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Y&R Report (June 24, 2017); The Latest on The Young and the Restless

Hey Y&R fans, every second Saturday TV Banter discusses the latest happenings and provides commentary on your favourite daytime drama. Note to U.S. readers - SPOILER ALERT: Here in Canada, I watch the show on Global TV which is one episode ahead of CBS.  I will inevitably refer to incidents you haven't seen yet. Read at your own risk.  If you are the curious type, though, you may prefer to discover some things in advance.

Graham Bloodworth is really a man of mystery.  Who is he and what is he really after?  Fist, though, I have to comment on his last name.  Doesn't "Bloodworth" sound kind of creepy, like the name of a character in a horror movie or novel?  

We've learned a bit more about Mr. Bloodworth;s past, so the pieces of the puzzle are slowly coming together,  Ashley has discovered that Graham is a former actor who hasn't acted for two decades.  We also know that he has a strong hold on Dina Mergeron, but why?  It's no secret  that Madame Mergeron has always had a distinct taste for younger men.  There has been no, sign, however, that Graham and Dina have any kind of a romantic relationship.  They seem more like a mother and son and Dina has stated that she regards him as a member of the family.

Longtime Y&R viewers will remember Dina's love affair with a young Parisian artist named Eric Garrison back in the 1980s.  Garrison also became engaged to Dina's daughter, Ashley, although the pair never married.  Ashley gave him the boot when she found out.that he was two-timing her with her own mother. There has been online speculation that Graham is Eric's younger brother.  We will have to see if that turns out to be true.  Given head writer Sally's Sussman's penchant for focusing on the history of the show, it could be likely.

It appears that Graham is after Dina's fortune and that easily explains why he seems so devoted to her. However, it still doesn't provide a reason why Dina is so devoted to him and why Graham has become so important to her. One thing's for certain.  There's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for the suave former thespian. The one person who may stop him, though, is Jack Abbott.  

What can I say about Graham and Gloria's friendly little chat in the sauna?  Let's see now.  Oh, yes. Unless I'm missing something, I've always thought men and women have separate saunas.  I guess it 
doesn't work that way at the Genoa City Athletic Club or maybe the Y&R writers couldn't resist creating that scene?  I vote for the latter explanation.

Victor Newman has been overtaken by the Green-Eyed Monster.  He is really jealous of Nikki's relationship with Jack Abbott.  Nikki and Jack have been very cosy lately and Mrs. Newman has been confiding in her husband's arch-enemy a great deal.

I just can't muster up much sympathy for Sugar Cane Ashby.  The Aussie is the author of his own misfortune with his extremely bad judgement.  He put himself in a vulnerable position when he got very drunk with Juliet in Tokyo.  Juliet took advantage of the situation because she is an opportunist, but Cane is going to pay the price.  He also compounded his problems by harming Brash & Sassy in an attempt to get revenge on Billy.  It will all backfire on him.  Cane is going down big time and it won't be pretty.

Zack is bad news and Abby seems to be falling for him.  His dating app may be a cover for an escort service/prostitution ring.  Tessa may have worked for him in the past and that's why his appearance in Genoa City has upset her so much.  He reminds her of a life she is trying to leave behind.  My theory is that Abby will became endangered by her association with Zack and that Sott Grainger, the intrepid journalist, will uncover the truth and save her.  I think that Scott and Abby will eventually fall in love.


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Here are some comments from regular viewer CC in Etobicoke:

My interest in Y&R has been restored by yesterday's and today's episodes.  All the storylines are coming to a head and the writing and acting have been really good for a change.  I don't find Scott very credible when it comes to his feelings about Sharon.  I wouldn't be surprised to find out he is up to something . . . just as are Tessa and Zack, Dina and Graham and Victor, Chloe, Kevin and Dr. Harris.  It wil be interesting to see how they write Chloe and Kevin out  of the show.  Cane is up the creek without a paddle. Lily is very vulnerable and Hilary and Juliet will be getting into it now that Hilary is backing out on Juliet.

Do you think Ashley and Graham will fall for each other?  That will add fuel to the mother/daughter fire.

Well CC, I have to say that I have enjoyed The Young and the Restless far more since Sally Sussman took over head writing duties.  To me, the writing is much better and I am pleased that the stories are more focused on relationships.

As for Scott Grainger and Sharon, I can't see that relationship lasting.  Sharon is quite enamoured of Scott, but I think he will eventually end up with Abby.  Even Sharon noticed a spark between them, although she did not admit to being jealous.

Yes, CC, Cane is really headed for a fall, to use another metaphor.

It will be interesting to see how Chloe and Kevin exit the show.  Greg Rikaart, who plays Kevin, is apparently leaving in August, so I assume that the fugitive couple will be leaving Genoa City together, unless Chloe actually dies in some kind of shootout with the police.  Otherwise, I wouldn't be surprised if they return with Bella in the future.

Yes, CC, I think there is a possibility that Ashley and Graham will fall for each other, but not unless Ashley is less suspicious of him.  Although he denies it, of course, Graham appears to be a gold digger.  He persuaded Dina to sign a new will, most likely leaving the bulk of her estate to him.  I wonder how Dina would allow herself to be manipulated by a con artist.  She is a very astute businesswoman, too smart to be tricked into leaving all her money to Graham, no matter how loyal he seems to her.. There has to be much more to this story.

One would think that her daughter Ashley is also too shrewd to be fooled by a con artist.  So far, however, Graham has been able to fool everyone, except Jack, with his charm.  He says all the right things and he sounds so sincere.  He must have been a good actor.  Ashley, however, feels that the most important thing is that he makes Dina happy,  Jack doesn't buy that rationale and is determined to stop Graham.

Did you notice that Dina was noticeably upset when she walked in on Ashley and Graham touching hands? Was she jealous or is there some other reason she doesn't want those two to get any closer? Could the reason be that if Graham is Dina's son, he is Ashley's half-brother.

From Jessica in Orleans. Ontario:

I knew all along that Chloe hadn't died but her coming out of the coffin was quite a stretch.  As to Victor knowing where Adam would be hiding, I am not quite sure.  I always figured that Kevin would find Chloe and they would live in hiding with Bella and that would be their exit from the soap (with a possible return at a later date).

The writers have had quite a vivid imagination lately.  Still can't get around the fact Charlie and Mattie are all grown up, while Cane and Lily look like their older brother and sister instead of their parents.

Yes, Chloe coming out of the coffin was off-the-wall and actually quite comical.

I also agree with you that Cane and Lily look too young to be the parents of teens, but the twins were aged for storyline purposes.  The writers wanted to weave them into Reed's storyline.  Also, since they are older, they will be more devastated by Cane's fall from grace.


Eileen Davidson returning to Days of Our Lives but will also remain with Y&R

Eileen Davidson is returning to Days of Our Lives.  However, Y&R fans needn't worry that she is leaving the role of Ashley Abbott.  Eileen is planning on doing double duty and will appear on both soaps.  Thank goodness she's staying with Y&R.  Ashley is an absolutely vital character on the show.

Kate Linder's husband dies

Sad news to report.  Kate Linder (Esther Valentine) is mourning the death of her husband of 41 years, Ron Linder.  Ron, 77, died of natural causes on June 19, 2017.  The two were married on Valentine's Day in 1976 and Ron was an academic and author. He taught at San Francisco State University and met Kate just after she graduated from the university with a degree in Theatre Arts.

Kate wrote the following announcement on Twitter with regard to Ron's passing:  "It is with a heavy heart that I share with you that my dear husband Ron passed away Monday night.  To the world Ron was an author, educator & innovator, but to me he was the love of my live & will be forever missed.


Y&R renewed for three more years

Well fans, your favourite soap is not about to be cancelled anytime soon.  CBS Daytime has renewed The Young and the Restless for three more year., which means the show will officially air until 2020.  That's quite a vote of confidence for Y&R at a time when most soaps are fortunate to receive one-year renewals.


Daniel Goddaar (Cane Ashby)

Do you have any sympathy for Cane?

Yes. Juliet took advantage of him. He is guilty of bad judgement, not what Juliet has accused him of.
No, he caused his own downfall.
No, he is deceitful and is no better than his father, Colin
Some. He has done some bad things, but does not deserve to lose everything.
I don't know.
Please Specify:
quotes 2 know

Thats's all for now.  The next issue of Y&R Report will appear in this space on Saturday, July 8, 2017.  I'm looking forward to some summer fun on the show.  Nikki's concert should be very interesting, if she actually goes ahead with it.  Jill and her 

- Joanne 

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