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Y&R Report (March 23, 2024): The Latest on The Young and the Restless

Hey Y&R fans, every second Saturday TV Banter discusses the latest happenings and provides commentary on your favourite daytime drama. Note to U.S. readers - SPOILER ALERT: Here in Canada, I watch the show on Global TV, which is one episode ahead of CBS.  I will inevitably refer to incidents you haven't seen yet.  Read at your own risk.  If you are the curious type, though, you may prefer to discover some things in advance.

NOTE: There were only three episodes of The Young and the Restless this week.  The show did not air on CBS on Thursday, March 21 and  Friday, March 22 (March 20 and March 21 on Global TV) due to sports coverage of NCAA basketball, known as "March Madness."

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So, wicked Aunt Jordan is still alive and kicking, despite swallowing her own poison (I guess I'm not supposed to ask where a wanted fugitive obtained poison).  Nikki called 911 and Jordan was taken to the hospital.  She is handcuffed, but shouldn't a dangerous criminal, a murderer, be heavily guarded?.  Expect her to escape yet again and torment the Newman family further.  This is really becoming ridiculous!  Jordan is pulling off more escapes than Houdini.  We've had enough of that!  The storyline needs to move ahead.  
I don't understand why Victor and Nick left Jordan locked up in that dungeon room. Why didn't they just call the police to take her away?  I  guess the writers wanted a dramatic confrontation between Jordan and Victoria, Nikki and Claire.    Actually, when Jordan imbibed the poison, I thought she might be faking her death.  I thought she might jump up and attack the Newman women.  The scene ended abruptly and we viewers were left hanging.  It was maddening that Jordan's fate was not discussed later at the Newman ranch.  It wasn't until the next episode that we learned that Nikki saved her life.
Although Claire is still be haunted by her psychotic aunt, she has taken the first steps toward building a new life for herself.  I expect that she will be hired as Harrison's nanny, despite Summer's reluctance to let her have the job.  I also expect that Claire will fall for Kyle, which means more heartbreak and trouble ahead for her, given Kyle's track record with women.  He is much to worldly for Claire, who has never really been on her own.
By the way, I really enjoyed Claire's dream sequence.  It was quite entertaining with both Mariah and Cassie attending Claire's birthday party and Adam as the server.  It is interesting to note that Nick and Sharon were together in the dream, as well as Kyle and Summer.  
What in tarnation is going on with Ashley Abbott?  Whatever it is, I don't like what's happening to the brilliant chemist and businesswoman.  I doubt it's a popular storyline with fans.  We already have Connor experiencing mental problems.  That's fine, but why do we also need to see Ashley fall apart at the same time?  Can't we have a break between breakdowns?  I keep saying that Y&R really needs more lightheartedness and some comic relief.
Ashley is likely suffering from multiple personality disorder, now known as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), a mental health condition characterized by a person's identity fragmenting into two or more distinct personality states.  I think its great that Y&R deals with mental health issues as a public service, but do we really need a mental health crisis of the month on Y&R?
It seems that Tucker is the one most acutely aware of Ashley's mental distress,  It appears that he will be the one to help her.  I am not thrilled about that prospect because I don't like Ashley and Tucker together.  Audra seems to have had enough of Tucker and has lost patience with the hold Ashley has on him.  There was a hint in the previews that Audra and Nate will get together.  I can see a chemistry between those two.

There will be conflict ahead for Adam and Chelsea over how to handle their son Connor's obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).  Adam supports Connor's desire to remain in Genoa City, while his mother, Chelsea, wants him to go to a special treatment facility. I hope he stays in Genoa City.  Otherwise the storyline may reach a dead end.

Redding Munsell
There will be a new actor in the role of Harrison Abbott
Starting next month Redding Munsell will assume the role of the child Harrison.  He will replace Kellen Enriquez. This indicates that Harrison will play a more prominent part in the storyline, once Claire becomes his nanny.


M. Graziadei
Daniel Romalotti (Michael Graziadei) has dumped Lily and returned to Heather.  What will they do with Daniel's character now that he has reunited his family.  If he's just happy with Heather and daughter Lucy, there is no storyline.  There is no conflict.  I wonder what the writers have in mind.  I also wonder if you prefer Daniel with Heather or Lily.  What do you think. fans?  Respond to the poll below and let me know.

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