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Y&R Report (October 28, 3017): The Latest on The Young and the Restless

Hey Y&R fans, every second Saturday TV Banter discusses the latest happenings and provides commentary on your favourite daytime drama. Note to U.S. readers - SPOILER ALERT: Here in Canada, I watch the show on Global TV which is one episode ahead of CBS.  I will inevitably refer to incidents you haven't seen yet. Read at your own risk.  If you are the curious type, though, you may prefer to discover some things in advance.

On October 25, 2017, Mal Young officially replaced Sally Sussman as Y&R's head writer.  I have to say that the most recent episodes of the show have been chaotic and uneven.  I'm going to cut Mal some slack for the time being, since the show is in transition from one head writer to another.  However, his grace period will have to come to an end at some point.

I know Mal's very experienced and that he's produced several good TV shows in the United Kingdom, including the popular British soap EastEnders and the medical drama Doctors.  However, I don't expect him to have the same  knowledge of the history of The Young and the Restless that Sally Sussman has.  Sally has moved on though, and it's now up to Mal to maintain the integrity of the show.  I just hope he focuses on the relationships of the characters, as Sussman did.  What most fans don't want is a return to storylines involving look-alikes, fires and explosions.  (Online spoilers say that there is going to be a fire at The Underground).

I'm hoping for the best, but I'm already disappointed at what's been done with Scott Gainger.  Scott is an experienced journalist who has been in war zones.  He has been taken hostage.  So, why would he behave so helplessly after waking up in a motel room with the blood of the murdered Natalia on him.  He acted as if he'd never faced a difficult or dangerous situation before.  Instead of remaining calm and composed, he whimpered and begged Victor Newman to come to his rescue.  In other words, Scott wimped out.  This is not the Scott Grainger we have come to know.  Why has his character been changed?  Also, why didn't Scott immediately suspect Zack of drugging him?  Weren't there security or video cameras that would have shown Zack slipping the drug into Scott's beer?  What about Clueless Paul Williams?  Not surprisingly, the inept Genoa City police chief was unbelievably easy on Zack when he questioned him.

Zack is a sleaze, but is he actually the big boss of the sex trafficking ring?  After all, if Zack were the Big Kahuna, why would he have been the one to drug Scott right out in the open?  The really big guns keep a lower profile than that.  We don't really know who has been on on the receiving end of all Zack's phone calls.  It certainly hasn't always that goon Leon.  So, who is Mr. Big, if it's not Zack?

We finally know what's wrong with Princess Victoria.  Her Brass & Sassy face mask is toxic.  She's in a state of panic - not about her health, but about her company. With Victoria, her company and Daddy Victor always come first.  Did you notice how Victor was the first person at her bedside when the sleeping princess awakened?

Here's the question: Brash & Sassy did not approve a toxic chemical for its product.  It is assumed, therefore, that the company must have been sabotaged.  If so, who's responsible for the sabotage?  It would have to be a vengeful person with an axe to grind against Brass & Sassy.  The following suspects come to mind:

1. Gloria (Judith Chapman): Gloria, as long-time fans remember, was involved in a tainted Jabot face cream scandal about ten years ago.  That's why suspicion may fall on her, but this time she seems innocent.  When Billy confronted her she behaved as if she knew nothing about it and phoned Jack to find out if he we was involved.

2. Cane (Daniel Goddard) also has a grudge against Brass & Sassy, but I don't think he had anything to do with the toxic face mask.  He's got too many other problems in his life with Juliet, Lily and the twins.  His reputation has been tainted enough already without having him tainting a Brass & Sassy product.

3. Juliet (Laur Allen):  Some have pointed the finger at Juliet. After all she worked at Jabot and she is vindictive enough to do so.  Also, she has a real grudge against Brass & Sassy and she must resent the fact that Lily has been given her former job.  She's not trustworthy her at all and she'd probably stop at nothing to trap Cane or to get revenge on Victoria, Billy and Brass & Sassy.  However, Juliet is quite occupied these days with a troubled pregnancy.  She has Cane wrapped around her little finger anyway.

There is another possibility that is much more plausible.  What if it wasn't sabotage? What if it wasn't event intentional?  What if the face masks were poisoned out of sheer negligence?  Well then, the culprit would be none other than (drum roll) . . . Billy Abbott.  Yes Billy Abbott, the King of Carelessness, the only executive who could get caught spying on a rival company and then unwittingly cause his own company to produce a toxic product.

It was Billy's fault.  Online columns and spoilers point to Billy as the guilty party.  He, of course, didn't order toxins into the product.  However, he rushed production of the masks because he was so determined to bring down Jabot.  He told the factory manager to cut corners in order to get the masks on the market as soon as possible.  Sloppy work at the factory resulted in the toxic poisoning.

Victoria isn't the only possible victim of the poisoning.  Remember that Brass & Sassy brought in people to try out the product.  Neil Winters was one of them.  Billy has been in hot water many times before, but this could take the cake. Not only that, but he is currently on the receiving end of Phyllis' anger and she gave him the boot.  There was just no way it could last.  As Phyllis pointed out, Billy's priorities are Victoria, Brass & Sassy and getting revenge on Jack.  There is no way a woman like Phyllis would be content to play second fiddle to all that.  She's too far down Billy Boy's list of priorities.

Two of the woman at the ritzy Florida hotel with Dina were the real-life mothers of Esther Valentine (Kate Linder) and Lauren Fenmore (Tracey Bregman).

What is wrong with Abby?  Could this character actually have poorer judgement than Cane? (I didn't think that was possible).  How can she keep reconciling with Zack after the way he behaves.  The guy broke up with her via a cell phone message, for heaven's sake. 

Hey Lauren, tell us how you really feel about Sharon being your son Scott's girlfriend?

Ashley and Jack sure made a fast road trip from Genoa City, Wisconsin to Florida, didn't they?


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Here are some comments from Fifi in Collingwood, Ontario:

There seems to be a double standard on soaps that it is okay for a woman to slap a man hard across the face.  In other words, it's okay for Phyllis to slap Billy, but Billy would never slap Phyllis.  Violence of any kind is not acceptable.  

Also, I have noticed that of late, Gina Tognoni (Phyllis) is becoming extremely animated in her scenes and overusing her hands.

Yes, Fifi, you are absolutely right about the double standard.  What's good for the gander, however, is not always good for the goose.  It should not be considered acceptable behaviour for a woman to slap a man in the face if she is angry with him.  Unfortunately, both female and male characters in Genoa City accept this as justifiable.  The male characters don't seem to protest, seemingly condoning it.  They act as if they deserve it.  By the way, not only did Billy receive a slap from Phyllis, but Gloria also slapped him in the face when he accused her of helping Jack sabotage Brass & Sassy with the tainted face masks. 

As for Gina Tognoni becoming extremely animated, I have noticed that too.  I realize that her scenes with Billy are quite intense and emotional.  I've been trying to decide if she has been overacting or it's just in Phyllis' nature to be over the top.

Here are some questions and comments from regular contributor CC in Etobicoke, Ontario:

Do you think Graham is giving Dina some kind of happy pills?  

How involved do you think Victor is in Victoria's business downturns, or the things happening around Abby and Zack's relationship?  He is so slick and sleazy.  Even if his involvement boarders on illegal, he'll still get out of it.

The time has come for Nick to find out that Christian is Adam's child.  Enough already.

You've asked some good questions, CC.  No, I don't think Graham drugged Dina or brainwashed her.  I think her erratic behaviour is the result of early dementia or Alzheimer's Disease.  Graham, of course, is aware of her condition.

I think Victor is involved in some way in what is happening with Abby and Zack.  I wouldn't put anything past him and he seems to dip his hands into almost every bit of dirt.  He certainly would prefer Abby with Scott rather than Zack.

As I've mentioned, it appears that Billy's carelessness resulted in the toxic face masks.  On the surface, it doesn't seem likely that Victor would have any involvement  in Victoria's business downturns.  He knows how much Brass & Sassy means to his daughter.  Why would he want to sabotage his own daughter's company?  Why would he want to hurt her?  That wouldn't make sense, would it?  However, Victor is n ordinary father,  He is another kettle of fish.  He always has an agenda and as you put it, he's "slick and sleazy."  The fall of Brash & Sassy would bring Victoria right back into Victor's orbit.  He would be able to control her more.  She may even go begging to him for money to stave off lawsuits and avoid bankruptcy.  Another scenario is that if Victoria's company collapses, she may return to work at Newman Enterprises in some capacity, or perhaps Victor would agree to finance Brass & Sassy if it became part of Newman Enterprises again.  Of course, Victor would not allow Billy Boy to work at Newman.  That would be a plus for "Moneybags" because it would prevent his princess from working with that "punk" and "playboy."

I agree that it's about time for the truth about Christian's paternity to come out.  Like you, I feel like exclaiming "enough already!"  However, I'm afraid we're going to have to wait a bit longer for the secret to come out.  The writers are focusing on too many other storylines right now, especially the Dina/Graham saga and the sex trafficking ring storyline.  Remember that Victor knows the truth.  If he really wants to hurt Nick, he can always tell him.  That would destroy Nick's relationship with Chelsea.  He'll never forgive her for not telling him.  Given Victor's mean-spiritedness and his desire to "teach Nick a lesson."  I wouldn't put it past him to divulge the secret.

I received some comments and observation from longtime Y&R viewer Helen in Scarborough, Ontario.  Helen calls Michael Baldwin a one-stop attorney and the most versatile lawyer on the face of the Earth.  There isn't an aspect of the law that he doesn't deal with - criminal law, wills and estates, divorce - you name it, Baldwin does it.  He appears to be the only lawyer in Genoa City right now.  Once in a while, Leslie makes an appearance, as she did with Juliet's lawsuit against Brass & Sassy.

Here's what Helen would say to Jordan: "You are such a cool dude, but please get your love life in order.  Make up your mind about Hilary.  Do you really want to be with her, or is she just your second choice after Lily?

Helen has the answer to why Abby went back to Zack again.  It was that forest of multi-coloured balloon he brought her.  Those balloons would sweep any woman off her feet.


Kristoff St. John (Neil Winters) troubled over loss of son

There has been concern about the mental health of Y&R's Kristoff St. John (Neil Winters).  On Sunday, October 22nd, there were multiple reports that the actor had been hospitalized and placed under psychiatric care, after allegedly threatening to kill himself with a gun.  His ex-wife, Mia St. John, set the record straight in an interview with ET.  Mila aaid that "inaccurate and fabricated iinformation" had been reported with regard to her former husband and reports that he had allegedly threatened to shoot himself.  She acknowledged that Kristoff was distraught over the suicide of their son, Julian, almost three years ago, and that his heart was broken.  According to Mila, however, an incident occurred that "pushed him to the breaking point, but was not accurately reported.  She asked for the public's thought and prayers and declared that our society needs to take mental health more seriously.


Max Shippee

What's going on with Graham Bloodworth?  Have we seen the last of him.  Has he taken off for good?  Has he just given up?  What do you think?

Has Graham (Max Shippee) really gone for good?

Yes, there is not much more they can do with his character?
Are you kidding? He'll be back. He hasn't given up so easity. He wants Dina's money.
No, but he may be gone for a while. If so, he will return at some point.
I don't know
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That's all for now.  The next edition of Y&R Report will appear in this space on Saturday. November 11, 2017.  Don't miss it!  The November sweeps will be in full swing.

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Questions linger over the 1985 New Year's Eve plane crash that killed singer Rick Nelson. Was foul play involved?

Singer Ricky Nelson, 45, and six others, including his fiancee, Helen Blair, 27, lost their lives in a plane crash on December 31, 1985 - New Year's Eve.  The other victims were band members Bobby Neal, 38 (guitarist), Patrick Woodward, 35 (bassist), Rick Intveld, 22 (drummer), And Chapin, 30 (keyboardist) and sound technician/road manager Donald "Clark" Russell, 35.  There were two survivors: pilot Brad Rank and co-pilot Ken Ferguson.

On December 26, 1985, Nelson and his Stone Canyon Band set out on a three-stop tour of the Southern United States.  After performances in Orlando, Florida and Guntersville, Alabama.  On that fateful December 31st, Nelson and the band boarded a plane for a New Year's Eve extravaganza at the Park Suite Hotel in Dallas, Texas,  They never reached their destination.  The plane crash-landed northeast of Dallas, in a farm pasture near the small town of De Kalb Texas.  Below is a photo of the crash site.

Their plane was a private jet, leased by Rick Nelson.  The fourteen-seat aircraft was originally a 1944 Douglas C-47, converted to a DC-3C in 1959.  It was once owned by the wealthy Du Pont family, one of America's most prominent industrialists since the 19th century.  At one time, it also belonged to rock and roll star Jerry Lee Lewis.  The plane, however, had a history of mechanical problems.

 Almost 32 years after the crash, questions remain unanswered and much remains unclear.  I recently received an email from Katherine, who describes herself as a "Big Fan of Ricky Nelson."  Katherine is very disturbed about the lingering questions surrounding the deaths of Nelson and six others.  She believes that Nelson's children and the families of the other victims deserve to know the full truth about the cabin fire.

Katherine wrote the following to me regarding regarding the New Year's crash :  She raises some questions that deserve to be answered:

A saboteur could have easily boarded the plane prior to takeoff (they would have had to know when takeoff would take place) and frayed the wiring on the heater.  Any fire would then burn evidence of tampering.  Two scenarios could be someone who had a grudge against Ricky Nelson or someone insanely jealous of his fame.  Someone knew of his touring schedule and I find Christmas Eve suspect.  Why was Ricky Nelson not with his family for the Christmas holidays?  This bothers me to no end.  If true someone killed Ricky Nelson, his financee and band members.  That is serious.  Why kill the others too?

Here is what the public does know and what remains unexplained.  It is what concerns me the most.  On May 28, 1987, The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released the findings of an 18-mont investigation into the crash.. The board found that the reason for the occurrence of the fire was "undetermined."  It concluded that, although a definite cause was still unknown, the crash was most likely due to a fire caused by the plane's cabin heater "acting up."     

The following is from the NTSB report:

NTSB Identification: DCA86AA012.

The docket is stored on NTSB microfiche number 29185.

14 CFR Part 91: General Aviation

Accident occurred Tuesday, December 31, 1985 in DEKALB, TX

Aircraft: DOUGLAS DC-3, registration: N711Y

Injuries: 7 Fatal, 2 Serious.

At 1708:48, while cruising at 6000', a pilot of N711Y advised ATC, "I think I'd like to turn around, head for Texarkana here, I've got a little problem." He was provided a vector & advised of closest airports. Shortly after, he stated he would be unable to reach the airports. At 1711:49, he said there was smoke in the cockpit. While landing in a field at 1714, the aircraft hit wires & a pole then continued into trees where it was extensively damaged by impact & fire. The crew egressed thru the cockpit windows. The passengers did not escape. During flight, the crew was unable to start the cabin heater, despite repeated attempts by the captain. Smoke then entered the cabin. Fresh air vents & cockpit windows were opened, but smoke became dense. The crew had difficulty seeing. The oxygen system & hand held fire extinguishers were not used. Fasteners for the heater door were found unfastened. Examination indicated the fire originated in the aftcabin area, right hand side, at or near the floor line. The ignition and fuel sources were not determined.

The National Transportation Safety Board determines the probable cause(s) of this accident as follows:

Contributing Factors

Investigators initially speculated that the "free-basing" of cocaine, which involves the heating of the drug with a flame, may have ignited the fire.  However, even though toxicology tests revealed traces of cocaine in the bodies of several of the passengers, including Rick Nelson, no evidence of drug use during the flight was found, nor was any drug-related paraphernalia discovered after the crash.

We do not know for certain whether the plane was on fire before it crashed.  There have been conflicting reports.  Witnesses have claimed that the plane appeared to be on fire before it crashed, but Jim Burnett, then-NTSB chairman, stated that although the plane was filled with smoke, it landed and came to a stop before it was consumed by flames.

We do know that when questioned by the NTSB, pilots Brad Rank and Ken Ferguson delivered conflicting accounts of key occurrences.  Co-pilot Ferguson claimed that the cabin heater was acting up after the plane took off.  Ferguson stated that Rank kept going to the back of the plane to see if he could get the heater working properly.  "I was getting nervous.  I didn't think we should be messing with the heater en route," declared Ferguson.  After the plane crashed, Ferguson and Rank escaped by climbing out of the cockpit windows and they suffered from severe burns.  Although they shouted to the passenger cabin, there was no response.  According to Ferguson, Rank instructed him not to tell anyone about the heater.

Brad Rank, however, had a different version of the story.  Rank stated that he was checking on the passengers when he noticed smoke in the central part of the cabin, where Rick Nelson and Helen Blair were situated.  Although he never mentioned that the heater had been malfunctioning, Rank claimed that he went to the back of the plane to check on it.  There was no smoke and he found the heater to be cool.  He then activated an automatic fire extinguisher, opened the cabin's fresh airlets and returned to the cockpit.

We do know that there was negligence on the part of pilot Brad Rank.  He was excoriated by the NTSB for not following the inflight checklist, opening the fresh air vents rather than keeping them closed, not providing the passengers with directions on how to use supplemental oxygen and not attempting to put out the fire with the handheld fire extinguisher in the cockpit.  The NTSB stated that while these measures may not have prevented the crash, they would have increased the likelihood that some of the passengers would have survived.

Although the plane crash took place over 30 years ago, some questions remain unanswered regarding the deaths of Rick and the others.  The most important question is why, according to the report, was the reason for the occurrence "undetermined."  Whether there was foul play or not, the families of the victims deserve more answers.  As Katherine pointed out to me, there is no statute of limitations on murder.  Even though there is no concrete evidence of foul play, there is foul air.  It needs to be cleared.

- Joanne

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Y&R Report: (October 14, 2017): The Latest on The Young and the Restless

Hey Y&R fans, every second Saturday TV Banter discusses the latest happenings and provides commentary on your favourite daytime drama. Note to U.S. readers - SPOILER ALERT: Here in Canada, I watch the show on Global TV which is one episode ahead of CBS.  I will inevitably refer to incidents you haven't seen yet. Read at your own risk.  If you are the curious type, though, you may prefer to discover some things in advance.

It was Ashley Abbot's moment in the spotlight, her time to shine,  She won the prestigious Innovator of the Year Award.  Unfortunately, the evening ended in disaster for the Abbott family and friends.  Dina spilled the beans about Ashley's true paternity and Graham unmasked himself.  He expressed his contempt for Ashley, Jack and Dina and blamed Dina for breaking up his family and causing financial difficulties for him and his mother.  Not surprisingly, he was escorted out of the premises.  The party was ruined and the guests promptly left the fancy soiree at The Top of the Tower.

Graham's next move was to confront Dina and argue with her.  She collapsed and fell to the floor.  Graham was callous enough to just leave her there.  He even put the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door and walked away.  That reminds me of the time years ago when  Jack Abbott left Victor lying on the floor and also walked away.  Victor had had a heart attack after a shouting match with Jack.
The Newman family is a never-ending source of scandal and controversy for Hilary Curtis, Genoa City's resident gossip monger.  When Nick asked to appear on her show, The Hilary Hour, she couldn't wait to sit down with him.  She and the entire Newman clan were stunned when Nick announced that he intended to donate $500 million to charity, the money that he was awarded as a result of the lawsuit against Victor.

Nick is trying so hard to assert his independence from his overbearing father.  Although he should have done it years ago, I give him credit for finally attempting to break loose.  I wonder if it's possible for him to ever be free of Victor's control.  He has rid himself of Victor's money, but money is just one of Victor's tools for controlling people.  He has many other ways of manipulating his family and anyone else who stands in his way.

Since Victor has taken the money from Nick's bank account, I wonder how it will be given to charity.  It's money Nick Newman doesn't have anymore.


Kevin Fisher may be a tech whiz, but even he couldn't remove such a huge amount of money as $500 million dollars from a bank account so easily.  Wouldn't the bank investigate?

Why is Brash & Sassy so strapped for cash?  Why did Princess Victoria have to take a bridge loan from Neil and Devon?  What happened to the $500 million.she received from the lawsuit against Victor?  Ooops . . .we're not supposed to ask that.  It's too logical and it interferes with the storyline.

Crystal was introduced to Zack.  So, why didn't she identify him to Paul Williams?

Why was Alice allowed to escape from her hospital room?  Why wasn't there a police guard?


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Here are some comments on Cane and Juliet from regular correspondent CC in Etobicoke, Ontario.

I feel it was pretty clear from the beginning that Juliet was setting Cane up, although it is still a mystery as to why.  I agree with your suggestion that she may have had to provide Mr. Sato with a favour to seal the Asian deal.  However, I think the writers have left the possibilities open to anything when it come time to wind up that storyline.  It's a mystery to me Juliet she targeted Cane because as far as concerned he doesn't have the traits of someone special.  She must know something we don't.  Just some food for thought.

Well, CC, I have been suspicious of Juliet from the beginning.  I really think that she has deceived Sugar Cane Ashby big time.  Why did she target Sugar Cane?  She probably sensed how naive he is. She realized how easily he would fall into her trap, which he did.  Juliet's calculations were right on the money

I think Cane and Lily will eventually reunite, although it may take a while.  The writers brought Juliet into the picture to stir things up between them.  After all, couples cannot be happy for too long on a soap.  Cane may even marry Juliet when his divorce from Lily is final.  It won't last, though, when he finds out that she has duped him and played him for a fool.

Fifi from Collingwood is curious as to why Graham turned out to be Brent Davis' stepson rather than his biological son.  She feels that there must be a reason and that it may have something to do with the fact that if Brent Davis were Graham's biological father, Graham would be Ashley's half-brother. Why else would the writers avoid making Ashley and Graham blood relatives if they weren't destined for romance?  That's a good question, Fifi.  It does seem unlikely right now.  After  all, Ashley seems happy with Ravi. She absolutely despises Graham and the feeling is mutual.  However, stranger things have happened on soaps.  Also, now that Graham's secret is out in the open, what happens now?  How do the writers maintain interest in this character and his storyline?  Furthermore, Ashley and Ravi are getting along quite well and are happy with the relationship.  Everything is going too smoothly.  There is bound to be a fly in the ointment at some point.  That's why an Ashley-Graham romance may happen, as far-fetched as it may seem right now.  It would be a surprising twist and I wouldn't rule it out.  Graham's image will have to be softened, though.  He will have to show a better side of himself and he and Ashley will have to find some common ground. Otherwise, the fans won't buy it.  Graham is such a scoundrel, it will be difficult to redeem him.

Here is a later email from CC in Etobicoke, Ontario:

I agree about Graham and Ashley as a possible romantic hookup in the future.  Hence, the stepfather angle.  I thought that would be a possibility when he first appeared.  One reason is that they have to wind up her "thing" with Ravi somehow.  Dislike often becomes love on soaps.

Thursday's episode (on Global TV Canada) was not as dynamic as Wednesday's.  I wonder if Dina will survive or if that is it for her and Graham will inherit it all.  The next episode should tell the tale.

That's very true, CC.  Dislike often becomes love on soaps.  I expect that to happen with Abby and Scott too.  As for Ashley and Ravi, I think he cares more about her than she cares about him.  She is probably going to break his heart, but not intentionally.

Dina will survive because in an interview with TV Insider, Marla Adams, who plays Dina, stated that "Graham comes back when Dina's in the hospital and apologizes."

Filomena from Woodbridge, Ontario likes the way Colin Atkins stirs things up.  He does indeed, Filomena.  The mischief-making Aussie, played by Tristan Rogers, paid a recent visit to Genoa City on a break from his travels with Jill.  He didn't seemed to be disturbed in the least by fact that his son Cane's life was in tatters.  It didn't appear to bother him that Cane was getting a divorce from Lily or that Cane had fathered a baby by an unknown woman.  In fact, he was overjoyed to meet Juliet and the prospect of having a new grandson.


Eileen Davidson (Ashley Abbott) injured in Florida

Eileen Davidson suffered an injury during a recent visit to Daytona Beach, Florida.  On Sunday, October 8th, the actress was in the Sunshine State to take part in the Ride for Children, which benefited Camp Boggy Creek.  She was riding a motorcycle behind Doug Danger,  a stunt performer and American motorcycle jumping world record holder.  Eileen shared posts from her trip and of her injury on Instagram. There was a photo of her foot in a cast with the caption "Florida gave me the boot"  and an indication that she had broken her toe.

Eileen's injury comes at a very busy time for her.  Her Ashley Abbott  storyline is front and centre on Y&R and she will appear on Days of Our Lives in November.  Her broken toe will have to be hidden or written into her scripts.


I've been wondering if the yearbook picture of Graham "Davis"  is actually a photo of a younger Max Shippee, the actor who portrays him.  What do you think, fans?

Max Shippe (Graham Bloodwrth)

Is the guy in the yearbook photo a younger Max Shippee (Graham)?

Yes, I think the guy in the yearbook is a younger Max Shippee (Grraham).
No, I don't think they are one and the same person.
Maybe. It's possible.
I don't know.
Please Specify:
Build quizzes

That's all for now.  The next edition of Y&R Report will appear in this space on Saturday, October 28, 2017.  The November Sweeps are just around the corner.  There will be more excitement in Genoa City.

 - Joanne

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You wanted to know . . . the latest on Kristy McNichol

A reader wrote:

Hello Joanne, 

What's Kristy McNichol of such TV shows as Family and Empty Nest up to these days?  Thanks.



Hi Raymond

Although I've written about Kristy McNichol and her brother, Jimmy, a few times before, there seems to be a great deal of interest in the siblings.  Kristy, who turned 55 on September 11th, has been out of the spotlight for quite a while now, but there is still much curiosity about her.  This may be explained by the fact that she walked away from a successful acting career at such a young age.  It's hard to believe that more decades have passed since Kristy starred in Family and Empty Nest.

During the 1970s, Kristy was a celebrated child star.  From 1974,to 1975, appeared in a regular in a TV series for the first time, as Patricia Apple in the short-lived drama Apple's Way.  Viewers watched her grow up on screen as she played the role of Letitia "Buddy" Lawrence, the youngest child on the popular ABC network drama FamilyFamily aired from 1976 until 1980.  For her portrayal of  Buddy, she earned two Emmy Awards for Best Supporting Actress in a Dramatic Series (1977 and 1979).  In 1978, Kristy won acclaim for her performance in the television movie Summer of My German Soldier. 

Kristy on the set of Family in 1977

In the 1970s, Kristy and Jimmy McNichol became a teen idols, appearing on the cover of countless teen magazines.  She and her brother launched a singing career and their 1978 debut album, Kristy and Jimmy McNichol, included the single "He's So Fine," a remake of the Chiffon's 1963 hit.

After Family finished its run, Kristy turned her attention to the big screen.  She starred in two 1980 feature films, co-starring with Tatum O'Neal and Matt Dillon  in Little Darlings and with Dennis Quaid and Mark Hamill in The Night the Lights went Out in Georgia.  She followed that up with the role of Polly in 1981's Only When I Laugh.

In 1982, Kristy McNichol suffered an emotional breakdown during the filming of Just the Way You Are.  The film, released in 1984, is comedy-drama, featuring Kristy as Susan Berlanger, a disabled Boston flautist.  The actress later attributed her breakdown to the pressures of her childhood career.

In 1986, Kristy appeared int the the television film Woman of Valor, about American nurses in a Japanese POW camp during World War II.  From 1988 until 1992, Kristy portrayed Barbara Weston in the NBC comedy Empty Nest, a spin-off of The Golden Girls.  She returned for the final episode of the show in 1995, which would turn out to be her last on-screen performance.

In June of 2001, more than 16 years ago, Kristy McNichol announced that she had retired from acting.  She released the following statement through her publicist:

A lot of people have wondered what I've been up to. I retired from my career after 24 years. My feeling was that it was time to play my biggest part – myself! I must say that it has been the best thing that ever happened to me. So many fans are disappointed that I'm not currently acting; however, some may not realize that the process  I'm in at this time is necessary and vital for my personal happiness and well-being.

Kristy was 39 years old when she announced her retirement.  For years, she had struggled with bouts of severe depression.  This had affected her personality and caused her to be erratic and difficult to work with,  She was eventually diagnosed with bipolar disorder and her mental health issues led her to walk away from acting.  She seems to to have found the peace of mind sand well-being he sought.
After her retirement, she became an acting instructor at a private school in Los Angeles.  She also devoted herself to charity work.

In 2012, Kristy publicly revealed that she is gay (She lives with her Martie Allen, her partner of more than 20 years).  She stated that she was "approaching 50" and wanted to "be open about who I am."  Her publicist said she hoped her revelation would help young people who are being bullied.

There were other reason Kristy McNichol left show business besides her mental health. According to a 2014 article in TV Guide by Robyn Ross, Kristy opened up to People Magazine during a Love Boat reunion.  She told People that she left in part because "she wanted to see what else was out there."

I left show business for a variety of reasons, but a big one was my interest in learning what else there is in life ... This phase of my life is so good. My home life is happy and serene. I love singing. I also enjoy traveling and seeing the world. One of my favorite stops is Hawaii. I like everything about it and may eventually move there part-time.

Kristy doesn't sound as if she has any regrets about her decision to retire.  In 2015, she granted a rare interview to Liz McNeil  for People magazine and spoke enthusiastically about singing in the Los Angeles Valley Community College choir.  About six years ago, she enrolled in the college's Music program.   

She told People how important her private life is to her.  She said "stepped away from Hollywood to find myself."  "It was a decision I had to make alone," she remarked. "And what I have found for myself is unbelievable.  There are all sorts of life experiences for me to explore, and music is one of my passions."

- Joanne