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Y&R Report (June 24, 2017); The Latest on The Young and the Restless

Hey Y&R fans, every second Saturday TV Banter discusses the latest happenings and provides commentary on your favourite daytime drama. Note to U.S. readers - SPOILER ALERT: Here in Canada, I watch the show on Global TV which is one episode ahead of CBS.  I will inevitably refer to incidents you haven't seen yet. Read at your own risk.  If you are the curious type, though, you may prefer to discover some things in advance.

Graham Bloodworth is really a man of mystery.  Who is he and what is he really after?  Fist, though, I have to comment on his last name.  Doesn't "Bloodworth" sound kind of creepy, like the name of a character in a horror movie or novel?  

We've learned a bit more about Mr. Bloodworth;s past, so the pieces of the puzzle are slowly coming together,  Ashley has discovered that Graham is a former actor who hasn't acted for two decades.  We also know that he has a strong hold on Dina Mergeron, but why?  It's no secret  that Madame Mergeron has always had a distinct taste for younger men.  There has been no, sign, however, that Graham and Dina have any kind of a romantic relationship.  They seem more like a mother and son and Dina has stated that she regards him as a member of the family.

Longtime Y&R viewers will remember Dina's love affair with a young Parisian artist named Eric Garrison back in the 1980s.  Garrison also became engaged to Dina's daughter, Ashley, although the pair never married.  Ashley gave him the boot when she found out.that he was two-timing her with her own mother. There has been online speculation that Graham is Eric's younger brother.  We will have to see if that turns out to be true.  Given head writer Sally's Sussman's penchant for focusing on the history of the show, it could be likely.

It appears that Graham is after Dina's fortune and that easily explains why he seems so devoted to her. However, it still doesn't provide a reason why Dina is so devoted to him and why Graham has become so important to her. One thing's for certain.  There's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for the suave former thespian. The one person who may stop him, though, is Jack Abbott.  

What can I say about Graham and Gloria's friendly little chat in the sauna?  Let's see now.  Oh, yes. Unless I'm missing something, I've always thought men and women have separate saunas.  I guess it 
doesn't work that way at the Genoa City Athletic Club or maybe the Y&R writers couldn't resist creating that scene?  I vote for the latter explanation.

Victor Newman has been overtaken by the Green-Eyed Monster.  He is really jealous of Nikki's relationship with Jack Abbott.  Nikki and Jack have been very cosy lately and Mrs. Newman has been confiding in her husband's arch-enemy a great deal.

I just can't muster up much sympathy for Sugar Cane Ashby.  The Aussie is the author of his own misfortune with his extremely bad judgement.  He put himself in a vulnerable position when he got very drunk with Juliet in Tokyo.  Juliet took advantage of the situation because she is an opportunist, but Cane is going to pay the price.  He also compounded his problems by harming Brash & Sassy in an attempt to get revenge on Billy.  It will all backfire on him.  Cane is going down big time and it won't be pretty.

Zack is bad news and Abby seems to be falling for him.  His dating app may be a cover for an escort service/prostitution ring.  Tessa may have worked for him in the past and that's why his appearance in Genoa City has upset her so much.  He reminds her of a life she is trying to leave behind.  My theory is that Abby will became endangered by her association with Zack and that Sott Grainger, the intrepid journalist, will uncover the truth and save her.  I think that Scott and Abby will eventually fall in love.


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Here are some comments from regular viewer CC in Etobicoke:

My interest in Y&R has been restored by yesterday's and today's episodes.  All the storylines are coming to a head and the writing and acting have been really good for a change.  I don't find Scott very credible when it comes to his feelings about Sharon.  I wouldn't be surprised to find out he is up to something . . . just as are Tessa and Zack, Dina and Graham and Victor, Chloe, Kevin and Dr. Harris.  It wil be interesting to see how they write Chloe and Kevin out  of the show.  Cane is up the creek without a paddle. Lily is very vulnerable and Hilary and Juliet will be getting into it now that Hilary is backing out on Juliet.

Do you think Ashley and Graham will fall for each other?  That will add fuel to the mother/daughter fire.

Well CC, I have to say that I have enjoyed The Young and the Restless far more since Sally Sussman took over head writing duties.  To me, the writing is much better and I am pleased that the stories are more focused on relationships.

As for Scott Grainger and Sharon, I can't see that relationship lasting.  Sharon is quite enamoured of Scott, but I think he will eventually end up with Abby.  Even Sharon noticed a spark between them, although she did not admit to being jealous.

Yes, CC, Cane is really headed for a fall, to use another metaphor.

It will be interesting to see how Chloe and Kevin exit the show.  Greg Rikaart, who plays Kevin, is apparently leaving in August, so I assume that the fugitive couple will be leaving Genoa City together, unless Chloe actually dies in some kind of shootout with the police.  Otherwise, I wouldn't be surprised if they return with Bella in the future.

Yes, CC, I think there is a possibility that Ashley and Graham will fall for each other, but not unless Ashley is less suspicious of him.  Although he denies it, of course, Graham appears to be a gold digger.  He persuaded Dina to sign a new will, most likely leaving the bulk of her estate to him.  I wonder how Dina would allow herself to be manipulated by a con artist.  She is a very astute businesswoman, too smart to be tricked into leaving all her money to Graham, no matter how loyal he seems to her.. There has to be much more to this story.

One would think that her daughter Ashley is also too shrewd to be fooled by a con artist.  So far, however, Graham has been able to fool everyone, except Jack, with his charm.  He says all the right things and he sounds so sincere.  He must have been a good actor.  Ashley, however, feels that the most important thing is that he makes Dina happy,  Jack doesn't buy that rationale and is determined to stop Graham.

Did you notice that Dina was noticeably upset when she walked in on Ashley and Graham touching hands? Was she jealous or is there some other reason she doesn't want those two to get any closer? Could the reason be that if Graham is Dina's son, he is Ashley's half-brother.

From Jessica in Orleans. Ontario:

I knew all along that Chloe hadn't died but her coming out of the coffin was quite a stretch.  As to Victor knowing where Adam would be hiding, I am not quite sure.  I always figured that Kevin would find Chloe and they would live in hiding with Bella and that would be their exit from the soap (with a possible return at a later date).

The writers have had quite a vivid imagination lately.  Still can't get around the fact Charlie and Mattie are all grown up, while Cane and Lily look like their older brother and sister instead of their parents.

Yes, Chloe coming out of the coffin was off-the-wall and actually quite comical.

I also agree with you that Cane and Lily look too young to be the parents of teens, but the twins were aged for storyline purposes.  The writers wanted to weave them into Reed's storyline.  Also, since they are older, they will be more devastated by Cane's fall from grace.


Eileen Davidson returning to Days of Our Lives but will also remain with Y&R

Eileen Davidson is returning to Days of Our Lives.  However, Y&R fans needn't worry that she is leaving the role of Ashley Abbott.  Eileen is planning on doing double duty and will appear on both soaps.  Thank goodness she's staying with Y&R.  Ashley is an absolutely vital character on the show.

Kate Linder's husband dies

Sad news to report.  Kate Linder (Esther Valentine) is mourning the death of her husband of 41 years, Ron Linder.  Ron, 77, died of natural causes on June 19, 2017.  The two were married on Valentine's Day in 1976 and Ron was an academic and author. He taught at San Francisco State University and met Kate just after she graduated from the university with a degree in Theatre Arts.

Kate wrote the following announcement on Twitter with regard to Ron's passing:  "It is with a heavy heart that I share with you that my dear husband Ron passed away Monday night.  To the world Ron was an author, educator & innovator, but to me he was the love of my live & will be forever missed.


Y&R renewed for three more years

Well fans, your favourite soap is not about to be cancelled anytime soon.  CBS Daytime has renewed The Young and the Restless for three more year., which means the show will officially air until 2020.  That's quite a vote of confidence for Y&R at a time when most soaps are fortunate to receive one-year renewals.


Daniel Goddaar (Cane Ashby)

Do you have any sympathy for Cane?

Yes. Juliet took advantage of him. He is guilty of bad judgement, not what Juliet has accused him of.
No, he caused his own downfall.
No, he is deceitful and is no better than his father, Colin
Some. He has done some bad things, but does not deserve to lose everything.
I don't know.
Please Specify:
quotes 2 know

Thats's all for now.  The next issue of Y&R Report will appear in this space on Saturday, July 8, 2017.  I'm looking forward to some summer fun on the show.  Nikki's concert should be very interesting, if she actually goes ahead with it.  Jill and her 

- Joanne 

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Update on Jimmy McNichol and daughter Kellee Maize

Singer/actor Jimmy McNichol recently appeared on the popular television comedy Decker:Unsealed, a spoof of action films on Adult Swim (A programming block of the U.S, cable network Cable Network that operates at night).  McNichol's daughter, Kellee Maize, a rapper and singer/songwriter, will make her first appearance on the show on June 25th.  Both farther and daughter are also releasing albums in the near future. Kellee's album will be released on the same day the show airs and is themed around her character on the show. 

Kellee Maize was born in Reading, Pennsylvania on January 18, 1980.  She was adopted as a baby by Chris and Terry Maize of New Berlin, a small town located in central Pennsylvania.  She graduated from Mifflinburg Area High School and later attended the University of Pittsburgh. During her time at the university, she began performing with live hip hop bands.  

Kellee found employment at the Pittsburgh City Paper, promoting events around the city..  In 2006, she started her own business, a Pittsburgh-based guerrilla marketing firm.  Maize went through some difficult times with her adopted motther's struggle with lung cancer and the sudden death of her addopted father.  She credits music with helping her deal with these problems.  

Although Kellee speaks highly of her adoptive parents, she felt a need to find her biological parents. In 2015, she was interviewed by Michelle Gifford of Beauty Revivied magazine.  She told Gifford that Chris and Terry Maize were "incredible."  She stated that she "would never have wanted anything else but to be raised by them."  "However, she added," there was definitely always a part of me that seemed to be missing."  She didn't know anyone else who was adopted and she felt "lonely and confused at times."

When Kellee was about 22, she joined an adoption support group for the first time in her life..Her birth mother, however, rejected her attempts at connecting and she eventually decided to seek out her birth father.  In 2012, she discovered that she is the daughter of 1970s teen idol Jimmy McNichol from a relationship he had when he was 18 years old  with a woman who was working at the front desk of the hotel where he was staying after a huge ABC event.

McNichol, now 55, is the younger brother of Family star Kristy McNichol.  According to a June 16, 2016 article in Pittsburgh Magazine by Cristina Rouvalis, Kellee phoned Jimmy in Colorado and the two agreed to take check swabs for a DNA test.  Ten days later, the results confirmed that McNichol was indeed her biological father.  He immediately sent of a text to his daughter reading, "Welcome to the family."   It turns out that Jimmy McNichol is also a grandfather since Kellee is married and the mother of a son. Kellee has met Kristy McNichol, who is her aunt.  She has also met Jimmy's wife, Renee, and their children.  

According to her webpage, Kellee Maize is inspired by metaphysical and new age teachings.  She is an environmental activist and women's rights advocate.  In 2007, she released her first album, Age of Feminism.  Since then, she has released five other albums.  Her sixth album, The Remixes, came out in 2015.

- Joanne

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Y&R Report (June 10, 2017): The Latest on The Young and the Restless

Hey Y&R fans, every second Saturday TV Banter discusses the latest happenings and provides commentary on your favourite daytime drama. Note to U.S. readers - SPOILER ALERT: Here in Canada, I watch the show on Global TV which is one episode ahead of CBS.  I will inevitably refer to incidents you haven't seen yet. Read at your own risk.  If you are the curious type, though, you may prefer to discover some things in advance.

She lives! Chloe lives! She isn't dead after all.  She rose out of her coffin like a vampire.  Her "death" was a set up and Victor (who else?) was behind it.  Faking Chloe's death was the Plan B,that "The Moustache" was referring to.  Victor's motive was simple.  If everyone believed Chloe to be dead, then questions about who helped her escape would be put to rest and Victor would be in the clear.   

I have to admit that I laughed when that coffin lid popped open.  I wasn't completely surprised, though.  Dr. Harris, the doctor whom Victor bribed to help Chloe escape, doesn't exactly seem trustworthy.  He's definitely not the most ethical medical practitioner.  Would you want him to treat you?   Leave it to Victor to find the dirtiest doctors around.

Sugar Cane Ashby is getting more and more tangled up in a web of his own deceit.  He's really become a villain, hasn't he?  He's going down fast, though..  It won't be long until his foul deeds and his lies are completely exposed.  It seems that he's spending all of his time covering up his half-truths and falsehoods.  No wonder he's so stressed.  He even yelled at Reed for having his guitar in the way.

Cane's has also started to make threats, He promised Hilary that she would regret causing trouble for him. Of course, that didn't stop Hilary at all.  That woman was born to be a Troublemaker with a capital "T.". The look on her face when she stirs up trouble is priceless. However, her shenanigans are not going to help her score any points with Jordan.  It seems likely that Jordan and Lily will eventually get together.  Lily will probably turn to him for support when she discovers the truth about Cain and the Brash & Sassy photographer will be happy to provide a shoulder for her to cry on.  As for Hilary, I don't think she's really gotten over Devon.  She is still jealous of Mariah and Devon's relationship. Devon hasn't gotten over Hilary either.  He knows what she's like, but he's still hooked on her.

Well fans, what is really going on with Dina and the mysterious Graham?  He definitely has a hold on her and something is certainly not right.  Here are a couple of theories that I've read online:

* Graham is really Dina's son, a son she had before she met John Abbott.  Perhaps he was raised by his father and his father's family.

* Dina is in the early stages of Alzheimer's Disease. That's why she sold her company and is trying to make amends with her family.  Graham, as her caregiver, wants her to return Paris before she gets worse.  At the Abbott dinner, Dina repeated repeated herself.  Ashley and Traci both noticed a change in her.

We shall see if either (or possibly both) of these theories turns out to be correct.  It is more likely that Dina has dementia or some other medical condition.  After all, Graham mentioned contacting her doctor.  However, another thought crossed my mind.  What if Graham is having Dina medicated so that she will display symptoms of dementia?   

One thing is for certain.  Dina really wishes to remain in Genoa City.  It appears that she sincerely wants to reconnect with her family. That's why she decided not to go back to Paris yet. Surprisingly, Graham gave in and stopped pushing her to stay.  Dina's words about returning to Paris were very interesting.  She told Graham that going back was "the right thing but it feels so wrong."  

Why did Graham surrender so easily?  Could it be that he wanted Dina to stay all along so that her family would believe she's ill?  Victor Newman certainly does't trust Dina's "companion.".  After meeting Graham briefly, he surmised that he is after Dina's money.  He warned Ashley that she'd better watch her mother's bank accounts because "given half a chance, that man will drain them dry."

Besides Graham and Dina, another person of mystery on Y&R is Tessa.  I've been trying to figure out what's going on with her.  Is she taking advantage of Nikki?  Sharon seems to think so.  She's not pleased about her son Noah's interest in the singer/guitarist.  In fact, she told Scott that "Nikki is Tessa's meal ticket and she's using Noah to keep the graving train rolling."  Maybe Sharon is being overprotective of Noah, but she has reason to be concerned.  Tessa has too many secrets.  For example, she's hiding something regarding that ex-boyfriend of hers.  She's also very mercurial, always changing her mind.  Poor Noah!  He just can't seem to pick the right women. However, he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer either.  Hasn't he learned anything from his experience with Marisa?  He should end his involvement with Tessa until she comes clean.  He won't, though.


Michael Muhney

Okay, here is some news for fans of Michael Muhney, ex-Adam Newman.  There has long been speculation that Michael Muhney will return as Adam, although head writer Sally Sussman has not been in any big hurry to revive the character.  However, Eric Braeden, who plays Adam's father, the Great and Powerful Victor Newman, has implied that Adam will be written back into the show and that Muhney will be playing him again.  

According to the website Mstars News, Braeden responded to a Twitter exchange between Muhney and a fan.  He asked for the fan's patience with regard to the prospect of him and Muhney performing together again as father and son.  

Another point to consider is that Hunter King (Summer Newman) is not around right now.  Her issues with Micheal Muhney, you'll recall, led to his firing.  Michael would be much more amenable to coming back to the show with Hunter absent.  However, the actor's return would not sit well with those who are uneasy about his alleged conduct on the set.  

A note of caution here, though, Muhney fans.  Don't uncork the chamagne bottle yet.  There is no official word of Micheal's return to the fold and this could simply be a tease on Eric Braeden's part. Yet, the possibility is intriguing to many.



Lauren isn't too thrilled that her son is dating Sharon.  She was very critical of Sharon's checkered past and her multiple marriages. (Although Lauren has been married to Michael Baldwin for a long time, she does have two previous marriages - Paul Williams and Scott Grainger, Sr. -and several flings and affairs under her belt).  Having said that, does Lauren have a point or is she being too judgmental?  Would you want your son to be in a relationship with Sharon?  Do you think Scott and Sharon make a good couple?  Tell me what you think by responding to the poll below.

Do you think Scott and Sharon make a good couple?

Yes, they get along well and Sharon is really trying to improve her life.
No, Sharon is nothing but bad news. She'll eventually hurt Scott.
No, Scott is too young for her. He's better off with someone like Abby.
No, Sharon is better off with Nick Newman.
Maybe, but they have a lot of obstacles to overcome.
Please Specify:
quotes 2 know

If you have any comments on Y&R, please email them to me with "Viewer Forum" in the subject line. I will be happy to publish your comments and reply to them  You do not have to use your real name.  

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That's all for now.  Don't forget that the next edition of Y&R Report  will appear in this space on Saturday, June 24, 2017.  The May sweeps are over but there should be some summer fun on The Young and the Restless.

- Joanne

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Roseanne Returns to Telvision: A Quiz to Mark the Event


Roseanne is set to return to television, almost two decades since it first appeared on ABC-TV.  The series, starring Roseanne Barr and John Goodman, ran from 1988 until 1997 and it focused on the working-class Conner family,  It was recently announced that most of the cast will reunite for a short, eight-episode reboot in 2018.  To put you in the right frame of mind for the revival of Rosanne, TV Banter presents a quiz on the show.  Why not test your knowledge about this popular sitcom.  Are you ready?

Roseanne Quiz

1.  Where does the Conner family live?

Conner home

A.  Queens, New York

B.  Lanford, Illinois

C.  Lansing Michigan

D.  Springfield, Illinois

E.  Columbus, Ohio

2.  What was Roseanne Conner's maiden name?

A.  Howard

B.  Healy

C.  Harrison

D.  Hyland

E.  Harris

3.  What was Dan Conner's occupation?

John Goodman as Dan Conner

A.  Dan was a plumber.

B.  Dan worked in a car factory.

C.  Dan was a drywall contractor.

D.  Dan was a construction worker.

E.  Dan was a house painter.

4.  What was the name of the restaurant owned by Roseanne, her mother Bev, her younger sister Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) and others?

A.  The Lanford Lunch Box

B.  Roseanne's Diner

C.  The Lanford Diner

D.  Roseanne's Place

E.  The Lanford Eatery

5,  What is the name of Dan's closest friend from high school?

A.  Ralph

B.  Dwayne

C.  Moe

D.  Denny

E.  Ziggy

6.  What Oscar-winning Hollywood actress appeared on the show as Nana Mary, mother of Beverly Harris (Estelle Parsons) and grandmother to Roseanne Connor and her sister, Jackie Harris (Laurie Metcalf)?

A.  Shirley MacLaine

B.  Sally Field

C.  Donna Reed

D.  Shelley Winters

E.  Shirley Jones

7.  Who played the original Becky?

The original Becky Conner
A.  Eve Plumb

B.  Tracey Gold

C.  Lecy Goranson

D.  Sara Rue

E.  Jenny Lewis

8.  Sharon Stone had a role on an episode of Roseanne.  What role did she play?

A.  Mark and Becky's trailer park neighbour

B.  Roseanne's psychiatrist

C.  Dan's old girlfriend

D.  Roseanne's cousin

E.  Darlene's music teacher

9.  An old comedy series was spoofed on an episode of Roseanne and some of the surviving members of the cast made cameo appearances.  What was the name of the old comedy series?

A.  Leave it to Beaver

B.  Gilligan's Island

C.  The Brady Bunch

D.  Father Knows Best

E.  The Partridge Family

10.  Becky and Mark eloped.  Where did they move after they got married?

A.  California

B.  Hawaii

C.  Texas

D.  Wisconsin

E.  Minnesota

11.  Actor Steven Seagal appeared in a 1996 episode of Rosanne.  Whom did Seagal portray in the episode?

A.  An action movie stuntman

B.  A mechanic

C.  Becky's father-in-law

D.  Himself

E.  Roseanne's boss

12.  Daughter Darlene and David Healy decide to get married in the season finale.  The couple had a history of breaking up and making up.  Over the course of the show, how many times did Darlene and David break up throughout the course of the show.

A.  four times

B.  five times

C.  three times

D.  twice

E.  five times

13.  How was David Healy, played by Johnny Galecki, related to Mark Healy.

Johnny Galecki as David Healy

A.  They were first cousins.

B.  David was Mark's older brother.

C.  David was Mark's stepbrother and they were the same age.

D.  David was his Mark's younger brother.

E.  They were distant cousins.

14.  Roseanne is known for its Halloween episodes.  What was the title of the show's first Halloween episode, shown during Season 2

A.  "Ghosts and Goblins"

B.  "Scary Roseanne"

C.  "Night of the Living Conners"

D.  "A Conner Halloween"

E.  "Boo!"

15.  Which Hollywood actor appeared in the 1991 Halloween episode of Roseanne?

A.  George Clooney

B.  Brad Pitt

C.  Bradley Cooper

D.  Steve Carell

E.  Jim Carrey

16.  For several years, Roseanne worked in the luncheonette at a department store in the Lanford Mall.   What was the name of the department store? (This is your bonus question.  If you answer it correctly, give yourself an extra point.

A.  Bellrod's

B.  Rodbell's

C.  Rodney's

D.  Rodman's

E.  Bellman's

17.   Roseanne and Dan's son, D.J. Conner, was played by Michael Fishman.  What do the initials D.J. stand for?

A.  Daniel John

B.  Donald James

C.  David Jacob

D.  Daniel Joseph

E.  Darryl James

18.  Did John Goodman appear in every episode of Roseanne?

A.  Yes, he appeared in every episode.

B.  No, His missed one episode during Season 5.

C.  No, John Goodman missed three episodes during the show's final season.

D.  No, John Goodman was absent for 12 episodes during Season 9.

E.  No, he missed four episodes during Season 4.

19.  What was the title of the two-part 9th season series finale of Rosanne?

A.  "That's All Folks . . ."

B.  "Life is but a Dream"

C.  "Tomorrow is Another Day

D.  "Endings"

E. "Into That Good Night"

20.  What was Rosanne's sister Jackie's real name?

Laurie Metcalf (Jackie Harris)
A.  Jackie

B.  Majorie

C.  Jacqueline

D.  Regina

E.  Eugenie

21.  Jackie had a son, Andy, by ex-husband Fred Oakland.  Who played Fred?

A.  Michael O'Rourke

B.  James O'Keefe

C.  Michael O'Keefe

D.  James O'Rourke

E.  Tom O'Rourke

22.  The original title of the series was not Rosanne.  What was it?

A.  Life and Stuff

B.  The Conners

C.  Rosanne;s Family

D.  Life with Roseanne

E.   Roseanne & Company


1.  B

The Conner family resides in the fictional town of Lanford, Illinois.  The house used in the sitcom is actually located in Evansville, Indiana.

2.  E

Roseanne's maiden name was Harris.  When the show premiered, she worked in a plastics factory.

3.  C

Dan Conner was a drywall contractor.

4.  A

The Lanford Lunch Box was a loose meat sandwich place owned by Roseanne and several family members.  It was seen in various episodes throughout Seasons 5 to 8, beginning in 1992.

5.  E

Jay O. Sanders as Ziggy

Dan's best friend from high school was Ziggy.  Ziggy was a motorcycle rider and
first appeared in an episode entitled "Born to be Wild" (Season 2, Episode 16, Air Date: January 30, 1990).   He only appeared in one other episode,"The Pied Piper of Lanford" (Season 3, Episode 25, Air Date: May 14, 1991)  He helped Dan open a bike shop, Lanford Custom Cycle, and then disappeared.  Ziggy was played by Jay O. Sanders.  (At the beginning of Season 5. in September of 1992, Dan was forced to close his motorcycle shop.  The business was failing and he needed money in order to pay the mortgage on the Conner home.)

6.  D

Shelley Winters (right) with Roseanne Barr, in an episode of Roseanne

Academy Award winner Shelley Winters, who passed away in 2006, played the role of Nana Mary on Roseanne in 10 episodes from 1991 to 1996.  Although Shelley was only seven years older than Estelle Parsons, they played mother and daughter.

7.  C

Becky, oldest daughter of Rosanne and Dan Conner, was originally played by Lecy Goranson. Goranson played the role of Becky for five seasons.from 1988 until 1992.  In 1993, Sarah Chaleke took over the role.  

8.  A

Sharon Stone as trailer woman on Rosanne

Sharon Stone portrayed Becky and husband Mark's trailer park neighbour.  She appeared in an episode entitled "Happy Trailers" (Season 7, Episode 22, Air Date: March 29, 1995). In her memorable cameo role, Stone welcomes Roseanne and Dan to  the trailer park.  She wears a bad wig, a pink bathrobe and speaks with a bad southern accent.

9.  B

Bob Denver (far right) and Russell Johnson (far left) on Roseanne.

In May of 1995, the four surviving members of the cast of Gilligan's Island - Bob Denver (Gilligan), Russell Johnson (The Professor), Tina Louise (Ginger), Dawn Wells (Mary Ann) - as well its creator and producer, Sherwood Schwartz, appeared in an episode of Roseanne entitled "Sherwood Schwartz - A Loving Tribute" (Season 7, Episode 25, Air Date (May 24, 1995).  In the episodes, Dan starts working on building his boat again and Roseanne envisions her family as the newly shipwrecked castaways of Gilligan's Island. Tina Louise plays Rosanne with Dawn Wells as daughter Becky, Russell Johnson  as Becky's husband, Mark Healy and Bob Denver as Roseanne's sister, Jackie.

10.  E.

In season five, Becky and Mark eloped and moved to Minnesota.  Mark (Glenn Quinn), who worked in Dan's motorcycle shop. became unemployed when the shop closed closed down.

11.  D

Steven Seagal in Roseanne episode

Steven Seagal portrayed himself in an episode of Roseanne entitled "Roseambo" (Season 9, Episode (Air Date: November 19, 1996).  In the episode, Rosanne faces a group of terrorists who hold her family and a foreign diplomat hostage on a train to Washington, D.C.  In a dream sequence, Seagal makes a cameo appearance as Roseanne's Hokkaido "master."

12.  C

David and Darlene broke up three times during the course of the series.

13.  D

David Healy was Mark's younger brother on Rosanne.  Johnny Galecki, who played David, went on to portray Dr. Leonard Hofstadter in the hit CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory..  Galecki has played Hofstadter since 2007.

14.  E

The first Roseanne Halloween episode aired in 1989 and is entitled "Boo.!" (Season 2, Episode 7, Air Date: (October 31, 1989).  In the episode, Dan and Roseanne construct a haunted house while simultaneously trying to pull pranks on each other.  Roseanne does her best to scare Dan while he is awaiting news about an important business deal.

The "Boo!" Halloween episode was nominated for an Emmy Award.

15.  A

George Clooney on Roseanne

George Clooney appeared in a Roseanne Halloween episode entitled "Trick Me Up, Trick Me Down" (Season 4, Episode 6, Air Date: October 29, 1991).  Before Clooney's rise to fame as a star of the hit medical drama ER., he played the role of Booker Brooks in 11 episodes of Roseanne from 1988 until 1991.  Brooks was Roseanne's boss at the factory where she worked.

"Trick Me Up, Trick Me Down," marked George Clooney's final appearance in the series. In this special Halloween episode, Roseanne becomes convinced that a neighbour is planning a Halloween prank and her sister, Jackie, flirts with an unknown man in a moose costume.

16.  B.

For several years, Rosanne worked as a waitress in the luncheonette at Rodbell's department store in the Lanford Mall.

17.  C

D.J. stands for David Jacob.

18.  D

No.  John Goodman was absent for a dozen episodes during Season 9.  The only actor to appear in every episode was Rosanne Barr.

19.  E

The final two-part episode of Rosanne was entitled "Into That Good Night,"  It was aired on May 20, 1997 and was the 221st episode of the series.

20.  B

The name on Jackie's birth certificate was Marjorie.  Trivia Note: For her portrayal of Roseanne's sister, Laurie Metcalf earned three consecutive Emmy Awards (1992-1994) in the category of Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

21.  C

Michael O'Keefe played Fred Oakland, a mechanic who worked with Dan Conner.  Fred married Jackie, but they eventually divorced.  Their son, Andy, was born in a 1994 episode entitled "Labor Day" (Season 6, Episode 19, Air Date: March 8, 1994).

22.  A

The original title of Rosanne was Life and Stuff.


* Johnny Galecki is not the only Roseanne cast member to have a role of The Big Bang Theory. Saara Gilbert, who played Darlene, has a recurring role as Leslie Winkle and Laurie Metcalf (Jackie) plays Sheldon Cooper's mother, Mary Cooper.    

* The final two-part episode of the show is strange and controversial.  Darlene brings home her prematurely-born daughter, Harris Conner-Healy.  The family celebrates winning the Illinois State Lottery with a pizza dinner.  During dinner, Rosanne reflects on each member of her family and reveals that she is writing a book and that everything that has happened is an altered version of events.  She admits that she has changed whatever she didn't like about her life and family.  The truth is that the Conners didn't really win the lottery and that Dan actually died from the heart attack he suffered at Darlene's wedding in Season 8.  Nevertheless, sources at ABC have confirmed that John Goodman will return as Dan in the 8-episode reboot of the series next year.  The network will find a way to undo Dan's series-ending death. After all, the return of the blue-collar family would not be the same without him.

* Lecy Goranson, the first Becky, will reprise her role in the 2018 revival of Rosanne.  Sara Chalke, who took over the role when Goranson left, will appear in another role.

- Joanne