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Y&R Report (September 13, 2014): The Latest on The Young and the Restless

Hey Y&R fans, every second Saturday TV Banter discusses the latest happenings and provides commentary on your favourite daytime drama. Note to U.S. readers - SPOILER ALERT: Here in Canada, I watch the show on Global TV which is one episode ahead of CBS.  I will inevitably refer to incidents you haven't seen yet. Read at your own risk.  If you are the curious type, though, you may prefer to discover some things in advance.

Well fans, Y&R, has given me a nice, hearty laugh this week.  Genoa City Police Chief Paul Williams, former private detective, has been awarded a "distinguished citizen's award."  Please stop me!  I'm rolling in the aisles.  Is this to be taken seriously or is it tongue and cheek on the writers' part?  As regular readers of Y&R Report know, I call Paul "Clueless" for good reason.  Incompetence, Paul Williams is thy name!

So Billy Miller (ex-Billy Abbott) has joined the cast of General Hospital.  General Hospital has scooped up another one of Y&R's best actors.  It's obviously GH's gain and Y&R's loss.  On General Hospital, Miller will be playing the role of the presumed dead Jason Morgan.  Ironically, Jason Morgan was last portrayed by none other than Steve Burton, now Dylan McAvoy on Y&R.

Billy Miller is one of my favourites and I'd much rather have him be a resident of Geona City than of Port Charles.  Every time I watch a scene with Burgess Jenkins as Billy Boy Abbott, I imagine how much better Billy Miller would have done the same scene.  I also believe that Y&R could have signed him to another contract if they had really wanted to.  They were fools to let him get away!

It was great to see Eileen Davidson's return as Ashley Abbott.  When she entered the room, she brought so much energy to the scene.  She really is attracted to Dr. Stitch.  Now that he's an employee of Jabot, it's pretty obvious that they will become involved - if Eileen Davidson stays around long enough.  It was hello and goodbye once more.  No sooner did she appear in Genoa City than she took off for New York again. I assume the reason is that she has joined The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and has to film that show. 

Eileen will be back, though. In June, she signed a two-year contract with The Young and the Restless with a proviso that she could continue appearing on Days of Our Lives in the future and that she could take some time off if her workload became too heavy.

Ian Ward (Ray Wise) has disappeared and Clueless Paul is hot on his trail.  He phoned the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to find out if the slippery criminal had crossed the border. I hope we haven't seen the last of Ian. (Ray Wise). I  really consider Ray to be a good actor and I doubt Ian Ward is dead.  I don't think Dylan or anyone else killed the sneaky cult leader. Clueless Paul is probably going to end up arresting his own son, though.  It's obvious that Victor's investigators do much better detective work than the Genoa City police.  Speaking of the GCPD, what do you think of Detective Harding? I'm really not impressed with him and I find him to be a very unlikeable character.  He seems quite arrogant and ill-mannered. He also bullies Kevin. Alex Chavez was much better and I hope he returns someday.

Have you noticed that Lily's attitude toward Hilary has been softening lately?  She has been defending her nemesis, even thanking her for supporting Neil after his accident.  There's a reason for this. When Lily discovers that Hilary was planning to dump Neil and run off with Devon, she's is going to be quite angry. Her extreme wrath will be directed at her stepmother, whom she will blame for almost everything (Don't forget that Hilary is Lily's stepmother)  Lily will also be upset with hubby Sugar Cane because he knew about Hilary and Devon and failed to confide in her about it.

Sharon and Nicholas are engaged again.  I really like the two of them together and Sharon has never been so likeable since she got back together with Nick.  Alas, on a soap such as Y&R, they will not be allowed to be happy for long.  Phyllis is coming our of her coma and will be determined to get revenge on Sharon.  There is bound to be plenty of drama at the wedding, which will probably be interrupted.  Sharon's secret is hanging over the couple like a dark cloud, and it's doubtful that Nick will forgive her for her transgressions.

Nick presented Sharon with the original engagement that he had given her when they got married the first time - with some upgrades and enhancements, of course. When Sharon asked him where he had found the ring, he told her he had found it in her underwear drawer.  Now I ask you, how many people leave a valuable engagement ring in their underwear drawer and forget where they put it?

It looks as if Kevin is going to hook up with Mariah. On the other hand, perhaps Bad Girl Mariah will pursue Summer's husband, Austin, now that he's working at The Underground and there's no love lost between her and Super Girl.  Summer's jealous that Mariah will become closer to Daddy Nick than she is.

Not that I'm any great fan of Kevin, but I think I'd prefer him to Austin.  Austin is one of my least favourite characters on the show.  I find him very wooden and uninteresting.


Our reality checker, Patsy from Sarasota, Florida, wrote:

Phyllis has been hospitalized in a coma for over one year and Nurse Hathaway had kept her massive engagement ring in her uniform pocket for SAFEKEEPING. Are you kidding me!! No nurse or medical staff would keep any personal item least of all that huge rock.

You are absolutely right, Patsy!  It was so ridiculous seeing Phyllis lying in a hospital bed with a big rock on her finger.  Only on a soap . . .

Here's a comment from Fifi from Collingwood, Ontario  Fifi, by the way, predicted that Meredith Baxter's character, Maureen, would turn out to be Stitch and Kelly's mother.

The wealthy residents of Genoa City should start checking who's behind their door before they answer it.
Case in Point:  Nikki just flings open the door whenever it rings even though Ian Ward has been standing behind it on a few occasions.

Yes, isn't the Newman ranch supposed to be surrounded by security guards?  Victor always claims that his first priority is protecting his family.  It seems he's more interested in getting Phyllis to come out of her coma so that he can break up Nick and Sharon.

Helen from Scarborough called Neil Winters the king of  jazz. She really loves how Neil gets into that jazz music.  Helen also remarked on Malcolm's visit.  She didn't think it was much of a visit. She said he just arrived with a duffel bag, upset Neil, stayed a few days and took off again.

Well, Helen, to be fair to Malcolm, he did try to make amends with his family.  After all, Neil did have an affair and a child with Malcolm's then-wife, Sophia.  It was interesting to see Shemar Moore in the role of Malcolm again, even for two episodes and just to tie up lose ends.  I enjoyed the flashbacks of the brothers from years ago, especially when Neil was a fresh-faced Stanford University MBA graduate and Malcolm wore braids (cornrows) and a bandanna.


Longtime viewers of The Young and the Restless will remember Tom Hallick, who last appeared on the show in 1978.  Tom was a regular member of the cast when Y&R started back in 1973.  He played the role of Brad Eliot, who was the source of an intense rivalry between two sisters, Leslie and Lorie Brooks.

According to Michael Logan of TV Guide magazine, Hallick will once again appear on Y&R after a 35 year absence.  This time, Logan reveals, he will portray "a kindly truck driver who helps an on-the-lam Phyllis find her way back to Genoa City."


Did you notice that Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) has lightened her hair?  How do you like her new look?  I can take it or leave it.  Besides, there are too many blondes on the show as it is. the latest being Maureen (Meredith Baxter).


MARIAH (after throwing water at Abby) : I haven't seen somebody freak out over a little bit of water since Dorothy doused the wicked witch.

Abby referred to Stitch and Ashley as Stashley.

That' all for now.

Don't forget that the next edition of Y&R Report will appear on TV Banter on Saturday. September 27, 2014.

- Joanne

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