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Y&R Report (December 23, 2017): The Latest on The Young and the Restless

Hey Y&R fans, every second Saturday TV Banter discusses the latest happenings and provides commentary on your favourite daytime drama. Note to U.S. readers - SPOILER ALERT: Here in Canada, I watch the show on Global TV which is one episode ahead of CBS.  I will inevitably refer to incidents you haven't seen yet. Read at your own risk.  If you are the curious type, though, you may prefer to discover some things in advance.

Well fans, we know that Nikki always returns to Victor.  So, it's not surprising that she's doing it again.  This time, according to Soap Opera Digest, not only will Nikki go back to the Big Man, but the two will prepare to renew their wedding vows on a special episode airing on Christmas Day, Monday, December 25th.  It seems like a charade to convince people that the two have truly reconciled, especially on Nikki's part.  The intriguing question is whether Nikki's feelings for Victor will resurface and they will sincerely get back together.  Deep down, Nikki loves Victor, in spite of his ruthlessness and controlling ways,  She also enjoys being lady of the manor at the Newman ranch. (By the way, Meloday Thomas Scott, who plays Nikki, has lost weight and looks great).

The Abbotts certainly had a miserable Christmas Eve dinner.  Jack and Ashley could not let go of their differences over Jabot, even for Christmas,  Their behaviour was so petty that even peacemaker Traci left the table in disgust.  Jack is Scrooge of the Year for 2017.  He couldn't put business on the back burner.  He was so miserable and cruel that he informed Ashley that he planned to use the fact that she was not a biological Abbott against her in order to retain his position as CEO.  This year, Jack put business ahead of everything else, including Christmas and his family.  

Ashley hasn't fared much better than her brother,  She is the one who brought the CEO issue to the forefront.  As much as she keeps insisting that she did it for the good of the company, she has admitted to guilty feelings.  That's because she realizes that she craves the power and influence that goe along with a CEO position.  At least she finally came clean with Ravi.  She finally admitted to his face that he was just a distraction to her and that she "may have" used him.  She tried to soften the blow by telling him that he's handsome and intelligent.  Despite being used and unappreciated, Ravi intends to remain at Jabot.  Nevertheless, it was unethical for Ashley to have had an intimate relationship with a subordinate and its time for Ravi to move on to a better relationship.

Two of Genoa City's most prominent citizens are now wealthy men of leisure.  Nick Newman and Billy Abbott are both gainfully unemployed.  What does Billy do all day?  Well, for one thing, he kisses Phyllis in elevators.  He also sends Phyllis flirty messages while she is speaking to a client or attending a board meeting.  That suits Billy Boy fine.  I don't he wants to work hard.  At heart, he's an irresponsible playboy.  He doesn't really want to settle down, either with Phyllis or Victoria.

As for Nicholas Newman, he spends his days venting his wrath against his father.  He has a great deal of anger inside of him.  He'll probably be working again before Billy.  Perhaps he should run Chancellor Park.  That would make him happy.

Scott sure was jealous when J.T. became friendly with Abby.  Abby accused J.T.,  a married man, of hitting on her.  Abby's reacted quite strongly to J.T.  Maybe she was guilty because she's involved with Scott Grainger, who's two-timing Sharon.

J.T. later denied to his ex-wife Victoria that he had been hitting on Abby. Then he revealed to Victoria that he was separated from his current wife, Mackenzie.  I was not surprised about that since it opens up new storyline possibilities and allows J.T. to remain in Genoa City.  It also creates an opportunity for Mac to come back.  Kelly Kruger, one of the four different actresses who have played Mac over the years has told Soaps In Depth that she'd love to portray Mac again.

Princess Victoria was very sympathetic and kind to J.T.  She invited him to spend to spend Christmas with her family and told him that no one should have to spend Christmas alone.


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Here are some comments from regular contributor CC in Etobicoke, Ontario.

Well the new head writer (Mal Young) is definitely moving things along quickly, like they do on Coronation Street, where he used to be in charge.  During the transition from the old format to this new one, they are overlooking some plot elements and moving on without explanation.  Ashley's treatment of Ravi is one example.  I don't recall her ever musing about what kind of relationship they would have or even that he must surely have known that because of all the differences (age, status, culture, boss/subordinate) they could never be more than friends with benefits.

I never thought the separation between Nikki and Victor was handled realistically and now the re-establishment of their marriage is being handled even more ridiculously.

Hilary is certainly lining up her ducks and will eventually pull the trigger on one or a few of them . . . Cane, Jack, Devon, are a few in the running.  We shall see which one presents her with the best options for making it to the top.

The J.T., Billy, Victoria thing is struggling to get off the ground.  Amelia Heinle (Victoria) looks much older than Thad Luckinbill (J.T.).  It must be awkward working together (Amelia and Thad's real life marriage broke up).  If the storyline doesn't fly, I guess Reed and J.T. can just move on together.

Your comments are very thought-provoking, CC.  Let's start with head writer Mal Young.  First of all, a correction.  Mal Young was not in charge of Coronation Street.  He was executive producer of another popular British soap - The EastEnders.  Yes, he is moving Y&R along at a faster pace.  I appreciate that, but sometimes, as you pointed out, there are missing elements or explanations for certain actions.  You mentioned Ashley's treatment of Ravi and her sudden decision to admit to him that they had no future together.  Mal Young obviously didn't want them together.

Another example of a missing element:  Why didn't Kyle support Jack Abbott in the Jabot board's vote on whether to remove Jack as CEO of the company?  That came from nowhere.  There had never been any indication that Kyle had any grievance against his father.  Will we eventually get an explanation?

I love your comments about Hilary.  Yes, the flamboyant host of The Hilary Hour is definitely keeping her options open as to whether reunite with Devon or start something up with Jack or Cane.  Hilary is pragmatic.  She'll do what suits her purposes.  To continue with your "lining up ducks" analogy, it would really "ruffle Lily's feathers" if her arch-enemy, Hilary, became involved with Cane.

Now to your remarks about J.T., Billy and Victoria.  Amelia Heinle is 44 years old  Thad Luckinbill is 42 years old.  So, so she is three years older than Thad.  I have to say that Thad has aged well.  He doesn't look much older than he did when he left the show in 2010, seven years ago.

It certainly must be difficult and heart-wrenching for Thad and Amelia to work together again. Some of the lines they have to say to each other must hit close to home.  They met on The Young and the Restless and their characters married on the show.  On March 3, 2007, they married in real life.  They have two children together (a son named Thaddeus Rowe, born November 2, 2007, and a daughter named Georgia March, born December 17, 2009).  Thad also became a stepfather to Amelia's son from her first marriage to actor Michael Weatherly.  On March 1, 2017, two days before their 10th wedding anniversary, Thad filed for divorce, citing "irreconcilable differences).  I'm not certain whether the divorce is final.  It has only been about ten months since Thad filed, but I guess a quickie California divorce can go through that fast.

Actually, CC, I am pleased that Thad Luckinbill has returned to the show.  I think his storyline has great potential.  It has just begun and needs time to develop.  In my opinion, this storyline has great potential and will succeed if the writers handle it well.


Melissa Ordway (Abby) gives birth to baby girl

Melissa Ordway (Abby Newman) gave birth to a daughter, Sophie Jolie, on December 9, 2017.  Melissa and her hubby, Justin Gason (ex-Ben, Days of our Lives), were expecting their baby to arrive in mid-January.  However, the couple  received an early Christmas gift.  

Sophie Jolie Gaston weighed 5lb,, 5 oz.  She is the second child for Melissa and Justin.  They adopted a daughter, Olivia, who is almost 2 years old.  Olivia will now be a big sister.

It will be interesting to see how the early birth will impact Melissa's character on Y&R.  Abby is in the middle of a big storyline and she is involved in a love triangle along with Scott Grainger and Sharon.


Instead of previews.("Next on The Young and the Restless . . . "), the show now has summaries of past episodes ("Previously on "The Young and the Restless . . . ").  I don't feel strongly one way or the other.  I lean slightly toward the previews or "teasers" for the next episode.  However, the summaries of past episodes probably suit Mal Young's faster-paced writing better.  What do you think?  Respond to the poll below.and let me know.

Do you prefer previews from the next episode of Y&R or scenes from previous episodes?

I prefer previews from the next episode. It' more fun to get a glimpse of what will happen next.
I like the scenes from previous episodes. They help me catch up on things I may have missed.
I like them both equally.
I can do without either.
I don't care.
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That's all for now.  I wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, whatever you celebrate.  I',m looking forward to watching the Christmas Day episode of The Young and the Restless.  The next edition of Y&R Report will appear in this space on Saturday, January 6, 2018.  We'll see what the New Year will bring to Genoa City.

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Y&R Report (December 9, 2017): The Latest on The Young and the Restless

Hey Y&R fans, every second Saturday TV Banter discusses the latest happenings and provides commentary on your favourite daytime drama. Note to U.S. readers - SPOILER ALERT: Here in Canada, I watch the show on Global TV which is one episode ahead of CBS.  I will inevitably refer to incidents you haven't seen yet. Read at your own risk.  If you are the curious type, though, you may prefer to discover some things in advance.

Scott Gainger cannot have it both ways.  He wants a relationship with Sharon, but he can't keep away from Abby.  He claims it's just a physical attraction with Abby and that he wants to make things work with Sharon.  However, when Sharon finds out, I doubt she'll see it that way.  She's really going to be heartbroken after expressing so much faith in him.  In a conversation with Mariah, she declared that Scott would never let her down or hurt her.  Is she ever in for an unpleasant surprise!

Y&R head writer Mal Young is highlighting an Alzheimer's storyline because his own mother died of the disease.  It obviously affected him deeply and he feels that the story needs to be told through Dina Mergeron.  It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I can certainly understand Mal's motivation.  Marla Adams is really doing a fabulous acting job as Dina and I expect her to win a Daytime Emmy, or at least receive a nomination.

It's about time Ravi showed some gumption.  It's about time he stopped allowing himself to be used by Ashley Abbott.  We'll see what happens now that he's tendered his resignation from Jabot.  However, I wish he hadn't chosen to work for Newman Enterprises, a company headed by the unscrupulous Victor Newman.

Speaking of "Moneybags," he has certainly been busy man lately.  He's been spending all his time blackmailing and making bribes.  First he blackmailed Chelsea, implying that he would reveal Christian's real biological father if she didn't attend his tree trimming ceremony. (Chelsea's a fool for keeping the secret from Nick and putting herself in a position to be blackmailed by Victor - that's the way it has to be on a soap, though, to create conflict).  After blackmailing Chelsea, "The Moustache" turned his attention to Tessa.  He offered Tessa a bribe of $100,000 to find Crystal and leave town.  Tessa had the decency to turn down his money, but you can be sure that Victor won't give up.  He wants Tessa out of his grandson Noah's life and he isn't going to stop trying to make it happen.  He'll probably find out about Tessa and Mariah and tell Noah about it.

To top it all off, Newman Enerprises is the owner of the shell company that is planning to turn Chancellor Park into a development.  That's not surprising.  It's also not surprising that Nick vehemently opposes the development and is on a crusade to stop it.  This will bring him into further conflict with Victor.   

Princess Victoria has been behaving more like her daddy every day.  She supports Newman's involvement in the Chancellor Park development and defended it to Nick.  All that matters to her is business.  It seems that the power went to head when she became Chief Operating Officer (C.O.O.) of Newman enterprises.

Ashley is another character who has been given more power.  She has been trying to solidify her control at Jabot ever since she became temporary CEO of Jabot.  She would like her position to be permanent, so there is going to be quite a power struggle between her and Jack.  Ashley is already demanding that Billy, Abby and Traci take sides.  Traci, as usual is trying to calm things down .  She should win the Nobel Peace Prize.

Jack made an extremely hurtful remark to Ashley.  He said that John Abbott was his father, but not her's.  That was an incredibly cruel remark for Jack to make.  Where Ashley was concerned, it stung.  Her paternity is a very sensitive subject for her.  She adored John Abbott.


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Regular contributor Fifi in Collingwood had a few comments.  She has noticed a difference in the pacing of Y&R since Mal Young became head writer.  The show is definitely moving faster and there are more "before and after scenes" and less detail about what happened in-between.  

Fifi also commented on how quickly Dina's Alzheimer's has progressed.  At first, it was happening much more slowly.


Left to right: Sean Carrigan (ex-Stitch), Kate Linder, (Esther), Daniel Hall (Scott), Abhi Sinah (Ravi)

Here are some photos of Yours Truly with . . .

Sean Carrigan (Stitch)

Kate Linder (Esther)

Christian LeBlanc (Michael)

Abhi Sinah (Ravi)

Daniel Hall (Scott0

As is my report on the Y&R Tea for March of Dimes, which took place on December 3, 2017 in Toronto.

Kate Linder, as usual, was the driving support for the charity tea.  Kate likes to tell fans that if they want changes on the show or if they have suggestions to let CBS know.  She says that if enough people ask for something, the network will listen.  For example, many viewers wanted Esther's daughter to show up.  That's why Chloe appeared in Genoa City.

Sean Carrigan (ex-Ben "Stitch" Rayburn) made a surprise appearance.  He has been appearing as Coach Rafferty on American Vandal, a s true-crime satire on Netflix. I believe Sean has been dong some stand-up comedy in Toronto and I must say he looked fit and well.

Christian LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin) showed up wearing Nick Newman's ugly Christmas sweater.  It was auctioned off to raise funds for March of Dimes.

Daniel Hall (Scot) auctioned off the shirt and tie he was wearing.  Daniel is a bachelor and he remarked that if he weren't an actor, he'd probably be a farmer.  He said he enjoys gardening.  By the way, Daniel thinks Scot really loves Sharon and that it's a physical attraction between him and Abby.

Abhi Sinah (Ravi) auctioned off a floral shirt he once wore on the show.  Some of my fellow Y&R fans have noticed a spark between Ravi and Phyllis and we mentioned it to him.

I really think that another female actor from Y&R was needed at this year's tea.  However, I guess it couldn't be arranged.  I hope that won't happen next year.


Thad Luckinbill returns as J.T. Hellstrom this coming week. I am looking forward to his reappearance in Genoa City.  What is the status of J.T.'s marriage to Mackenzie.?  It will be interesting to see if he will rekindle his romance with Princess Victoria and if he will have a good relationship with their son, Reed.  An online spoiler says that the princess questions why her former husband has returned to town.

What do you think about the return of J.T., fans?  Are you pleased about it?  Respond to this poll and let me know how you feel.

Are you pleased that J.T. Hellstrom (Thad Luckinbill) is returning to Genoa City?

Yes, I'm looking forward to his return. It should create some interesting storyines.
No, I can do without him on the show. I don't like his acting.
I'm not sure yet. It depends on the storyline.
Don't know
Please Specify:

That's all for now.  Don't forget that the nest edition of Y&R Report will appear in this space on Saturday, December 23rd.  

- Joanne

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Five Reasons TV Ads Still Work

TV Banter presents a guest column today on TV advertising  Although I am not a fan of television commercials (I find the sheer number of them annoying and distracting), there is another perspective.  Here is a look at TV ads from the point of view of marketers and advertisers.  

- Joanne


By Abby Drexler

Having faced stiff competition from Netflix and various digital providers, the television industry has experienced seismic transition over the last few years. One thing that has not changed, despite the transitions, is that television still runs the world of advertisement. Television and the web work even better when combined. For this reason, advertisers are beginning to use integrated marketing strategies to connect with clients on each type of screen, from a 50-inch flat screen TV to the smartphone. Integrating television and print advertising plays a vital role in reinforcing the advertiser’s ad and maximizing its impact.

TV commercials offer fragmented attention span

A recent report by eMarketer indicates that almost 70 per cent of Americans use smartphones while watching TV. Television serves as a powerful tool that helps to catch the attention of consumers when introducing a new brand or product in the market. This is because a large segment  of the audience uses either a second or third screen, such as a mobile device or a nearby laptop when watching. They might as well search for the TV ad they've seen for a product that is relevant to them.

In addition, TV can bring a direct positive effect on the user engagement either via social or search campaigns. The collaboration of television ads and digital campaigns plays a vital role in boosting online conversion and assisting advertisers in tracking their TV commercial performance.

TV commercials address specific audiences effectively

Cable television has generated a wide range of channels that target a number of specific audiences. An extended TV ad should not run while major programs are running. These ads, instead, can be placed and timed to address a smaller set of the targeted audience. Targeting of video ads is the primary reason many advertisers choose the web as an alternative platform. The local digital publication can air ads that are targeted to local clients, as the niche sites run lucrative ad campaigns that benefit from intense viewer interaction on these websites. Once you combine a broad reach of television with the targeted scope of sites, you will have an effective marketing strategy.

Television prompts people to act

A survey done by Deloitte in 2016 revealed that 10 per cent of respondents went to look for the items online after seeing them on a television sponsorship advertisement. For younger TV enthusiasts, the trend was more pronounced as 24 per cent of the audience of age between 16 and 24 went to look for the items they had seen on television. On top of that, television programs and ads were among the top three reasons why people considered making impulse purchases.

TV ads still have a significant impact on the public since they attract a considerable number of viewers who watch for at least four hours a day. Although the online world has been mainstream for more than ten years, the majority of people spend some time on social media platforms as well. Marketers have found out that cross-pollinating the online world and TV might help them generate more effective ad campaign. Therefore, whether you intend to advertise your site or you need to increase ad income on your website, make sure you use television advertising to conduct an effective campaign.

TV ads demonstrate how the product is used

Even though text and immobile graphics might be combined to create a powerful and memorable ad, nothing surpasses television when it comes to demonstrating an item’s usage. Additionally, viewer’s engagement is better when they see someone describing how a product is used. The proliferation of “how to” ads demonstrated on TV is proof that the majority of people want to watch how things are done. Demonstration helps the advertisers to take advantage of the curiosity of viewers when ads show items being used.

Profit making and responsive

This is one of the most vital aspects of marketing. Marketers want to make sure that once they invest in a TV campaign, they are going to receive an income. Various studies have been carried out in the United Kingdom about return on investment to serve as evidence that TV advertising is more effective than other forms of advertising. The majority of marketers will, as a result, never consider reducing their TV ads since they understand the importance of TV as a marketing channel.

A superior experience is created for clients when multiple forms of advertising are well integrated with each other to help sway a purchase. However, the challenge that advertisers face while using TV ads is trying to track and measure various engagement activities with potential clients. Tracking the key performance indicators after a consumer watches a TV commercial is now easier since the advertiser has a variety of tools to help manage macro and micro conversions.

Abby Drexler is a contributing writer and media specialist for 007 Media Group. She often produces content for a variety of media and advertising blogs

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Y&R Report (November 25, 2017): The Latest on The Young and the Restless

Hey Y&R fans, every second Saturday TV Banter discusses the latest happenings and provides commentary on your favourite daytime drama. Note to U.S. readers - SPOILER ALERT: Here in Canada, I watch the show on Global TV which is one episode ahead of CBS.  I will inevitably refer to incidents you haven't seen yet. Read at your own risk.  If you are the curious type, though, you may prefer to discover some things in advance.

Well folks, new head writer Mal Young is rapidly cleaning house,  He is wrapping up storylines quickly and getting rid of characters who don't fit in with the direction he's taking The Young and the Restless. Juliet is gone.  Graham is gone.  Zack is gone. Nikki and Jack seem to have ended their relationship . . .

It's obvious that Ashley Abbott certainly doesn't feel the same way about Ravi as he feels about her.  She didn't event have enough regard for him to include him in her family Thanksgiving gathering.  He mistakenly thought he was invited. When he showed up at the Abbott home, he was devastated to find our that he hadn't actually been invited.  However, Ashley could have asked the poor guy in anyway.  She made him feel humiliated.  I realize she has been occupied with Dina's illness, Abby's disappearance and business matters.  However that's no excuse to treat Ravi that way.

Ravi should mend his broken heart and move on.  Snobby Ashley Abbott doesn't appreciate him.  He should find someone who feels the same way about him.  Unfortunately, he's a victim of unrequited love. He had hoped to get serious about his feelings for Ashley but she just treated him like any ordinary Jabot employee.  She could have at least spoken to him privately outside the door and explained the situation with Dina to him.

Maybe Mal Young wants to pair Ravi with someone else.  Ravi deserves better and viewers have not seen much of his life outside the office.  Actually, he should even consider resigning from his job at Jabot.  With his technological skills, he could get a good job anywhere.  The truth is that Jabot needs Ravi more than Ravi need Jabot.  He's not appreciated enough, especially by A.A.  At the very least, she owes him an apology.

What's with Nikki Newman?  Why couldn't she see that Dina is ill and that she was not behaving normally when she stabbed her?  Nikki was so busy complaining about Dina that she didn't allow Jack to tell her that his mother was suffering from Alzheimer's.  He became so frustrated by her behaviour that he "disinvited" her for Thanksgiving and then dumped her.

Jack later apologized to Nikki and told her the truth about Dina.  He also informed her that he had decided to take a leave of absence from Jabot in order to spend time with his ailing mother.  Although Nikki was sympathetic, Jack said he did not want to continue his relationship with her.

It's about time Summer was mentioned on Y&R.  Phyllis phoned her on Thanksgiving and viewers learned that she is in Belize at the moment.  I wonder if Snowflake will ever return to Genoa City.  If there's no storyline for her, she may move away permanently.

On Thanksgiving, Nick reconciled with Chelsea and Billy with Phyllis. The two couples then went off to spend the holiday in New Orleans.  I'm not so sure that their reconciliations will last for long, especially in the case of Chelsea and Nick.  Once Nick learns that Chelsea has hidden the fact that he is not Christian's biological father, I don't see how that relationship can last.  As I've said before, it's only a matter of time before he reunites with Sharon, especially since Sharon will eventually find out about Scott and Abby.

As for Phyllis and Billy, they will have to face more problems and conflicts.  That/s how soaps work.  It will be interesting to see if Princess Victoria Newman will continue to pursue Billy Boy now that she has fired him from Brass & Sassy.  Will she be content to just let Phyllis be with him.  Her ex, J.T. Hellstrom, is returning soon.  I wouldn't be surprised if he has broken up with Mackenzie and is a free agent.  Will he get together with the Princess again?

As for the Princess, she is becoming more and more like Daddy Newman every day.  She's on a real power play.  She's already fired Billy and demoted Lily, Abby and Jordan.  You'd think she was the host of The Apprentice.  As Victor would say, "It's nothing personal.  It's just business."

I'm always glad to see Traci (Beth Maitland) in town.  She is such a refreshing change from all the selfish, vindictive people in town.  I wish she'd appear more often.

One more thing:  Fans, how do you like Gina Tognoni's (Phyllis) new hairstyle?  My own hairstylist thinks Phyllis' new hairdo is "okay."  She rates it a seven out of ten.


If you have any comments on Y&R, please email them to me with "Viewer Forum" in the subject line. I will be happy to publish your comments and reply to them  You do not have to use your real name.  

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Here are some comments from regular contributor CC in Etobicoke, Ontario:

Dina has certainly added something to the Y&R.  Stabbing Nikki and acting justified during it is really out there.  The fact that she has the goods on Zack and knows full well where Scott and Abby are but plays dumb about it all can go in many different directions.  Maybe she is out of it because of her dementia.  Maybe she knows exactly what she is doing and is using it as part of her scheme.  Who knows how far reaching her scheme will go.  I don't think we can trust anything she says or does when she is sickeningly sweet.  But the elderly often speak their true minds when they are telling it like it is.  In a couple of instances she even surprised herself and had to cover for it.  

It is starting to look like Ashely and Jack should move over to This is Us!  Having been motherless during their childhood days has them addle-brained in middle age.

Yes, CC, I really agree with you.  Dina (Marla Adams) has added something special to the Y&R.  Her performance has been excellent and I think she deserves a Daytime Emmy nomination.  However,
it must be difficult for people who have family members with Alzheimer's to watch this storyline.  It's a depressing subject and it makes some people uncomfortable.  Yet, it's an issue that can't be ignored and Y&R has chosen to deal with it head on.

For two successful business people, Ashley and Jack have certainly messed up their personal lives. (Ashley was even given an award for "innovator of the year)."  Still, neither of the siblings has been able to maintain a stable relationship and both have been divorced multiple times.  Perhaps it's the result of being abandoned by their mother.  Whatever the reason, CC, the two of them are in need of psychiatric treatment. They aren't doing very well in the romance department either.  Jack's relationship with Nikki seems to have ended.  I expect her to return to Victor as usual.  As for Ashley, I don't see her relationship with Ravi going anywhere either.

I spoke to Helen in Scarborough, Ontario.  Helen wants to know how Crystal was aware that Scott and Abby and Zack were at the warehouse. She suddenly appeared out of nowhere with a gun.  Then she shot Zack and fled.

Helen is also very disturbed by Dina's Alzheimer storyline.  It bothers her so much that she may stop watching the show.  I can understand her sentiments.  Many people watch soaps for a bit of escapism and Alzheimer's is much too real and scary for them.  I don't know where the writers can take this storyline, given Dina's diagnosis.  She will eventually have to be placed in a nursing home.  Some viewers, such as Helen, don't want to be subjected to her inevitable deterioration..

I also spoke to Fifi in Collingwood, Ontario.  Fifi concurred with me that Ashley treated Ravi abominably.  She said Ashley's considers Rafi out of her league and that she felt sorry for him.  Fifi also felt sorry for poor Faith at the Newman Thanksgiving Dinner.  The youngster had to listen to all that bickering between Victoria and Abby.

Fifi pointed out some things about the two couples who were headed to New Orleans.  Phyllis is Nick's ex-wife and Chelsea and Billy have a child together - Johnny.  So why did this unlikely quartet travel to the Big Easy together?  I discovered that there has been some online speculation as to the reason - it was thought that Adam might show up  there.  After all, it did seem rather strange that Billy would suddenly suggest going to New Orleans, and at Thanksgiving too.  Maybe at Mardi Gras . . . Also, why would Billy and Phyllis invite Nick and Chelsea to accompany them unless Chelsea was meant to catch a glimpse of her presumably dead husband or his look-alike.  However the foursome returned to Genoa City without any indication of an Adam sighting.

Oh yes, Fifi had one more comment.  She says "thumbs up" on Phyllis' new hairstyle.


Update on Kristoff St. John (Neil)

In the October 28, 2017 edition of Y&R Report, I mentioned how Kristoff St. John (Neil Winters) has been having a difficult time dealing with the suicide of his son Julian in November of 2014.  There had been reports that Kristoff had allegedly tried to kill himself with a gun and that he was in hospital, under psychiatric care.  Kristoff's ex-wife, Julian's mother, tried to set the record straight.  She described the reports as "inaccurate" and "fabricated."  She said an incident had occurred that had pushed Kristoff to the brink, but that it had not been reported accurately.  She did acknowledge that he was heartbroken and distraught over his son's death.

Kristoff recently addressed his problems publicly.  The Emmy-winning actor updated fans on his condition in a Facebook post.  He wrote the following:

 Thank you to all my friends on FB, social media and beyond. I’m in awe of the outpouring of love. I have read your amazing comments and have seen wonderful pictures and inspirational quotes and words that you have given me. You have helped me more than you will ever know. I have made great strides in the last 3 weeks. I am healthy and thriving. I have reclaimed my strength. I am moving forward. I have no other choice. Following God’s plan. This was some serious family love that you showed me. I will never, ever go back in time to repeat such dark behavior. I love my family and friends way too much. Thank you always for supporting me and standing by the St. John family. ‘Fall seven times, rise eight. Life begins now!’ Love, peace and light. Kristoff”


Daniel Hall (Scott Grainger)

Are you a fan of Abby and Scott or Sharon and Scott?  There have been sparks between Abby and Scott for a long time.  It was inevitable that something wold happen between them.  However, I'm not very pleased about the way it happened.  First of all, with their lives in grave danger in the warehouse, how could they even think of anything "romantic.'  It wasn't very romantic anyway.  Secondly, Scott acted very dishonourably and he was disloyal to Sharon.

Here's what Melissa Ordway had to say about it in an interview with Soap Central:

"People say that when you hate someone so much, there must be some sort of love there, and I think that's true [for Abby and Scott]. I think there has been a lot of sexual tension between the two of them; they get on each other's nerves, they're the complete opposite, they can't stand each other, but they're always attracted to each other at the same time. So I think the sexual tension has always been there, but [they finally act on it] because they're both scared in the moment because of the Zack situation, and they don't even think about the consequences or what they're doing. They're vulnerable, and they just go for it."

What do you think, fans?   Reply to the poll below.

Do you like Abby and Scott together or do you prefer him with Sharon?

I definitely prefer him with Sharon. Although there's an age difference, they have good chemistry.and they get along well.
Abby and Scott are great together. Sharon can go back to Nick.
Scott doesn't deserve either of them.
I really don't care.
I'm not sure.
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do riddles


The sixth annual Y&R OpportuniTea with Kate Linder (high tea in support of the March of Dimes) will be held at the Royal York Hotel on December 3, 2017.  Kate (Esther Valentine) will be joined by Christian LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin), Abhi Sinha (Ravi Shapour) and Daniel Hall (Scott Grainger).  I will be attending this event and I am looking forward to it.  For more details, click on the link below.

That's all for now.  Don't miss the next edition of Y&R Report in this space on Saturday, December 9, 2017.  I am planning to have photos and a report on the Y&R OpporunitiesTea for you.

- Joanne

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Y&R Report (November 11, 2017): The Latest on The Young and the Restless

Hey Y&R fans, every second Saturday TV Banter discusses the latest happenings and provides commentary on your favourite daytime drama. Note to U.S. readers - SPOILER ALERT: Here in Canada, I watch the show on Global TV which is one episode ahead of CBS.  I will inevitably refer to incidents you haven't seen yet. Read at your own risk.  If you are the curious type, though, you may prefer to discover some things in advance.

Well fans, another restaurant has been torched on Y&R.  The show certainly has a history of burning down eateries and nightclubs.  I have compiled a list of them.

* Gina's restaurant was set on fire by Kevin Fisher in 2003.  Kevin locked Colleen Carlton inside, but J.T. Hellstrom rescued her.

* In 2012, Gloria's popular Genoa City nightclub, Gloworm, burned to the ground.

* In 2015, there was an inferno at the Top of the Tower Halloween gala.  In 2017, just two years later, another restaurant went up in flames, also on Halloween.

I realize that Y&R is a soap and it can't be completely realistic, but the The Underground fire story had more holes in its plot than a piece of Swiss cheese.  First of all, why did Dina wander into Nick's restaurant?.  Why would she choose to go there?  I realize she has some form of dementia, but why couldn't the writers have come up with another arsonist or another reason for the fire.

I understand why Billy was chosen to be the hero, the one who rescued the teen brigade from the inferno.  He's been such a jerk and so reckless that the writers probably wanted to redeem him in some way.  They wanted to demonstrate that he does have some good qualities.

Although Billy managed to save the kids, he got left behind as The Underground collapsed.  His situation became dire and he firefighters declared that he was in danger of losing his leg.  Then, Jack insisted on going in to help his wayward brother.  There is no way, absolutely no way, the responders would have allowed Jack to enter such a dangerous place.  Then, miracle of miracle, Jack walked out with Billy and neither was seriously injured.  In fact, Billy was not even rushed to the hospital (Can you still hear that Hallelujah Chorus?).  Much to Princess Victoria Newman's  disappointment, the unlikely hero was sturdy enough to embrace Phyllis.   However, he was was later seen with crutches.

Of all Victor's children, Victoria is the most like her father.  When Billy hugged Phyllis after surviving his ordeal, the Princess was not a happy camper.  She coolly thanked him for rescuing her son, Reed.  Then, without skipping a beat, she fired him as her right-hand man at Brass & Sassy.  I don't think Billy would have wanted to work at Newman anyway, given how he feels about his former father-in-law and Victor wouldn't have wanted him there either.  Yet, Billy wasn't even given a choice.  One of the reason's Victoria threw him under the bus was to please Daddy.  Another reason, of course, was that he chose Phyllis over her.

Victoria made a huge power play by putting Brass & Sassy under the wing of  Newman Enterprises again.  It was the only way she could save her precious company.  She has really aligned herself with Daddy this time, hasn't she?  However, she was tough, with Victor.and made several demands on him before she would return to Newman Enterprises.  She is now Chief Operating Officer. of Newman, although you can be sure that "The Moustache" will always have the final say.  The announcement of Victoria's appointment as C.O.O. was an absolute fiasco as Newman Enterprises' ties to the sex trafficking ring were revealed.  It was a public relations disaster for the Princess.

I had to laugh when Abby bragged to Scott that she was a good judge of character.  Really, Abby?  Is that why your boyfriend was involved in a sex trafficking ring and you didn't have a clue?  You and Paul Williams should star in a new show called The Young and the Clueless.

I'm not really surprised that Juliet died in childbirth.  New head writer Mal Young obviously wanted to remove her from the storyline.  That was the quickest and easiest way to do it.  However,Juiet did give birth to a son, who may or may not be Cane's biological child.  Now that she's dead, we may find out some secrets that Juliet left behind.  At the moment, it seems as if Cane and Lily will reconcile and raise the baby, whom Lily named "Sam" after Cane's late twin sister, Samantha.

It also seems that Mal Young is purging Y&R of characters he think fit into his storylines or the direction he's taking the show.  The departure of Laur Allen (Juliet Helton) was really abrupt.  I think most viewers, including myself, thought Juliet would stay around a while and continue to complicate the lives of Cane and Lily.  She would probably still be a member of the cast if Sally Sussman were still the head writer.

It looks as if Zack is on his way out too.  He sure surrendered Abby to Scott without much of fight, didn't he.  Was that a way to quickly get rid of him too?  It also seems as if Graham didn't fit into Mal's plans either.  He may be back, though.  Who knows?

So, Noah has agreed to be manager of Top of the Tower.  Victor offered him the job. but Aunt Victoria talked him into it.  It may not be a corporate position but once again, he's allowing himself to be sucked into the orbit of Grandpa Victor.  No good can come of that for Noah because he's going to be under Victor's control.  Poor Noah!  He just can't do anything right and his luck is as bad as his judgement.  Just think of his last three girlfriends: Courtney, an undercover cop, was murdered before their wedding ceremony, Marisa, the former girlfriend of a drug lord, chose to live in Spain with her daughter and his current girlfriend, Tessa, is more attracted to his sister, Mariah than to him.  Yikes!  Noah's record in the romance department has been egregious and he's going to have his heart broken again when he finds out about Tessa and Mariah.

It seems as if the whole Newman family, except for Nick, is under Victor's thumb again., I expect Nikki to return to him eventuallyn too.  She always does, even though she tries valiantly to resist.  As for Nick, it will be fascinating to see how he'll occupy himself now that he doesn't have The Underground anymore.


If you have any comments on Y&R, please email them to me with "Viewer Forum" in the subject line. I will be happy to publish your comments and reply to them  You do not have to use your real name.  

My email address:

I received some comments from Helen in Scarborough.  Here is what Helen had to say:

Message to Mal Young:  You suck!

Zack's final confrontation scene with Scott featured Scott as Batman, Dina as Batgirl (hiding in the car) and Zack as The Joker.  All we needed was Robin, the Boy Wonder.  How about Noah for the part?

Helen also thinks that Juliet's father may turn up to cause problems for Lily and Cane. After all. Cane phoned him twice and there may be a reason for that.  Even though he didn't express any interest in Juliet or his grandchild, that could change.  Perhaps he'll try to get custody of the child, especially if Mr. Sato, not Cane, turns out to be the father.


J.T. Hellstrom (Thad Luckinbill) is returning to Genoa City

Thad Luckinbill

Blockbuster news for fans!  Thad Luckinbill is reprising his role as J.T. Hellstrom on The Young and the Restless after an absence of seven years.  Luckinbill portrayed J.T. from 1999 until 2010. 

In March of 2007, Thad married his Y&R castmate, Amelia Heinle (Victoria Newman).
They have two children together, a son and a daughter.  However, Thad filed for divorce on March 1, 2017, citing irreconcilable differences.  Their Y&R characters, Victoria and J.T., also wed.  They had a son named Reed, but the marriage didn't work out.  J.T. then married Mackenzie and the couple made a fresh start in Washington, D.C.  Meanwhile, Victoria tied the knot with Billy Abbott three times (their first marriage in Jamaica wasn't legal).

The last we heard, J.T. and Mackenzie were expecting a new baby and had moved to Poland.  An unhappy Reed ran off to live with his mother in Genoa City. When J.T. returns, it will be interesting to see how her interacts with his ex-wife, Victoria, and their teenage son, Reed.

Thad Luckinbill will return to Y&R just in time Geona City's Christmas and New Year's festivities. His first appearance is scheduled for Tuesday, December 12 (CBS) and Monday, December 11 (Global-TV).


* Jill (Jess Walton) will return to Genoa City in December.

* Justin Hartley ex-Adam Newman and star of This is Us, wed his long-time girlfriend Chrishell Stause on October 28, 2017.  The ceremony took place in Malibu, California.


Mal Young

In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, Y&R's head writer, was asked about his vision for the show.  Here's how he replied:

My overall vision is to keep it fresh, never rest on our laurels. My mantra is, “What is good is today’s show,” and the minute the viewers watch that, it goes into the history archives and they’re saying, “But what next? And what’s next?” And that’s our job, to keep the viewers guessing and enthralled and entertained and surprised. Not just to do what everyone thinks a soap should do, and fall into the same old tropes. I think our job is to constantly question where we’re going with the show and keep it feeling contemporary and exciting and entertaining. 

How do you like the job Mal has done so far?  Do you think he's taking the show in the right direction?  Respond to the poll below and let me know what you think.

Are you pleased with the work of Y&R's new head writer, Mal Young?

Yes, I think his writing has been crisp and fast-paced.
No, the writing has been a disaster since he replaced Sally Sussman.
It's too early to judge. I want to give him more time.
I don't know.
Please Specify:
make a quiz


The sixth annual Y&R OpportuniTea with Kate Linder (high tea in support of the March of Dimes) will be held at the Royal York Hotel on December 3, 2017.  Kate (Esther Valentine) will be joined by Christian LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin), Abhi Sinha (Ravi Shapour) and Daniel Hall (Scott Grainger).  For more details, click on the link below.

That's all for now. Don't forget that the next edition of Y&R Report will appear in this space on Saturday, November 25, 2017.  The November Sweeps are underway.  I am looking forward to the return of J.T. and Christmas and New Year's in Genoa City.

- Joanne