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Y&R Report (November 21, 2015): The Latest on The Young and the Restless

Hey Y&R fans, every second Saturday TV Banter discusses the latest happenings and provides commentary on your favourite daytime drama. Note to U.S. readers - SPOILER ALERT: Here in Canada, I watch the show on Global TV which is one episode ahead of CBS.  I will inevitably refer to incidents you haven't seen yet. Read at your own risk.  If you are the curious type, though, you may prefer to discover some things in advance.

We are learning more about the mysterious Dr. Simon Neville, played by Michael E. Knight.  We know that he is from Ohio and that his mother was in a coma for five years. The rogue doctor is completely obsessed with finding unorthodox methods for treating coma patients.  Knight is a very good actor, but will fans embrace the eccentric character he plays?  It will certainly take time for viewers to really warm up to him.  The writers are going to have to turn him in to a more sympathetic character.  They will need to make him more likable, either by having him do something heroic or providing him with a love interest.

Does anyone miss Summer and Kyle?  There doesn't seem to be a storyline for either of them. Lachlan Buccanan, Kyle has been taken off contract and he has been demoted to a recurring role.  As for Supergirl Summer, her character has really been out of the spotlight.

What's with Christine (alias Cricket)?  That woman really has a problem. At the very least, she needs to attend anger management classes. For years, she was consumed with punishing Phyllis.  Now it's Adam.  Perhaps all the power she wields as district attorney has gone to her head.  In my opinion, she and Neil Winters are the most annoying characters on the show right now.  The Cricketmeister seems to have some deep, psychological problems.  She definitely needs a therapist.  Maybe she'll book an appointment with Dr. Anderson!

It's official, fans.  No one died in the horrific fire that destroyed Newman Towers.  Clueless police chief Paul Williams was informed that the bodies of Patty and Ian were not found in the wreckage of the building.  That means the two are on the loose.  What a duo!

Surprise!  Surprise!  Dr, Anderson has baby Christian and she has presented the child to Sharon.  Yet there are still so many questions surrounding the evil therapist.  It's obvious that Nick Newman is the target of her venom.  What we don't know for certain is the creepy doctor's game plan and her real identity.  There has been online speculation that she is really Sandra, who was paralyzed after a diving accident involving a teenage Nicholas Newman many years ago.  Victor apparently helped to cover up the incident and paid for Sandra's expenses.

However, Dr. Anderson does is not paralyzed and Nick didn't recognize her as Sandra when he saw her.  It is possible that she is a member of Sandra's family, perhaps her sister, who is seeking revenge on Nick.  In the last edition of Y&R Report (Saturday, November 7, 2015), I posted two letters from a woman named Elba.  Elba swears that she and her friends remember the incident happening at the pool at the Newman ranch, but no flashbacks have been shown.  There has also been speculation online that the incident took place when Nick was at boarding school in Switzerland.  Elba, I want you to know that I am trying to clarify things and that I have tweeted Y&R's head writer, Charles Pratt, for an answer.  If I receive a reply, I will definitely post it on this website.


If you have any comments on Y&R, please email them to me with "Viewer Forum in the subject line. I will be happy to publish your comments and reply to them  You do not have to use your real name.  
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Here are some comments from regular contributor CC in Etobicoke, Ontario:

I don't like the new storyline with Nikki and Judge Elise Moxley and her husband, Senator Moxley.  I am not impressed by the judge and the senator does not have the face of an actor that makes you remember the character he is playing.

Melody Thomas Scott's new hairstyle really looks good now that it has grown in a bit.  I hope she keeps it shoulder length rather than letting it grow really long again.

I am finding the whole storyline relating to baby Christian disturbing.  It's going to affect many people.  Big turmoil ahead!

Well, CC, I would like  more time before giving you my verdict (pun intended) on the judge.  I will know better after I watch her on screen for a while.  As for her husband, the senator, he does seem rather bland and nondescript.

I agree with you about Nikki's hairstyle.

Yes, I can understand how some people would find the baby Christian story disturbing, especially women who have had a miscarriage or experienced the death of their own infant child.

Carly from Barrhaven, Ontario has weighed in with a few remarks:

I thought there would be some casualties (from the explosion at Newman Industries).  Not sure what I think about Dr. Neville.  Interesting character, I guess. So, it seems like Adam is Christian's dad.  I don't like where they are going with this storyline, what with Sharon's pregnancy etc. They've done this before and it's stupid

Yes Carly, it's surprising that nobody perished in the fire since Charles Prat reportedly stated that there would be four casualties.  I think Dr. Stitch would have died if Sean Carrigan, the actor, who plays him, had left the show (See below).

As for Dr. Neville, I think he is interesting and that he has great potential.  Since Michael E. Knight  is a good actor, it all depends on what the writers do to his character.

Yes, it seems as if Adam is Christian's dad.  If that is indeed the case, then I think Sage and Nick's relationship is doomed.  I think Nick will eventually go back to Sharon anyway. He's going to help rescue her from her current predicament with Dr. Anderson and that will draw them closer.  Dylan will never get over the fact that Sharon deceived him about losing the baby.  Once he's out of the picture, Sharon will turn to Nick, as she always does when she's desperate.

You are right, Carly, in complaining that they have done the baby-snatching routine before (with Lauren and Sheila and with Ashley and Sharon).  They are trying to put a new wrinkle on it.  It remains to be seen whether they have succeeded in reworking an old storyline.


Sean Carrigan (Dr. Ben "Stitch" Rayburn) is staying with Y&R

Fans of Dr. Stitch can relax.  Despite rumours to the contrary, the character will remain in Genoa City for a while.  As viewers now know, Stitch survived the  fiery explosion at Newman Enterprises and Carrigan has assured fans,via Twitter, that he will remain with The Young and the Restless. On November 10th, the actor tweeted, "Hey everybody... Happy to say... Stitch survives and is staying in Genoa City for awhile,”

Although Stitch 'em Up is engaged to spoiled heiress Abby Newman, we all know that he really loves Abby's mother, Ashley.  Ashley is trying very hard to be supportive of Abby, but how long can she play the martyr?  More importantly, how long can she and Stitch hide their true feelings from Abby and others.  Once again, Abby is headed for Heartbreak Hotel. She and her nephew Noah will both be checking in.

Traci Abbott will be home for Christmas

Kind-hearted Traci Abbott, played by Beth Maitland, will be back in Genoa City for the holiday season.  The actress will be reprising the role she created back in 1982. According to Soap Digest, Beth will arrive on December 24th for multiple episodes of a Yuletide storyline.

I'm looking forward to seeing  all the Abbotts gather for Christmas and New Year's (Too bad John Abbott isn't preside over the festivities.  Perhaps his ghost will make another appearance). I presume Traci will be coming to town for the wedding of her niece Abby to Dr. Stitch.  However, given the attraction between Ashley and Stitch, we can probably expect another Y&R wedding disruption. Traci will certainly notice the feelings her big sister has for the doctor.


On Sunday, December 6th, Kate Linder's (Esther Valentine) benefit for the March of Dimes will take place in our city. Other Y&R stars in attendance will be Christian LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin), Camryn Grimes (Maiah Copeland), Melissa Ordway (Abby Newman) and Robert Adamson (Noah Newman).  It's for a good cause and you can have high tea at the Royal York Hotel and meet some of your favourite Y&R actors.  I will be there.

For more details and to purchase tickets to this event, click on the link below:


Who is currently the best couple on Y&R?

Nick and Sage
Billy and Victoria
Adam and Chelsea
Sharon and Dylan
Nikki and Victor
Phyllis and Jack
Summer and Kyle
Dr. Stitch and Ashley
Dr. Stitch and Abby
Devon and Hilary
Cane and Lily
None of the above
I don't know.
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That's all for now.  Don't forget that the show will be disrupted due to American Thanksgiving.  (At least, we'll get to see the Newmans and the Abbotts eating their turkey dinners). The next edition of Y&R Report will appear in this space on Saturday, December 5, 2015.  As we enter into the holiday season, there should be plenty of interesting happenings in Genoa City, especially surrounding the nuptials of Dr. Stitch and Abby.

- Joanne

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Melissa Benoist: She's the new Supergirl!

Female super heroes have been few and far between on television.  There was Batgirl in the classic Batman series of the 1960s, played by the Yvonne Craig who passed away on August 17, 2015. There was also Wonder Woman (1975-1979), starring Lynda Carter. Now there is a  fresh face, a 21st century female superhero on American TV.  This time it's Supergirl with 27-year-old Melissa Benoist portraying the title character in the new CBS series

Born on October 4, 1988 in Harris County, Texas, Melissa Marie Benoist is the daughter of Jim and Julie Benoist.  She was raised in Littleton, Colorado and graduated from Araprahoe High School in Centennial, Colorado (a suburb of Denver) in 2007.  In 2011, she graduated from Marymount Manhattan College in New York City.  Melissa has two sisters (Jessica and Kristina), and five half-siblings (Tanner, Estella, Coco, Rocket and Tor) from her father's remarriage.

From an early age, Melissa aspired to be an actress.  At 16, she made the following statement to journalist John Moore (as quoted in the Denver Post):  "I have known for a long time that acting is what I want to do, so I haven't really tried anything else. It's pretty much all I'm really good at that I have discovered yet.  It's so scary to think that, wow, could go straight into being a starving actor less than a year from now.  But I feel an obligation to go to college and get a degree. I just do."

While attending high school, Melissa played Kim MacAfee in a 2006 production of Bye Bye Birdie at Littleton's Town Hall Arts Center.  That same year, she was named by the Denver Poster as one of Colorado's "Can't-Miss-Kids."  In 2009, she had the title role in Marymount Manhattan College's mainstage production of Thoroughly Modern Millie.

A year after her high school graduation, Melissa made her feature film debut in Tennessee, a 2008 drama starring Mariah Carey, Ethan Peck and Adam Rothenberg. She then began taking on roles in several television series.  In 2010, she made appearances in Law & Oder: Criminal Intent ("Delicate," Season 9, Episode 4,  Air Date: June 27, 2010),  Blue Bloods ("Privilege," (Season 1, Episode 3, Air Date: October 8, 2010, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit ("Wet," Season 12, Episode 5, Air Date: October 12, 2010 and The Good Wife ("Nine Hours," Season 2, Episode 9, Air Date: December 14, 2010).  In 2011, she played the role of Stacy Moore in two episodes of the drama Homeland: "Grace" Season 1, Episode 2 (November 8, 2011) and "Clean Skin" (Season 1, Episode 3 (November 15, 2011).

Despite her many television appearances, Melissa, did not became well known until 2012 when she joined the cast of Fox TV's popular musical comedy-drama Glee as Marley Rose.  She first auditioned for the part in New York at the Roundabout Theatre Company and was required to go through five auditions with five different songs.  She started working the same day was given the recurring role of Marley, a transfer student at William McKinley High School, the fictional setting for Glee.  Marley was teased by classmates because she came from a low-income family and her overweight mother worked in the school cafeteria.  The character also suffered from an eating disorder.

On July 13, 2013, actor Cory Monteith, who played Finn Hudson on Glee, died of a drug overdose. In the wake of Monteith's death, Ryan Murphy, one of the show's creators. announced that the sixth season of the series would be its last.  Glee's final episode, entitled "Dreams Come True," aired on March 20, 2015.  Melissa's final appearance on show was in an episode entitled "The Untitled Rachel Berry Project," which aired on May 13, 2014.

Melissa Benoist in Glee

In addition to her work in Glee, Melissa Benoist co-starred with Miles Teller in the 2014 Oscar-winning film Whiplash.  Teller portrayed Andrew Neiman, an ambitious young jazz drummer at a New York conservatory, while Melissa had the role of Nicole, a movie theatre concessionist who becomes his girlfriend.  Melissa followed her successes in Glee and Whiplash by heading the cast of Supergirl.

Supergirl has received mostly favourable reviews since its debut on October 26, 2015. It is based on the DC comics character Supergirl (Kara Zor-El), one of the last survivors of the doomed plant Krypton.  Kara is the biological cousin of Kal-El (better know as Superman), who was rocketed to Earth by his scientist father, Jor-El and raised by Kansas farmers Jonathan and Martha Kent.

Unlike cousin Superman,who lives in Metropolis disguised as Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent, Supergirl Kara resides in National City.  She was raised by the Danvers family.  Her adoptive sister, Alex Danvers (Chyler Lee) is a scientist who works for the Department of Extra-normal Operations (DEO).  The DEO a fictional government agency (originally devised by DC Comics) that purportedly regulates those with superpowers.  It is headed by former CIA agent Hank Henshaw (David Harewood), who has been concealing the fact that his eyes are able to glow red (in other words, he is probably an alien himself).

Now 24 years old, Kara is an assistant to Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart), the founder of the media conglomerate CatCo. Cat, a former gossip columnist for the Daily Planet, discovered that Supergirl is Superman's cousin, thus making Kara vulnerable to Superman's enemies.

Helen Slater portrays Kara's adoptive mother, Eliza Danvers, who is also a scientist and works for Henshaw at the DEO. Jeremy Jones plays the role Winslow "Winn" Schott, Jr., a technology specialist who is Cara's co-worker at CatCo.  Winn is a strong ally of Kara and helped her create a costume resilient enough to endure her high speed movements.

Dean Cain plays Kara's adoptive father, Jeremiah Danvers, who volunteered to work for the DEO and share his knowledge of Kyrpton in order to protect Kara.  He is thought to have been killed in an accident years later. (It's interesting to note that Cain played Clark Kent/Superman in The Adventures of Lois and Clark).

The Supergirl cast also includes Mehcad Brooks as James Olson.  Yes, former Daily Planet cub reporter and photographer "Jimmy" Olsen has moved to National City and is now employed at CatCo as Cat Grant's new art director.  Golly!

So, what's it like to play Supegirl?  What does Melissa Benoist think of her think of her character, Kara, and does she enjoy wearing the Supergirl costume?  Of her character, she told E! News that she hopes that her portrayal of Kara will inspire. "I just would like her journey to be something that any person could relate to and/or be affected by and inspired by.  I think part of the draw of the comic book genre is that it is a way to escape and be inspired by something and be something greater than yourself: A strong being that can accomplish the unthinkable," she declared.

When queried by Teen Vogue magazine as to whether her costume was comfortable, Melissa responded, "Yeah!  It  feels like a dance outfit most of the time.  Sometimes . . . not so much.  I've got layers upon layers of clothing on."  By the way,  Supergirl's outfit was designed by Colleen Atwood, who has also created costumes for superheroes The Flash and Arrow.

Despite Supergirl's strong feminist credentials as an empowered female, the show has taken some flack from feminists over the fact that Kara, at the age of 24, is referred to as "Supergirl" rather than "Superwoman."  On October 26, 2015, Melissa appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.  When asked by host Colbert if she liked that the show had a feminist message, she replied, "Of course I do.  And what's feminist about it is that it's for everyone.  She has all the same power he (Superman) has."

Melissa with Stephen Colbert

In March of 2015, Melissa secretly married actor-singer Blake Jenner and the newlyweds honeymooned in Europe.  Born August 27, 1992 in Miami, Florida, Blake is the son of an American-born father and a Cuban-born mother.  He and Melissa met in 2012 on the set of Glee (Blake played the role of high school football player Ryder Lynn during the show's fourth and fifth seasons). Melissa's character, Marley, was involved in a love triangle with Ryder and bad boy Jake Pukerman, played by Jacob Artist)

Melissa and Blake


*  Melissa Benoist portrayed Jamie in the 2015 film Danny Collins, starring Al Pacino as an aging rock star.

* Blake Jenner will have a recurring role in the Supergirl series.  He has been cast as Adam Foster, a mysterious character from Cat Grant's (Calista Flockhart) past and a potential love interest for Kara. According to E! News, Blake's first appearance on the show will occur in early 2016.

- Joanne

EDITOR'S UPDATE: On December 27, 2016, TMZ announced that Melissa Benoist had filed for divorce from Blake Jenner.  According to TMZ, in the court documents, Melissa cites "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for the breakup.  Blake has appeared on two episodes of Supergirl.

EDITOR'S UPDATE: Melissa Benoist married actor Chris Wood, her Supergirl co-star, on September 1, 2019.  She gave birth to their son, Huxley Robert Wood, in September 2020.

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David Hasselhoff: The Life and Times of "The Hoff"

I think that without sushi there would be no David Hasselhoff, because sushi is like the perfect way of describing the insides of David Hasselhoff.  He is like protein, clean and easy.  That's how I feel about myself.

- David Hasselhoff

Who but the man nicknamed "The Hoff" would compare himself to sushi?  He's quite a character, that David Hasselhoff, and he's had quite a career.  He's been the star of two hit television series and has enjoyed recognition as an international singing sensation.

David Michael Hasselhoff was born in Baltimore, Maryland on July 17, 1952.  His mother, Dolores Therese Hasselfoff (died February 11, 2009) was a homemaker and his father, Joseph Vincent "Joe" Hasselfoff, (died November 16, 2014) was a business executive. David is of German, English and Irish descent.  He is the second oldest of five siblings and the only male.  His four sisters are Daine Hasselfoff (born May 19, 1950), Jean Hasselhoff (born March 7, 1956), Joyce Hasselhoff (born July 1, 1954) and Lisa Hasselhoff (born July 5, 1968).  Due to their father's work, the family had to move frequently.

David became interested in acting at a young age.  At seven, he made his theatrical debut in a production of Peter Pan.  He later attended the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Pontiac Michigan and the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California.  After graduating from the California Institute of Arts with a degree in theatre in 1973, he thought he was headed for a career on Broadway. Unexpectedly, his career went in another direction and he ended up starring in a popular soap opera.

Hasselhoff first came to prominence in the role of Dr. William "Snapper" Foster on the CBS daytime drama The Young and the Restless.  He appeared on the soap from 1975 until 1982.  When David left the show, Snapper and his wife, Chris (Trish Stewart) moved to London, England and were written out of the storyline.

David as Dr. Snapper Foster

Brandon Tartikoff, president of NBC at the time, recruited the young actor to star in the science fiction series Knight Rider. Knight Rider proved to be a huge hit and David's move from daytime to primetime was a tremendous success.  From 1982 to 1986, he portrayed Michael Knight, the lead chracter on the show. The role earned him a People's Choice Award and a large following overseas.

Knight Rider chronicled the story of how billionaire Wilton Knight rescued a Las Vegas undercover police detective, Michael Arthur Long, and gave him a fresh mission in life. After being shot in the face and undergoing plastic surgery, Long was provided with a new face, a new identity and a new name.  Calling himself "Michael Knight," he transformed himself into a high-tech crime fighter for Wilton's public justice organization, the Foundation for Law and Government (FLAG).

To combat crime, Michael utilized Knight Industries' magnificent super-car, Knight Industries Two Thousand or KITT, for short.  KITT was a sleek, black customized Pontiac Trans-Am.  It contained weaponry such as smoke bombs and flame throwers.  Controlled by a commuter with artificial intelligence, this incredible automobile could speak and had its own personality (Veteran American actor William Daniels provided the voice of KITT). Whenever Michael was in danger, he summoned the car and it would crash through walls to save him.


KITT interior (1st/2nd seasons)
                                            PHOTO ATTRIBUTION: Tabercil                                                                 

Baywatch, David's second hit series, made its debut on NBC in 1989.  The drama, about lifeguards on the beaches of Los Angeles County, California, was cancelled after one season due to low ratings and because its production company, GTG Entertanment, went out of business.  However, David and the show's creator and executive producers wanted to keep the series alive.  In 1991, they brought it back for the first-run syndication market and Hasselhoff took over as the show's executive producer. Although definitely not high-level drama, the series developed a following and turned out to be wildly successful with both American audiences and international viewers.

David Hasselhoff, who portrayed Mitch Buchannon, the lieutenant in charge of L.A. County lifeguards at Malibu Beach, became one of the most recognizable television actors in the world.  The show also featured Yasmine Bleeth, Carmen Electra and Pamela Anderson and it was known for its distinctive red swimsuits.  As Hasselhoff pointed out,  "We made sure nobody ever drowned on Baywatch."

Baywatch's locale was eventually moved from Southern California to the South Pacific. Due to high production costs in Los Angeles, Baywatch was filmed in  Hawaii for two seasons, from 1999 until 2001.  Accordingly, the name of the the series was changed to Baywatch Hawaii, much to the benefit of the Aloha State.  According to a January 9, 2000 article in Pacific Business Review, the show was a boon to the local economy, pumping millions into the Hawaiian tourism and business industries - 22 episodes in 1999 (at a cost of $800,000 per episode), each earned an estimated $17.6 million.

Hasselhoff with Baywatch cast

In the late 1980s, David Hasselhoff launched a successful music career in Europe.  In 1989, "Looking for Freedom" remained in the number one spot on the German pop charts for eight consecutive weeks and many regarded it as an anthem for the peaceful revolution that led to the reunification of East and West Germany.  That same year, in a memorable New Year's Eve concert soon after the opening of the Berlin Wall, David belted the song out on both sides of the structure.

In a November 9, 2014 article for National Public Radio (NPR), David talked about the experience.  "I had been behind the Wall eight or nine times since 1987, to kind of further my music career with the Knight Rider car; if they wouldn't come and see me, they would come and see the car," he remarked.  "I hit big with a single and they invited me to sing, and I said, 'Only if I could sing on the Wall.' And they said yes!"

David Hasselhoff  - 1989 New Year's Eve concert at Berlin Wall

Officials from both East and West Germany made Hasselhoff the focus of the New Year's celebrations.  Wearing a remarkable flashing jacket with battery-powered lights, he sat atop the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg Gate behind him, and sang to the massive crowd. David later stated that people told him that "Looking for Freedom" was more than a mere pop song.  He said it became "our song of hope."

The actor/singer visited Berlin often during the ensuing years, most notably in 2013.  He returned to the German capital in March of that year as part of his campaign to preserve the final fragments of the wall he helped to bring down.  The Wall's surviving stretch was under threat from property developers who wanted to tear down part of the historic monument to allow access to luxury apartments.

David has been married twice and both marriages ended in divorce.  He wed actress Catherine Hickland on March 24, 1984.  The marriage lasted until 1989.  On December 5, 1989, he married another actress, Pamela Bach.  The couple had two daughters: Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff (born May 5, 1990 ) and Hayley Hasselhoff (born August 28, 1992).

David and Catherine Hickland

David's breakup with Pamela became very bitter and nasty.  In January of 2006, he announced that he would be filing for divorce due to irreconcilable differences.  In March of 2006, Pamela accused him of violent behaviour.  Hasselhoff denied the allegations through a statement from his publicist.  Both David and Pamela have since been involved in separate alcohol-related incidents.

David has publicly admitted that he has received treatment for alcoholism.  On May 3, 2007. an embarrassing video surfaced in which he is apparently in a drunken stupor.  In the video, he appears shirtless, attempting to eat a cheeseburger in a Las Vegas hotel room.  His daughter Taylor-Ann's voice can be heard in the background urging him to tell her when he was going to stop.  She warns her father that this could cost him his role in the Las Vegas production of The Producers.  In response to the leaked video, Hasselhoff put forth a statement declaring that Taylor-Ann deliberately recorded and released the footage so that he could witness his behaviour while intoxicated.

On May 3, 2009, David was rushed to hospital, allegedly due to alcohol poisoning, according to a report on Radar Online.  His representatives denied that he was hospitalized for that reason.  In September of that same year, Fox News Channel reported that he had been once again hospitalized for alcohol-related reasons.  The allegation was again denied by his representatives.  In November of 2009, according to Radar Online, David was rushed to hospital after suffering a seizure.  In May of 2010, he was again reportedly rushed to the hospital following a drinking binge, accompanied by his daughter Hayley.

In November of 2009, Pamela Bach was arrested by California Highway Patrol and charged with driving under the influence.  She was sentenced to jail time after pleading no contest to the DUI charge.  She was given an extra 60 days in prison due to a previous DUI charge  Her driver's licence was suspended for two years and was fined $2,100.

David and Pamela Bach


*  David Hasselhoff has written an autobiography titled Making Waves.  It was released in the United Kingdom in September of 2006.

*  David's younger sister, Jean Hasselhoff, is also an actress and singer.  She has appeared in minor roles in soap operas including General Hospital, Santa Barbara and The Young and the Restless.   Her film credits include The Seduction  (1982), Hell Night (1981), Baywatch : Guys & Dolls (1994) and Knight Rider: Dead of Knight (1984).  She has also appeared in TV commercials.

Jean married Douglas Driver in 1988.  The couple had two children and settled in Nevada.
She continued her acting and singing career with dramatic roles.  According to the most recent information on IMbd.comehe is sings with a jazz trio, the Sierra Singers, in the Lake Tahoe area. She and her husband reside in Reno,

*  In 2006, David Hasselhoff became a co-judge on NBC's amateur talent show, America's Got Talent.  He remained with the show for four seasons.  In 2010, however, the network failed to renew his contract in and he was replaced by comedian Howie Mandel.  According to the U.K.'s Daily Mail, there were claims  that "his drinking had made his position untenable," but David stated that he left America's Got Talent to follow his "dream" of doing his own TV show.

Hasselfoff with Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne on America's Got Talent

Soon after his departure from America's Got Talent, David and his two daughters starred in an A&E reality show called The Hasselhoffs.  The series premiered on December 5, 2010.  It focused on David's efforts to revive his career and  to establish his daughters, Hayley and Taylor-Ann, as a presence in Hollywood.

David with daughters Hayley (left) and Taylor-Ann

*  In June of 2010, David briefly reprised his role as Dr. Snapper Foster on the Young and Restless in a storyline dealing with the death of his character's mother, Liz Foster.  In September of 2010, he appeared as a contestant on the 11th season of Dancing with the Stars. along with his professional partner Kym Johnson.  He and Johnson were the first to be eliminated from the competition and he later told Good Morning America that he was not surprised.  He said, "Going into this I kinda knew I wasn't going to be the judges' favourite.  All I wanted to do was have fun."

* In 2011, Hasselhoff became a member of the judging panel of Britain's Got Talent.  However, he was dropped after only one series on the show.

*  In 2015, Hasselhoff released a single, "True Survivor," along with a video,  Recorded in Sweden and featured in the Swedish martial arts short film comedy Kung Fury, the song and video are designed as both a parody of the 1980s and a tribute to that decade.

- Joanne

EDITOR'S UPDATE (May 5, 2016): On May 3, 2016, Hello! Magazine reported that David Hasselhoff, 63, had become engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Welsh model Hayley Roberts.  David met Hayley, 36, during his stint on Britain's Got Talent.  According to Hello!, David proposed to Haley during a picnic lunch in Malibu, California.

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Y&R Report (November 7, 2015): The Latest on The Young and the Restless

Hey Y&R fans, every second Saturday TV Banter discusses the latest happenings and provides commentary on your favourite daytime drama. Note to U.S. readers - SPOILER ALERT: Here in Canada, I watch the show on Global TV which is one episode ahead of CBS.  I will inevitably refer to incidents you haven't seen yet. Read at your own risk.  If you are the curious type, though, you may prefer to discover some things in advance.

Well fans, other calamity has struck Genoa City!  This time the catastrophe occurred at a Newman Halloween gala! Head writer Charles Pratt is certainly proving himself to be a master of disaster, isn't he? There hasn't been an earthquake yet, but I wouldn't put it past him.  (Ooop, I don't want to give him any ideas).  Actually, he's probably planning disasters for Christmas and New Year's Eve right now.

This latest GC disaster had a comical, almost campy aspect to it.  Think of the images: Ian Ward, who turned out to be the culprit in the devil costume, offering a glass of champagne to Adam and inviting him to toast the fall of the Newman empire while flames roared around them; Phyllis and Jack, also surrounded by fire, running into Patty and begging her to assist them; Phyllis becoming angry as Jack kisses Patty in an attempt to appease her so that she will help them escape; with time running out, Phyllis and Patty engaging in a cat fight.  Just when viewers are certain that both Patty and Ian Ward had died, the two of them awaken.  Patty looks at Ian and says, "Wanna work togther, Hot Stuff?

It seems that the unfortunate Patty and the dastardly Ian Ward will live to see another day.  Patty was obviously brought back for the Sharon storyline.  Jack, Phyllis and Paul are all aware that she was trying to convey a message to Dylan about what Dr. Anderson is doing to Sharon. She was never able to relay the message to Dylan, but at least he will be know that Patty was attempting to tell him about an urgent matter.  In the end, there's a good chance that Patty will emerge a hero and that she will be the one to save Sharon (although Dylan and Nick will certainly try to ride to her rescue).

Both Cane and Dr. Stitch also survived the inferno.  Stitch was widely touted as the one who would die in the explosion.  He is in critical condition, but I'm certain he will survive. Why?  Well, Candis Cayne is scheduled to play the role of Nona Richards, a wedding planner helping Stitch and Abby plan their wedding. Her first air-date is December 2, 2015 on CBS (December 1st on Global TV in Canada). Also, Dr. Stitch is need to cause conflict between Ashley and Abby.  It appears that he will go ahead with plans to marry Abby even though he declared his feelings for her mother when he though he was going to perish in the fire.

It appears that after all the hullabaloo, no one actually died in the fiery explosion. However, head writer Charles Pratt apparently stated that four characters would lose their lives and that one would be a major character ( widely thought to be Dr. Stitch).  Was Mr. Pratt just teasing us?  Was he merely trying to spark interest in the show?  I'm not sure about the current status of Sean Carrigan, who plays Dr. Stitch.  I do know, though, that his contract was up for renewal.  Perhaps the show was waiting to see if he would sign a new contract before deciding whether his character would live or die.  Since he survived, I guess he must have negotiated a new deal deal with Y&R.  I will keep you posted.

What is wrong with Christine (a.k.a. Cricket)?  She appears to have some deep, pathological need to put Adam in a jail cell.  It can't wait another minute, another second. The thought of his prison sentence being delayed, even for medical reasons, absolutely infuriates her.  It was good to see Chelsea put her in her place and question her humanity.  The message finally got through to a chastened Cricketmeister.  She quietly agreed to allow Adam to stay in the hospital.

We all know that baby Christian is still alive.  Nick and Sage never saw their supposedly dead child. The baby boy will soon be in the clutches of the wicked Dr. Anderson.  She will then present him to Sharon.  As I have mentioned before, it is expected that Dr. Anderson is really Sandra, who was injured years ago at a pool party at the Newman ranch.  That is why she wants revenge on Nick.  I have one question, though.  Sandra was paralysed in the accident and Dr. Anderson is not.  Maybe she had successful spinal surgery.


If you have any comments on Y&R, please email them to me with "Viewer Forum in the subject line. I will be happy to publish your comments and reply to them  You do not have to use your real name.  
My email address:

I received some comments from regular Y&R viewer Patsy in Sarasota, Florida.  Here is Patsy's view of what's going on:

Well, isn't Young and Restless heating up!!

Neil sure escaped the kidnapping situation with Hilary's amnesia.  No one seems to ever have to deal with the problems they cause.  We know that Adam will not serve ten years in jail also.  Victor has never been hauled on the carpet for anything.  And now Neil!!

The fire at Newman headquarters was so similar to two years ago when Phyllis was thrown down the stairs by Sharon.  How could Dr. Stitch not know that you NEVER touch a door handle that has a fire raging behind it?  His hand should be burned. And how did the guests who were in the ballroom just above the exploding fire not know of the situation?  Only Dr. Stitch informed them of the fire!!

Yes, Patsy, the show is definitely on fire in more ways than one!  Yes, there are definitely holes in the plotline, which you have done a tremendous job of pointing our with your great powers of observation.  However, I have to admit that I've been riveted in my seat watching everything play out. It's been quite entertaining.

As for your complaint that no on in Genoa City ever has to take responsibility for the problems they create, I agree wholeheartedly (especially in the case of Victor Newman). Adam certainly will not serve ten years in prison.  The reason is that he and other major characters cannot be incarcerated for long periods. They have to interact with other characters. Otherwise, they can only be seen receiving prison visits from other GC residents. Also, viewers eventually tire of looking at prison uniforms. They prefer to see their favourite characters in fashionable clothing rather than orange jumpsuits.

A longtime Y&R viewer named Elba has sent me two emails.

Please, please try to find out if over 15 years or 20 years ago there was an episode where a young girl dove into the Newman Family pool during a pool party and became paralyzed from the incident.  The party was not properly supervised and his teenage son wastaken to the police station and the family was going to be blamed for the accident.  Victor Newman paid off the girl's family and paid for all her operations, etc.  but the girl remained paralyzed.  Now, apparently the writers want to bring back this story line.  Many viewers say on Message Boards that this episode never happened....I and a couple of my friends disagree.  We could swear it aired because we do remember something of the pool party and the girl's accident (she was named Sonya or Sandra). Could you maybe just ask the writers or Chuck Pratt if this episode existed so many years ago or is this a new story they are trying to introduce or have "flashbacks" for.  IT IS A REAL MYSTERY! THANKS SO MUCH FOR ANY HELP YOU CAN GIVE.  Elba 70 year old, viewer of Y/R since it started!

I did some more checking with my friend in New York who was a student at that time and she relates that yes she did see a similar episode.  She said that the Pool Party was at the Newman Ranch, that Nicholas was about 16 years old at the time and that the girl was hurt badly and was paralyzed.  The family paid the girl's parents and she received the best treatment secretly.  More or less what I remember.  I am 70 years old but my memory is A-OK! I still think I saw this somewhere years ago also.  I hope I am not wrong.  However, as you said, it is strange that the Y&R people don't put some scenes on the air that lend some substance to the storyline they may be re-introducing? It would really be great to finally know what is going on with this storyline that apparently many are talking about. I even read something about it on Toni's Spoiler Site. Nov. 3, if I recall. YouTube has some videos of pool parties when Nicholas was younger (May 2003) but the ones I was able to download do not prove much.  I am not the best on a computer!

I told Elba that I do not personally remember the pool party storyline.  I also can't understand why Y&R wouldn't use flashbacks of the pool party if they existed.  However, I do not want to dismiss Elba's claims outright.  She and her friends seem to remember that it happened.

I also think that if the incident has never been shown before, the writers have been confusing viewers by mentioning a storyline from the past that was never seen.  Joshua Morrow began playing the role of Nicholas Newman back in 1994.  He was a teenager then, so I suspect the incident would have happened in the 1990s.  There have been many pool parties at the Newman ranch over the years, but this one would have been a major storyline, had it occurred.

Y&R viewers out there, can you help me get to the bottom of this?  If I can't get a clear answer, I intend to contact CBS or Charles Pratt himself.


Lachlan Buchanan (Kyle Abbott) downgraded

Y&R viewers haven't seen much of Summer and her boyfriend Kyle lately.  According to Daytime Confidential, Lachlan Buchanan, the Australian actor who plays the role of Kyle Abbott (without an Aussie accent) has been taken off contract.  He'll still be appearing on a recurring basis, which could mean he's on his way out.  It could also mean that the role of Kyle will be recast yet again, even though Lachlan has only played the character since February of this year.

So, when can we expect to see Kyle again?  Well, the actor made this comment on Twitter: "Kyle's on a little walk-about but he'll be back before you know it,"

Burgess Jenkins (Billy Abbott) is leaving Y&R


Burgess Jenkins has chosen to leave his role as Billy Abbott after less than a  year-and-a-half.  Since Day One, he has been in the difficult position of being constantly compared with his predecessor, the wildly popular Billy Miller.  Comparisons with Miller aside, Jenkins has never seemed to be the right fit for the part. He has appeared to be a good actor in the wrong role.  Perhaps it's his lack of chemistry with Victoria (Amelia Heinle).  Maybe it's that he hasn't been able to fully convey the mischievousness of Billy's character. He just doesn't have that twinkle in his eye.

Now that Burgess is on his way out, Daytime Confidential has reported that Y&R is eyeing Jason Thompson to replace him.  Thompson has just left his role as Patrick Drake on General Hospital. That would be interesting since Y&R has lost Michelle Stafford (ex-Phyllis) and Billy Miller to GH. By the way, if you are hoping for the return of Billy M., as I am, don't hold your breath.  He doesn't seem likely to leave General Hospital any time soon.


Who is the most annoying character on Y&R right now?

Joe Clark
Neil Winters
Christine "Cricket" Blair Williams
Dr. Anderson
I don't know.
Quiz Maker

That's all for now.  Enjoy the show as the November sweeps continue.  The next edition of Y&R Report will appear in this space on Saturday, November 21st.  Don't miss it.

- Joanne

Monday, November 2, 2015

What happened to The Carol Burnett Show cast?

The life span for other variety series in the 1970s rarely exceeded two seasons, and their total number had dwindled substantially from the heyday of variety shows in the 1950s.  Only Carol managed to remain popular and successful.  The small nucleus of her regular cast remained constant for several years, without none of her original supporting troupes leaving until 1974. Their chemistry helped hold the show together.  The binding force, however,was Carol, one of television's most versatile variety performers, who could sing, dance, act, clown, and mime with equal facility.

- The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network TV Shows 1946 - Present


Along with Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett is one of the undisputed queens of American television comedy.  Her classic variety show ran on CBS from 1967 until 1978.  For an hour every week, the vivacious Carol and her talented cast lampooned films and TV shows.  They spoofed television commercials.and performed skits.  Their humour was lighthearted and breezy.  Although often satirical, it was not caustic or political like that of the Smother Brothers.  It was purely for laughs.

Carol's show usually began with an impromptu question and answer session with the studio audience. The cast would then perform a series of comedy sketches.  At the end of the show, Carol would come on stage and sing her signature farewell song, "I'm So Glad We Had This Time Together," written by her then-husband Joe Hamilton.  If time permitted, she would answer a few more questions from the audience.  During the question and answer segments, there would be requests for Carol to perform her "Tarzan" impersonation

The most popular comedy sketches on The Carol Burnett Show included "Mr. Tuddball and Mrs. Wiggins" in which Burnett played a "not too bright" secretary who constantly annoyed her boss, played by Tim Conway.  In a recurring skit  called "The Family," Carol and Harvey Korman portrayed Eunice and Ed Higgins, a bickering couple who also fought with Eunice's bombastic "Mama" (Vicki Lawrence wearing a grey wig, glasses and a padded dress). Another popular skit was "As the Stomach Turns," a parody of soap operas.

After eleven years, Carol ended her show gracefully and with style.  Her two-hour finale, "A Special Evening with Carol Burnett," was aired on March 29th, 1978, featuring past highlights and new skits. Carol Burnett sang 'I’m So Glad We Had This Time Together' and tugged her earlobe for the final time (a gesture she used to pay tribute to her grandmother who who passed away on March 7, 1967). In the closing moments of the show, Carol, dressed as her trademark charwoman, sat backstage waving goodbye to staff and cast.  Harvey Korman, who was a guest on the last show, came by and gave her a kiss.

In the summer of 1979, four episodes of Carol Burnett & Company were produced by ABC.  The comedy-variety show ran weekly from August 18 to September 8, 1979.  Vicki Lawrence and Tim Conway were once again part of Carol's cast, along with actor Craig Richard Nelson and comedian Kenneth Mars. 

Below are photos of the cast of The Carol Burnett Show in 1967 (the show's first season) and a decade late.  On the left are cast members in 1967 (clockwise from the bottom): Burnett, Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence, and Lyle Waggoner, on the right, the 1977 cast: Burnett, Tim Conway, Vicki Lawrence and Harvey Korman.



Carol in 1974

Carol Creighton Burnett was born in San Antonio, Texas on April 26, 1933 to Joseph Thomas "Jody" Burnett, a movie theatre manager, and Louise (née Creighton) Burnett, a publicity writer for film studios.  Her early childhood was difficult as her parents were alcoholics who struggled financially. After they divorced, Carol was raised by her beloved maternal grandmother, Mabel Eudora Jones White in a boarding house in Hollywood. California. Carol and her grandmother shared a great interest in the movies of Hollywood's "Golden Age."

Mabel E. White

In 1951, Carol graduated from Hollywood High School.  She had planned to study journalism at the University of California in Los Angeles, but switched her focus to theatre and English instead.  With the intention of becoming a playwright, she entered the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television.  While at UCLA, Carol performed in campus productions in which her comedic and singing talents brought her increasing recognition. In 1954, she and her boyfriend,(future husband Don Saroyan) left college to pursue acting careers in New York City.

At first, Carol had difficulty finding acting jobs in New York and worked as a coat check attendant. Then, in 1955, the aspiring actress was cast as the girlfriend of a ventriloquist’s dummy on the popular children’s program The Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney Show. Carol's stint on the children's show led to a role opposite Buddy Hackett in the short-lived sitcom, Stanley, from 1956 to 1957.  She played Hacket's gawky girlfriend, Celia, in the series.

In 1959, Carol Burnett became a regular on Garry Moore's variety show.  That same year, she received rave reviews for her performance in the Broadway musical Once Upon a Mattress.  Carol left The Garry Moore Show in 1962 to  pursue new opportunities in film, theatre and television.  She signed a ten-year contract with CBS and the  network paired her with Julie Andrews in an Emmy-winning special .entitled Julie and Carol at Carnegie Hall.  It was broadcast on June 11, 1962.

Carol with Garry Moore (Left) and Durward Kirby, 1961

During the early 1960s, Carol guest-starred on an episode of the The Twilight Zone. entitled "Cavender is Coming" (Season 3, Episode 36, Air Date: My 25, 1962) in which she played a woman who is helped by a bumbling guardian angel.  She also played the lead role in Calamity Jane, a 90-minute television movie that aired on November 12, 1963.

In the mid-1960s, Carol became acquainted with Lucille Ball when Lucy guest-starred on her successful 1966 CBS special Carol + 2, along with actor and comedian Zero Mostel. Carol returned the favour by appearing in two episodes of The Lucy Show, one which aired in 1966 and the other in 1967.  She also appeared in three episodes of a later Lucille Ball sitcom called Here's Lucy.  Despite the difference in their ages, the two red-heads developed a friendship that lasted until Lucy's death in 1989.

By 1967, Carol Burnett was such a popular entertainer that CBS wanted to give her a sitcom of her own.  The network, though, was reluctant  about having a woman headline a variety show, even one as talented as Carol (female TV variety show hosts were rare back then).  Carol, however, took advantage of a stipulation in her contract that allowed her to do a one-hour variety show.  In an October, 2000 Los Angeles Times interview, Burnett told entertainment writer Susan King that when she and then-husband Joe Hamilton phoned CBS executives to discuss the matter, they said  "'Carol, it would be better if you did a sitcom.' I said, 'Variety is all I know and all I want to do - I love the music, the guest stars. This is what I know and what I love.'  So they had to put it on."

Now 82 years old, Burnett remains active.  Her most recent television credits include roles in (Desperate Housewives (2006), Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (2009), Glee (2010) and two episodes of Hot in Cleveland (2013) (2015),  In 2014, she appeared on Broadway with Brian Dennehy in a limited-engagement run of A.R. Gurney’s Love Letters. She has also been the recipient of many prestigious awards. In 2005, she received the Presidential Medal of Freedom. In 2013, she was awarded the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

Carol Burnett has been married three times.  On December 15, 1955, she wed her college sweetheart, Don Saroyan.  They divorced in 1962.  On May 4, 1963, she wed television producer Joe Hamilton, a father of eight children from his previous marriage to Gloria Hartley.   It was Hamilton who directed Carol's 1962 Carnegie Hall concert.  He was also the executive producer of The Carol Burnett Show 

Carol's  marriage to Joe Hamilton lasted until 1984 and produced three daughters: Carrie (born December 5, 1963), Jody (born January 18, 1967) and Erin (born August 14, 1968). Carrie Hamilton, the oldest daughter, died on January 20, 2002, of lung and brain cancer at the age of 38.  She was an actress and singer. The youngest daughter, 47- year-old Erin Hamilton, is a singer too.

Carol was devastated by Carrie's death.  In 2013, she published a memoir titled Carrie and Me: A Mother-Daughter Love Story.  The book deals with Carries's struggles with drug addiction and her courageous battle with cancer.

On November 24, 2001, Carol married Brian Miller, a man over 20 years her junior.  He is the principal drummer in and contractor of the Hollywood Bowl orchestra.

Carol with husband Brian Miller


Vicki Lawrence was born Victoria Ann Axelrad on March 26, 1949 in Inglewood, California, the daughter of AnneAlene (née Loyd) and Howard Axelrad, a certified public accountant for Max Factor cosmetics.  Her family's name was changed to Lawrence when she was a youngster.  During her high school years, she was a cheerleader and sang with a musical group called the Young Americans.

Vicki's life changed dramatically when, at the urging of her mother, she sent a fan letter to Carol Burnett.  The letter included a local news article about how much the two resembled each other and and invited Carol to attend the local fire department's "Miss Fireball of Inglewood" contest in which Vicki was scheduled to perform.  As fate would have it, Carol was then searching for someone who could play her kid sister on her upcoming variety show. She attended the event and decided that Vicki should portray her younger sibling.

In the fall of 1967, 18-year-old Vicki Lawrence made her debut on the first episode of The Carol Burnett Show. With Burnett and castmate Harvey Korman as her mentors, Vicki's career really took off,  She remained with the show until its last episode in 1978, winning an Emmy Award for her work on the series and multiple Golden Globe nominations.

When The Carol Burnett Show ended its run, Vicki starred in her own television series, Mama's Family, based on a recurring comedy sketch on Carol's show called "The Family."  She portrayed Thelma Harper, better known as Mama, her popular character from the skit.  Mama's Family aired on NBC from January of 1983 until April of 1984.  Its co-stars included Ken Berry, Dorothy Lyman, and Rue McClanahan.  Carol Burnett portrayed Eunice in some episodes of the series and other guest stars included Betty White and Harvey Korman.

Vicki Lawrence as Mama

Through the years,Vicki Lawrence has made appearances on numerous television series including multiple episodes of Laverne and Shirley and Murder, She Wrote.  She also appeared on Roseanne (1993), Burke's Law (1995), Diagnosis Murder (1996) and Ally McBeal (1999).  From 2001 to 2005, Vicki had a recurring role as Natalie Warner in the comedy Yes, Dear alongside her Carol Burnett Show castmate, Tim Conway, who played Tom Warner.  From 2006 until 2011, she played Grandma Stewart/Manaw Ruthue on the Hannah Montana TV series.  Vicki continues to make TV guest appearances in her renowned "Mama/Thelma Harper role.  On February 5. 2013, she portrayed the character in a sketch for Betty White's 2nd Annual 90th Birthday.

Vicki Lawrence has been married twice.  Her first husband was country singer/songwriter Bobby Russell,  to whom she was wed from 1972 to 1974 (It was he who composed "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia). Sadly, Russell died of heart disease at the age of 52 in Kentucky.

On November 16, 1974, Vicki Lawrence married her second husband, Hollywood make-up artist Al Schultz. The couple has two children, a daughter named Courtney Allison Schultz (born May 5, 1975), and a son named Garrett Lawrence Schultz (born July 3, 1977).


Lyle Wesley Waggoner was born in Kansas City, Kansas on April 13, 1935, the son of Marie and Myron Waggoner.  He appeared as an announcer and performer on The Carol Burnett Show from 1967 to 1974.  At six feet, four inches tall (1.93 metres) and classically handsome with a resonant speaking voice, he often played the role of a "shallow cad" or an "arrogant golden boy" on the show.

Prior to joining the Burnett ensemble, Lyle was a finalist for the part of Batman/Bruce Wayne in the classic Batman television series (1966-1968).  He had a screen test for the role, but lost out to Adam West. Such is fate, however, because if he had won the part, he would not have been able to join the cast of The Carol Burnett Show in 1967.

After seven seasons on Carol's show, Lyle decided to try to launch a solo career.  Not long after his departure, he landed a role on the comic-strip based Wonder Woman series.  From 1975 to 1979, he portrayed Major Steven Trevor and Colonel Steven Trevor, Jr. alongside Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman.

Lyle with Lynda Carter in Wonder Woman

In 1976, Lyle Waggoner was elected mayor of Encino, California.  In 1979, he started a business called "Star Waggons" which provides film and television companies with studio location rental trailers.

During the 1980s, Lyle appeared in episodes of such TV shows as Happy Days (1980) (1984), Simon & Simon (1986) and Murder, She Wrote (1984).  During the 1990s, he appeared in two more episodes of Murder, She Wrote (1991) (1993), Burke's Law (1995), Ellen (1996)  and Love Boat: The Next Wave (1999).  To date, his most recent role on a television series was a 2005 episode of  the comedy The War at Home entitled "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do" (Season 1, Episode 10, Air Date: December 18, 2005).

Lyle has been married to Sharon Kennedy, an actress, financial consultant and realtor since September 17, 1960 (some sources state that they wed in 1961).  Their marriage has lasted for well over 50 years and they have two sons, Jason and Beau. This past April, Lyle Waggoner celebrated his 80th birthday.

Lyle and Sharon Waggoner


Harvey Herschel Korman passed away on May 29, 2008.  The American comic actor was 81 years old when he died in Los Angeles of complications from a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm he had suffered four months earlier.

Born February, 15, 1927 in Chicago, Illinois, Harvey first made his mark on television as a second banana on The Danny Kaye Show.  He joined the show in its second season in 1964, appearing in skits with Kaye.  He remained with the series until it was cancelled in 1967.  The lanky, talented comedian was then cast as a regular on The Carol Burnett Show. 

Harvey Korman appeared on the Burnett show until the spring of 1977,when he decided to leave to pursue other projects.  Unfortunately, Harvey never repeated the success he had had on The Carol Burnett Show.  His half-hour ABC sitcom, The Harvey Korman Show, was short-lived.  It was cancelled after only six episodes due to low ratings.

Meanwhile, Korman's departure from Carol's show created a void which was very difficult to fill. Dick Van Dyke was chosen to replace him, but the chemistry just wasn't there. Three months later, a dissatisfied Van Dyke made an abrupt departure.  Regular guest stars Steve Lawrence and Ken Berry were summoned to take his place in what turned out to be the show's final season.

In 1981, Harvey reunited with Tim Conway, his former co-star on The Carol Burnett Show, joining the cast of Conway's 1981-1982 variety series, The Tim Conway Show. The two comedians later toured together, performing skits from the show and other material.

Harvey Korman's  most noteworthy film role was in Mel Brooks’ 1974 Western satire, Blazing Saddles.  He played the role of the strangely bizarre Hedley Lamarr (who was constantly frustrated when people called him Hedy).  "A world without Harvey Kormaan - it’s a more serious world,” Brooks told the Associated Press (AP) at the time of Harvey's death.  “It was very dangerous for me to work with him because if our eyes met we’d crash to floor in comic ecstasy. It was comedy heaven to make Harvey Korman laugh."

Harvey was married twice.  He wed his first wife Donna Ehlert in 1960 and they had two children, Maria and Christopher.  The marriage lasted until 1977.  In 1982, he wed Deborah Korman (née Fritz).  They raised two daughters, Kate and Laura Korman, and remained together until Harvey's death.



Thomas Daniel "Tim" Conway was born December 15, 1933 in Willloughby, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland.  He earned his college degree in speech and radio from Bowling Green State University. After graduating, he joined the United States Army.

Tim has worked in television since the 1950s when he was employed at a Cleveland TV station.  His first big break occurred in 1960 when he was hired by The Steve Allen Show after comedienne Rose Marie arranged for him to have an audition.  In order to avoid confusion with British actor Tom Conway, he changed his first name to "Tim."

From 1962 until 1966, Tim Conway portrayed Ensign Charles Parker in McHales's Navy, a TV comedy about a PT Boat crew during World War II.  The highly successful series starred Ernest Borgnine as Lt. Commander Quinton McHale and also featured Joe Captain Walter B. Binghampton.

In 1967, Tim took on the role of an inept Texas Ranger in the short-lived Western comedy Rango.  In 1970, he starred in another 30 minute sitcom called The Tim Conway Show, in which he played the only pilot of a single-plane charter airline.  His co-star was Joe Flynn from his McHale's Navy days. The series, however, was not well-received and only lasted 12 episodes.

Tim first met Carol when she was a regular on the The Garry Moore Show.  At the time, he was an up-and-coming comedian and he was doing a stint on Moore's Sunday evening variety show.  When he saw Carol, he thought "she was a scream."

Although Tim had made frequent guest appearances on The Carol Burnett Show since its first season in 1967, he did not became a regular until the start of the 1975-1976 season, filling the void left by the departure of Lyle Waggoner.

“All of a sudden in the ninth season of the show, we said why don’t we have Tim on every week?” Burnett told the Los Angeles Times in a 2010 interview with her and Conway, “He was already on about every other week. It was like ‘duh."  For his part, Tim responded, "This lady is responsible for my career."

The funnyman's ability to ad lib jokes and his comical facial expressions made the rest of the cast crack up on air, especially his colleague Harvey Korman.  Korman and Conway worked comedy magic together.  One of the most popular sketches from The Carol Burnett Show was the one in which Tim played a dentist who kept shooting himself with Novocain while Harvey was in the chair.

Tim and Harvey's dentist routine

Tim Conway received four Emmy Awards for his work as a writer and performer on The Carol Burnett Show.  He also won Emmys for his guest appearances in a 1996 episode of Coach entitled "The Gardener" and a 2008 episode of 30 Rock entitled "Subway Hero." In the Coach episode, he played  Coach Hayden Fox's (Craig T. Nelson) unconventional gardener, Kenny Montague.  He reprised his role as Montague in another Coach episode.

In more recent years, Tim has appeared in episodes of Mike & Molly (2013). Two and a Half Men (2014) and Glee (2014).  He has done some voice work too.  From 1999 until 2012, he voiced the character of Barnacle Boy in the SpongeBob SquarePants animated TV series.  He also provided the voice for Mulch in Dragons: Riders of Berk from 2012 to 2013.

Tim Conway has been married twice.  From 1961 until 1978, he was married to Mary Anne Dalton and they had six children together: a daughter, Kelly Ann Conway (born July, 1962) and five sons, Tim Conway, Jr. (born October 13, 1963), Patrick Conway (born December, 1964), Jaime "Jake" Conway (born September 1966), Corey Conway (born November 1968) and Seann Conway (born August 1970).  Tim and his second wife, Charlene Fusco, were wed on May 18, 1984.

Tim's eldest son, Tim Conway, Jr., is a radio host at  KFI AM  640 Los Angeles.  He has a nightly talk show on the popular news/talk station.  According to the blurb on Tim, Jr. on KFI AM's website, "Dad guests guests regularly on the younger Conway's radio program and recently told his son, Comedy is in your blood...too bad it's not on your show.'" Thoroughbred horse racing is also in their blood as both Tim Sr. and Tim Jr. are fans of the sport.  The elder Conway co-founded  Don MacBeth Memorial Jockey Fund to support injured and disabled jockeys.

Tim Conway Jr,


*  The very first guest host on The Carol Burnett Show was actor/singer Jim Nabors,  At the time, Jim, a close friend of Carol's, was starring in the hit comedy Gomer Pyle, USMC Carrol regarded him as her good luck charm and he was a guest on every season opener for the next ten years.  (Note: Burnett appeared in two episodes of  Gomer Pyle, USMC, "Corporal Carol" in 1967 and "Showtime with Sgt. Carol" in 1969).  

*  In addition to Carrie and Me (2013), Carol Burnett is the author of two other memoirs: One More Time (1986) and This Time Together: Laughter and Reflection (2010),  

*  During the 1965-1966 season of The Flintstones (its final season on network television), Harvey Korman provided the voice for The Great Gazoo, a tiny, helmeted, green alien.

* In 1981, Carol Burnett made headlines when she won a landmark legal case against the National Enquirer over a story implying that while in a drunken state, she had argued with then-Secretary of State Henry Kissinger at a Georgetown, Washington, D.C. restaurant.  The case was appealed and eventually settled out of court.

*  From 1996 until 1999, Carol had a recurring role as Theresa Stemple,  the mother of Helen Hunt's character's on the TV comedy Mad About You.  Carroll O'Connor, Archie Bunker himself, played Theresa's husband, Gus Stemple.

*  Carol was a long-time fan of the daytime soap All My Children, which ABC cancelled in 2011.  She made appearances on the show as Verla Grubbs in 1983, 1995 and 2011.

*  From February 1972 to August 1973, Lyle Waggoner hosted a game show called It's Your Bet.  The show aired in syndication, mainly on NBC stations.

*  Tim Conway has written an autobiography called What's So Funny: My Hilarious Life.  It was on the New York Times best seller list for ten weeks.  The book has a forward by Carol Burnett.

*  From 1999 to 2012, Tim Conway provided the voice for "Barnacle Boy" in 14 episodes of the SpongeBob Square Pants animated television series.

*  Joe Hamilton, Carol's second husband, died of cancer on June 9, 1991.

*  In 1973 Vicki Lawrence had a hit song with "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia" and was awarded a gold record.

- Joanne

EDITOR'S UPDATE (May, 14, 2019):  Tim Conway passed away in Los Angeles today, May 14, 2019.  He was 85 years old at the time of his death.  Talk show host and comedian Conan O'Brien tweeted the following: "When I was a kid watching "The Carol Burnett Show," no one made me laugh harder than Tim Conway.  What a sweet and effortlessly funny man."  Carol Burnett made the following statement shortly after Tim's passing: "I'm heartbroken.  He was one in a million, not only as a brilliant comedian but as a loving human being.  I cherish the times we had together both on the screen and off.  He'll be in my heart forever."

EDITOR'S UPDATE (March 18, 2020):  Lyle Waggoner died on March 17, 2020 at his home in Westlake Village, California.  He was 84 years old.