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NCIS Trivia Quiz


Here is TV Banter's 10-question NCIS quiz.  Get ready to test your knowledge of this hit series which premiered on September 23, 2003 and is currently in its 10th season.  Good luck!  


1.  What do the initials NCIS stand for?

A.  Naval Crime Intelligence Survey

B. Naval Criminal Investigative Service

C.  Navy Central Intelligence System

D.  Naval Crisis Investigative Surveillance

E.  Navy Central Investigation Services

2.  NCIS is a spin-off from which television series?

A.  Criminal Minds



D.  CSI: Miami

E.  CSI: N.Y.

3.  Since 2003, Scottish-born actor David McCallum (of Man From U.N.C.L,E. fame) has played the role of Dr. "Ducky" Mallard,  NCIS Medical Examiner.  What is Ducky's real first name?

David McCallum as "Ducky"

A.  Ronald

B.  David

C.  Desmond

D.  Drake

E.  Donald

4.  Which well-known comedian appeared in an episode of NCIS entitled "Recruited.?"

A.  Bob Newhart

B.  Stephen Colbert

C.  Jerry Lewis

D.  Bill Cosby

E.  John Goodman

5.  Where did Mark Harmon's character, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, grow up?

A.  Gibbs was born and raised in Santa Monica, California..

B.  Gibbs is from Washington, D.C.

C.  Gibbs grew up in San Francisco, California.

D.  Gibbs was raised in rural Pennsylvania.

E.  He is from a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio

6.  What does Leroy Jethro Gibbs' father, Jackson, do for a living?  (This is your bonus question.  Give yourself an extra point if you answer it correctly.)

A.  Jackson Gibbs is a carpenter.

B.  Gibbs' father runs the Stillwater General Store.

C.  The elder Gibbs is a country doctor.

D.  He owns and operates the Stillwater Diner.

E.  He is a fisherman.

7.  Who played the role of Gibbs' dad in the 2008 episode entitled "Heartland?"

A.  Ralph Waite

B.  George Kennedy

C.  James Garner

D.  Eli Wallach

E.  Ned Beatty

8. To date,  how many times has Supervisory Special Agent Leroy Jed Gibbs been married?

A.  He has been married three times.

B.   He is a life-long bachelor.

C.  He has been married once and is divorced.

D.  He has been married twice.

E.  He has been married four times.

9.  What is Agent Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo's nickname?

A.  Agent Spaghetti

B.  Agent Meatball

C.  Agent Pasta Sauce

D.  Fettuccine Alfredo

E.  Agent Garlic Bread

10.  Richard Schiff, who plays Harper Dearing,and Sheila Kelley, who plays his ex-wife,Victoria Dearing, are . . .

A.  . . . brother and sister in real life.

B.  . . . are also divorced in real life.

C.  . . . are married in real life.

D.  . . . are dating in real life.

E.  . . . used to be business partners in real life.


1.  B

The initials NCIS stand for Naval Criminal Investigative Service.  The series is centred around a team of special agents who conduct criminal investigations pertaining to the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.

2.  C

NCIS is a spin-off from two Season 8 episodes of JAG entitled "Ice Queen" and "Meltdown."

3.  E

Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard is the NCIS Medical Examiner.

4.  A

Bob Newhart

Comedian Bob Newhart appeared in a 2011 episode of NCIS entitled "Recruited." (Season 8, Episode 12, Air Date: January 18, 2011).  Newhart played Dr. Walter Magnus, Ducky's predecessor, who visits unexpectedly and suffers from Alzheimer's Disease.

5.  D

It was revealed in the episode entitled "Heartland" (Season 6, Episode 4, Air Date: October 14, 2008) that Leroy Jethro Gibbs was raised in rural Pennsylvania.  He is from Stillwater, a borough in Columbia County, Pennsylvania.

6.  B.

Jackson Gibbs, a former coal miner, runs the Stillwater General Store.

7.  A

Ralph Waite, best known for his role as patriarch John Walton on The Waltons, played Jackson Gibbs in the  "Heartland" episode.

8.  E

To date, Special Agent Gibbs has been married four times - widowed once and divorced three times.

9.  B

Michael Weatherly as Tony DiNozzo

Senior Special Agent Tony DiNozzo's nickname is Agent Meatball.  The role of DiNozzo is played by Michael Weatherly.  He was called Agent Meatball by Mossad Michael Rivkin, portrayed by Merik Tadros.

10.  C

Richard Schiff and Sheila Kelly

Richard Schiff and Sheila Kelley were married in 1996.  They have two children, a son named Gus and a daughter, Ruby.


On February 1, 2013, CBS renewed NCIS for an 11th season and announced a contract extension for the show's star and executive produce, Mark Harmon.  Leslie Moonves, President and Chief Executive Officer of CBS said, "In a world gone niche, NCIS keeps getting better, and Mark Harmon continues to define the  role of leading man on the #1 show on television."  According to the February 1st press release on the CBS website, "NCIS continues to hit ratings milestones.  This season, for the first time ever, it ranks as (American) television's #1 program (ahead of Sunday Night Football)."

- Joanne

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