rolling Stone article by David Wild, Bill described what it was like to play Will Robinson: "It was like being the hero in a comic book - you got your superhero suit, you got your robot, you got your ray gun, you got to be an adventurer."

The late Jonathan Harris (1914-2002) ,who played the selfish, conniving Dr. Smith, was Bill's mentor during their years on Lost in Space.  In 2013, Bill stated the following to pop culture journalist Sam Tweedle: "The show really went the way Jonathan led it.  But we had great chemistry together, and we never had a bad day.  We were always prepared, as was Bobby May who was inside the robot.  When we had our work to do, and I think this is a very big reason [for} the way it went - they'd get us done in a couple of takes.  It was easier for the crew and it was easier for us, and people seemed to like it."

Bill with Jonathan Harris

Not only is Bill Mumy an actor, he is an accomplished musician and guitarist. After starring in the 1971 film Bless the Beasts and Children, which was not particularly well- received, Bill decided to concentrate on his music.  He recorded and toured with Redwood, one of a series of rock bands he performed with during the 1970s and 1980s.  He went on tour with the band of his childhood friend, teen heartthrob Shaun Cassidy

Bill is also a singer/songwriter and has written and performed with the group America.  In 1978, he teamed up with fellow musician and songwriter Robert Haimer the satiric "quirky rock duo" Barnes & Barnes.  They played fictional twin brothers Art and Artie Barnes.  The comical pair are best known for their 1978 song "Fish Heads."

Despite focusing on his music during the 1970s, Bill guest-starred on episodes of TV series such as The Rockford Files (1974 and 1975).  In 1976, he portrayed Weaver in the short-lived comedy Sunshine.  The series was set in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and centred around a young widower trying to make a living and while caring for his five-year-old step-daughter.

In 1988, Bill appeared on Matlock, the legal series starring Andy Griffith.  He guest-starred in an  episode of the series entitled "Genius" (Season 2, Episode 20, Air Date: March 15, 1988).  In 1991,  Bill appeared as Roger Braintree in an episode of The Flash entitled "Good Night, Central City" (Season 1, Episode 19, Air Date: May 4, 1991).  In 1991 and 1992, he played Tommy Puck in episodes of Superboy.,  From 1994 until 1998. Bill portrayed Lennier in all five seasons of the futuristic action series Babylon 5.  In 1998, Bill had guest roles in Diagnosis Murder and Star Trek: Deep Space  Nine.

Bill married Eileen Joy Davis, a childbirth educator, on October 9, 1986.  They have two children, a son named Seth Davis Mumy (born October 25, 1989) and a daughter named Liliana Berry Davis Mumy (born April 16, 1994)..  Seth and Liliana are both actors and Seth is also a musician.

Liliana Mumy

* Bill and Eileen Mumy reside in Laurel Canyon, California.  They own many dogs.

* Bill's last name is pronounced "Moomy," not "Mummy."

* Bill told Rolling Stone magazine that he has fond memories of The Twilight Zone's Rod Serling.  However, his experience working with Alfred Hitchcock as a seven-year-old during the filming of "Bang, You're Dead" was not as pleasant.  Bill was frightened of the imposing Hitchcock in black suit and sweating profusely.  According to Bill, Hitchcock warned the restless child to stop moving around or he would "nail your feet to your mark, and blood will come pouring out like milk."

* Bill continues to play his music as a solo artist, occasional guest performer and as half of the duo of Barnes & Barnes.

* The multi-talented Mumy is a gifted voice over actor and he has narrated many episodes of A&E's popular Biography series.

* In 1991, Bill was an Emmy nominee for original music for Adventures in Wonderland.

* In 2018, Bill had a cameo role in the Netflix reboot of Lost in Space.

- Joanne