Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Update on Heartland

It seems that Heartland, the longest running scripted drama on Canadian television, has been renewed for an 18th season. Information online indicates that show is in production, filming in the Calgary area.  However, there is no official confirmation that the show has been renewed on the CBC Heartland webpage.  Nor is there any official release date for the first episode of the new season.  Based on previous seasons,, however, the new episodes are likely to be aired at the beginning of October, perhaps Sunday, October 6th.  It is expected that there will be ten new episodes of the series.

Searching the internet for official updates on the status of Heartland is very confusing.  Everything should be clarified on Heartland' CBC webpage.  At the very least, there should be official confirmation that the series is returning.  It appears that the confusion is related to the fact that Heartland is shown on Netflix, and Netflix is behind in episodes.

There have been rumours and speculation online that Graham Wardle, who played Ty Borden, will be returning to the show.  I don't know how the writers would pull that off, since Ty died in Season 14..  It was a shock to Heartland fans, when Graham decided to leave the show and his character was killed off.  It was Graham's choice to depart, so there were few alternatives except to have his character die.  I don't think the fans would have accepted a new actor in the role.

Graham Wardle

Ty was a very popular character and many fans are eager for his return, and not in spectral form or in flashbacks.  Heartland viewers would not be satisfied with the ghost of Ty Borden, but would they accept some unlikely explanation for his return in the flesh?  I'm sure that some would.

 As much as I liked Ty, I am concerned that Graham's return to Heartland would be a mistake.  It may cheapen the show.  Oh, the writers could devise some crazy explanation.  Perhaps Ty had an identical twin that nobody knew about, not even Amy.  Graham could play the twin, but he would be playing Ty's brother, not Ty himself.  Another possibility is that Ty faked his death for some reason.  Would fans really want any of that to happen?  That's the stuff of daytime soaps.

I am a big fan of Heartland.  Its setting in the foothills of  the Rockies is entrancing.  However, as much as I enjoy Heartland, I think the show should end after its 20th season.  The CBC should be make it clear that its 20th season will be its last.   By that time, it will have run its course and there will be time to prepare for a really special final episode in 2026.  Heartline deserves a magnificent grand finale.

- Joanne

EDITOR'S UPDATE:  I spoke with someone at the CBC who confirmed to me that Heartland has been officially renewed for an 18th season for ten episodes.  She said that the CBC's Heartland website has not been recently updated.  The updated information is on the Heartland Facebook page.

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