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Y&R Report (April 22, 2023): The Latest on The Young and the Restless

Hey Y&R fans, every second Saturday TV Banter discusses the latest happenings and provides commentary on your favourite daytime drama. Note to U.S. readers - SPOILER ALERT: Here in Canada, I watch the show on Global TV, which is one episode ahead of CBS.  I will inevitably refer to incidents you haven't seen yet.  Read at your own risk.  If you are the curious type, though, you may prefer to discover some things in advance.

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Well, it's been quite a traumatic time for one Phyllis Summers of Genoa City.  The redhead witnessed her own memorial service and she apparently  killed Jeremy Stark in self-defence, after he tried to attack her with a pair of scissors.  I have to say that her appearance in a dark wig at the memorial was somewhat campy.  At times, I wanted to laugh.  At times, I wanted to scream, "Doesn't anyone recognize her?"

Allison Lanier, who plays Summer Newman Abbott, Phyllis' daughter, is really good at pouting.  During this troubled time with her mother, Phyllis, Summer face has been in an almost perpetual pout.  Hunter King, the actor who used to play play Summer was known as "Snowflake."  When Allison Lanier took over the role, she was much sweeter and she smiled a lot.  Ever since her despair over Diane and Phyllis, her smile has become a pout.
I understand that Summer believes that her mother is dead and that she is grieving.  I also understand that she feels guilty about the way she treated Phyllis and  that she needs answers.  However, she has become extremely self-righteous, making herself judge and jury.  I am no fan of Diane, but was it really necessary for Summer to visit her in prison and reprimand her.  Also, she's really making things difficult for Kyle and harming her marriage.  
The previews showed that Summer is going to discover that her mother is still alive.  Expect Phyllis to beg Summer not to reveal her secret.  Summer will probably agree for now, in order to protect Phyllis.  They will likely let Diane stew in prison, which will incur the wrath of Jack and Kyle.  Kyle will never forgive Summer for that.

Christine (also known as Cricket) admitted that it's over between her and hubby Paul Williams.  This is not surprising at all because Doug Davidson, who portrayed Paul for forty years will not be appearing on Y&R anytime soon.  With good reason, he's royally upset at the way the show treated him after he devoted so much of his life to it.  If he's not part of the 50th anniversary celebrations, it's very unlikely he'll ever be be back.  Meanwhile, the writers can't continue to make excuses and explanations for his absence.  They don't want to kill his character off either.  So, as Cricket revealed, he's retired and in Portugal with daughter Heather.
So, with Paul out of the picture, is the door opened for a re-coupling of Cricket and her first husband, celebrated rock star, Danny Romanlott?  It appears that Lauralee Bell, who plays Cricket, has come back to the show on a regular basis.  That would explain way she has returned to her position as District Attorney.  However, it is doubtful that Michael Damian (Danny) is back for the long term.  I think he's only around for the 50th anniversary of Y&R.  His picture doesn't appear in the 50th anniversary opening credits, whereas Lauralee Bell's does.  
By the way, Michael Damian sat at the piano and sang "There'll Never Be Another You " at the memorial for Phyllis.  Longtime fans might have recognized the song because Michael originally  wrote it and performed it on Y&R back in the early 1990s, when Danny and Cricket were a couple.

Nate Hastings and Princess Victoria Newman are playing with fire and they are going to get burned.  Oh sure, Nate is trying to cool things down, for Elena's sake, but his resolve won't last very long.  Victoria won't stop tempting him and he will eventually give in.  That's why J.T. Hellstrom is coming back to Genoa City.  Victoria will still fear J.T. and Nate won't be able to resist his need to protect her.
I can't see Nate's relationship with Elena surviving his dalliance with Victoria. I think he's run out of chances with her.  Nick and Audra already know what's going on and Elena has some strong suspicions.  Watch out, Nate!  Victoria has no intention of ending her pursuit of you.  

Poor Michael Baldwin!  He's been caught in a terrible dilemma.  He feels obliged to defend Diane, even though Phyllis was good friends with him and Lauren.  He is also risking the wrath of Lauren, who despises Diane.  The looming court battle between Michael and Cricket should be very interesting.  Will Phyllis attend Diane's trial in disguise?  Just wondering . . .

Noah and Allie finally made an appearance.  They only have recurring contracts now, and they don't have much of a storyline.  Unless things change, I don't think we'll be seeing much of them.  They are happy together and there is no conflict.  

Eric Braeden battling bladder cancer

Some sad and disturbing news for Y&R fans.  In a recent Facebook live, Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) revealed that he has been diagnosed with bladder cancer.  The actor, who has recently recovered from knee surgery, is now facing another, more serious, heath issue.  Eric, who has portrayed Victor for 43 years, has undergone treatment.  He is a tough man and we fans wish him the best.

Nikki's admirer returns.  Expect him to stir up some trouble

Are you wondering about that scene between  Nikki Newman and some guy from her past named Milton (played by Mo Rocca.  Apparently, Milton's been idolizing Nikki for years. He's her accountant and back in 2014, when she was angry with Victor, Milton asked her to elope with him.  He's had no success in winning Nikki over, even when she was estranged from Victor.  I guess he's going to stir up trouble, but I don't see the point of bringing him back again.  There must be a reason, other than romance, because he's an unlikely rival for Victor.  One thing for sure, Milton's going to stir up trouble.  We'll find out what kind of trouble soon enough.  It may be business-related.


The 50th Annual Daytime Emmys ceremony will be broadcast live from Los Angeles on FRIDAY, JUNE 16TH, 2023.  It will be aired rom 9 pm to 11 pm Eastern time on the CBS television network (delayed Pacific time). It will also be streamed live and on demand on Paramount+.  So, Y&R fans, mark June 16th on your calendars.  I will update you on the nominees later.


Since Phyllis is alive and she will reveal herself to Summer, will Diane is going to face trial for murder?  What do you think, fans?  Respond to poll below and let me know.

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