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Y&R Report (Dec. 7, 2013): The Latest on the Young and the Restless

Hey Y&R fans, every second Saturday TV Banter discusses the latest happenings and provides commentary on your favourite daytime drama.  Note to U.S. readers - SPOILER ALERT:  Here in Canada, I watch the show on Global TV which is one episode ahead of CBS.  I will inevitably refer to incidents you haven't seen yet. Read at your own risk.  If you are the curious type, though, you may prefer to discover some things in advance.

1.  Eileen Davidson was back again as Ashley Abbott.  This time, she returned for Thanksgiving.  It was great to see her, but just as we were enjoying her visit, we learned that she had to catch a plane to Tokyo. She did find time to have her sprained ankle examined by Dr. Stitch (Is he the only doctor around?). Encouraged by Abby, she even flirted with the good doctor - and did you notice the chemistry there?  (What is Stitch hiding, though?  Any ideas, fans?  What happened to his wife and son?  Do they even exist?).  Oh, yes, for someone with an ankle injury, Ashley was wearing some pretty fancy boots.  They must be very easy to walk in, right?

After visiting Dr. Stitch, A.A. called on her ex-husband, The Great Victor Newman, for a chat.  Then she was gone.  Although it's great to see Eileen again in the role of Ashley, I'm disappointed that's it's only been hello and goodbye.  I wish she'd return to the show as a regular.  The writers could easily create a storyline involving her and Dr. Stitch.

3.  I'm not surprised about Adam and Chelsea making music together again.  That's been coming for awhile now.  Will Chelesea stand by him,  however, when she learns that he was the one whose car struck Delia and that he never stepped forward?  By the way, how do you like Adam's "Peanut" moniker for baby Connor?  Didn't Connor look sweet in his Thankgiving turkey outfit?  The poor kid is going to have look at himself dressed up like that someday.

4.  Who is this pesky Mariah from Tyler's past?  Perhaps she's going to make an appearance in Genoa City to shake things up between Abby and him.  Otherwise, why would Tyler's ex-fiance be mentioned other than to cause problems for the blissfully happy couple.

5.  If you are an Abbott or a Newman, you don't have to worry about facing the prospect of unemployment. There's always a job at your father's company if you have the right last name  I think the word for it is Nepotism with a capital N.  If you rebel against working for your family, you can always open a restaurant such as Nick and Billy did.

6.  Is there a more inept police force then Geoa City's finest, headed by Chief Paul Williams?   GCPD still has not caught up with Adam and it has not solved the murder of Carmine Basco.  Still, Paul Williams was able to spare some time helping Nikki trace her long-lost son, who turned out to be Handyman Dylan.  At least, Paul was able to solve that mystery.

7.  So Fenmore "Mouse" Baldwin will be released from prison in a couple of days.  The news made Michael and Lauren very happy as they celebrated their anniversary. How interesting that his prison buddy, Womack, is getting released soon too.  Could it be that Womack is the mysterious "Zach" whom Courtney has been texting?  She told Summer that Zach is a family member and that the situation is embarrassing. Could "Zach" be her father?  Remember that Womack believes that Fen owes him a favour for saving him from the wrath of the other prisoners.

We saw Courtney picking up some drugs from Raven.  I wonder if she's been obtaining the drugs for Daddy Womack. Wait a minute!  Could it be that Womack actually killed Carmine because of something related to the drug dealing?

8.  I hope that Lily's cancer has not returned.  Please spare us from that storyline! It's too depressing after Delia's recent death.  I hope Lily's situation turns out to be a false alarm or something entirely different from cancer. Speaking of Delia, isn't it possible that someone other than Adam actually struck her, or is that too far-fetched?  I don't think so, at least not on a daytime soap.


My contact, Helen from Scarborough, Ontario, was not impressed with Nicholas Newman's track suit, the one he wore while jogging in Chancellor Park.


Nick Newman: "Growing up, I always wanted a brother.  Now I have two and I don't want anything to do with either one of them."


Did you ever wonder if Genoa City is a real place.  Here's the answer.  There is a village in the state of Wisconsin called Genoa City.  It is located about 69.2 kilometres (43 miles) south-southwest of the city of Milwaukee.  It has a small population of just over 3,000 people (2010 census).  However, here's where it gets a bit complicated.  The Young and the Restless is not set there.  Genoa City, as portrayed on Y&R, is much larger and is not related to the Wisconsin village. Y&R's Genoa City a fictional place that seems to located somewhere in the same vicinity as the village.


Sharon originally came to Geona City from Madison, the state capital of Wisconsin.

The late William Joseph "Bill," Bell, who creator of Y&R. along with his wife, Lee Phillip Bell, is a native of Chicago, Illinois, located near the fictional Genoa City on the soap and the actual village.  That's why the the Y&R characters always make references to visiting Chicago and cheering for the Chicago Cubs.

To make things clearer, here are some major places of interest in the fictional Genoa City, followed by a list of the residences of some of its most prominent citizens.

Places of Interest in Genoa City

Genoa City Athletic Club - This is a major hangout in town.  Almost everyone goes to the gym there to work out frustrations or to dine there.  Many take up temporary residence in one of the rooms available there.

Crimson Lights - Originally, Crimson Lights was a campus coffee shop.  It is the place where Nick Newman got down on his knees and proposed to Sharon.  Nick and Sharon owned Crimson Lights for quite awhile and then sold it to Kevin Fisher. Fisher started losing money on the venture and sold it to Afghanistan vet and handyman Dylan McAvoy.

Fenmore's Boutique - This popular fashion boutique is run by department store heiress Lauren Fenmore Baldwin,  For some reason, it is no longer being shown on the show.  What has happened to Fenmore's Boutique?

Chancellor Park - This is the latest new hangout in Genoa City.  It was dedicated to the memory of wealthy Genoa City businesswoman and socialite Katherine Chancellor. Nick and Dylan and Avery seem to be running into each other quite frequently there.  What a coincidence!

The Underground - This is a fairly new restaurant in town.  It's another one of Nick's attempts to make it on his own without the support of his father, Moneybags Victor. 

On the Boulevard - This restaurant is owned by Billy Abbott who won it in a poker game.  Billy Boy seems to be neglecting it lately as he is still grieving over the loss of his daughter, Delia.

Genoa City Residences

  • 345 Ashland, Apt. #321 - Residence of Neil Winters
  • 196 E. Chestnut Street, Apt. #632 - Residence of Michael Baldwin, Lauren Fenmore Baldwin and Fenmore Baldwin (although Fen is currently in prison).  The Baldwin condo is my favourite Genoa City apartments.
  • Paul's Apartment - Residence of Paul "Clueless"Williams, Genoa City Chief of Police and Christine (alias Cricket) Williams, Genoa City District Attorney
  • Avery's Apartment - Residence of Avery Bailey Clark, attorney, torn between the brooding Dylan and the brooding Nick.  Maybe she should find someone new.  Anyway, her apartment is bright and modern and she enjoys making cupcakes.
  • Noah and Tyler's Apartment - Residence of Noah Newman and Tyler Michaelson
  • The McAvoy Loft - Residence of Dylan McAvoy
  • Phyllis' Penthouse (680 Maple Street, Apt. #1054) - Residence of Summer Newman, model and ultimate teen queen.
  • Newman Penthouse (7900 Melrose) - Residence of Adam Newman, Chelsea Lawson and Connor "Peanut" Newman
  • The Abbott Mansion (603 Glenwood Drive) – Residence of Jack Abbott, Kyle Abbott, Abby Newman, Traci Abbott and The Ghost of John Abbott
  • The Chancellor Estate (12 Foothill Road) - Residence of Jill Abbott Fenmore, Esther Valentine and Chloe Fisher.  Jill has always described the Chancellor Estate as a "mausoleum."  It's not that bad but it does remind me of a museum, not a home.  I wouldn't want to live there.
  • The Newman Ranch (421 Larkspur Trail, Highway B) - Residence of Victor Newman, Nikki Newman, Nick Newman, Sharon Newman and Faith Newman.  The Newman estates has many servants who are seldom shown.  Mrs. Martinez makes an appearance once in a blue moon.  Don't you miss former butler Miguel?  He had some great lines such as "Yes, Mr. Newman" and "Right away, Mrs. Newman."
  • Son Nick, although a multi-millionaire (He was awarded $500 million dollars in the lawsuit against his father, Victor), lives modestly in the ranch's tackhouse.  Sharon and Faith live in a cottage on the Newman Ranch, with daughter Faith.  It has a cosy fireplace.and is one of my favourite GC homes.
  • The Ashby Home (1101 Lavetta Terrace) - Residence of Cane Ashby, Lily Winters Ashby and their rambunctious twins, Charlie and Mattie Ashby.  Sugar Cane sometimes dresses up in a super hero costume with a cape to entertain his children.  They have a dog named Humphrey after Humphrey Bogart.
  • The Abbott Home (416 Orchard Road) - Residence of Victoria Newman Abbott, Billy Boy Abbott and Johnny Abbott.  This home is a retro of the Father Knows Best Home in the old television series.
  • The Hamilton Home - Residence of reluctant billionaire Devon Hamilton
  • The Fisher Home - Residence of Kevin Fisher

  • Abbott Cabin - Owned by The Abbot Family

That's all for now.  Don't forget to check out the next Y&R Report on Saturday, December 21.  As Christmas approaches, there should be some good seasonal stories coming up on the show.  I'll leave you with a Readers' Poll below.

- Joanne

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