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Celebrating the 17th Season of Heartland

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"Heartland entering the 17th season in an industry where a series is lucky to get a second or a third season is hard to wrap your head around. I attribute the longevity of Heartland to a perfect alchemy of all the most important elements in television. We have a good story engine and great chemistry between the different actors on the set. We have a stunning and unique setting, a little piece of southern Alberta known as the Foothills. We have many knowledgeable local cowboys and cowgirls to guide the show and keep it authentically grounded in the western world. But the most important element is that it is a multi-generational show that anyone in the family can watch and enjoy." 

- Michelle Morgan (Samantha Louise "Lou" Fleming)

Okay, Heartland fans, put on your cowboy hats!  Not only will  CBC be airing the 17th season of Heartland, but the first episode this season will mark the 250th episode since the series began in October of 2007.  Production of  the show's new season began on May 8, 2023.  Amber Marshall, who plays the widowed Amy Fleming, Lou's sister, had this to say about Heartland's 250th episode: "It's hard to believe I have been part of 250 Heartland episodes.  When I look back and do the math, I've spent over 1700 day on set which is roughly 20,400 hours.  I really can't imagine a better group of people to create something so special.  We are all so proud of this show."

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Michelle Morgan

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Amber Marshall

Michelle and Amber do not resemble each other at all.  Michelle (Lou} has dark hair and Amber (Amy) is more fair-haired.  Their characters also have completely different personalities.  Amy is a down-home horse whisperer, while Lou is more of a sophisticated businesswoman.  Amy is very comfortable around the ranch, while Lou seems better suited to big city life.  I have often wondered why they were cast as sisters.  Yet, somehow the family dynamic works.

I began watching Heartland about 10 years ago.  I've caught up on the earlier seasons that I missed.  Like many fans of the show, I was disappointed that Ty Borden (Graham Wardle) was killed off.  Ty and Amy made such a great couple, but Graham felt he needed to move on.  He currently hosts a podcast called Time Has Come, which "explores the personal journeys of his guests and how they have stepped beyond the familiar into the unknown."

It's uncertain as to what direction the character of Amy will go this season.  At one point, it seemed that she might have a romantic relationship with Finn Cotter, played by Canadian actor Robert Cormier.  Finn's father was a nemesis of Jack Bartlett Amy's grandfather, which created some tension between him and Amy.

Whatever plans the writers had for Amy and Finn, had to be abandoned.  Tragically, Robert Cormier died on September 23, 2022 of injuries he sustained in a fall.  He was only 33 years old and his loss was deeply felt by the cast and crew of Heartlandbreaking celebrity news

This season promises a showdown between Lou Fleming, who is mayor of Hudson, the fictional Alberta town where Heartland is set, and her Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Rick Adderly.  Lou is up for re-election and it appears that Rick intends to run against her.   old and current television shows

Aldan Moreno is the English actor who portrays Rick, the first LGBT character on the long-running Canadian drama.  Lou and Rick had a rocky relationship at first because Lou resented him telling her how things should be done.  The two gradually became friends, as well as colleagues, so Lou will obviously feel upset that Adderly is challenging her. old television shows

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Aldan Moreno as Rick

No release date has been announced yet for Heartland's 17th season.  However, the press release on the season 17 renewal stated that the new season "will premiere exclusively in Canada on CBC and CBC Gem this fall,"  Those who watch the show through Netflix will have to wait longer. Stay updated with breaking celebrity news, old and current television shows or old television shows news by reading Tv Banter Blogs

- Joanne

EDITOR'S UPDATE: Season 17 of Heartland will premier on CBC and CBC Gem on Sunday, October 1, 2023.

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