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Y&R Report (October 11, 2014): The Latest on The Young and the Restless

Hey Y&R fans, every second Saturday TV Banter discusses the latest happenings and provides commentary on your favourite daytime drama. Note to U.S. readers - SPOILER ALERT: Here in Canada, I watch the show on Global TV which is one episode ahead of CBS.  I will inevitably refer to incidents you haven't seen yet. Read at your own risk.  If you are the curious type, though, you may prefer to discover some things in advance.

Well fans, the much-anticipated almost-wedding of Nick and Sharon is over.  It was fun to watch, but it did not, in my opinion, live up to its potential.  The setting in the church was great, and I always enjoy seeing everyone dressed in his or her best. Unfortunately, something was lacking.  It was the element of surprise or some kind of twist in the plot.  Everyone expected the wedding to be interrupted, and it was. Most viewers expected Phyllis to do the interrupting, and she certainly did. She made a grand entrance. Unfortunately, it was all too predictable.  Just as the minister was about to pronounce Nick and Sharon man and wife, Phyllis appeared on the scene and collapsed, causing Sharon to panic and walk out of the church.

Earlier in the ceremony, at the point when the minister asked whether anyone had just cause to stop the marriage, everyone in the church turned around, expecting someone to make an objection.  When that didn't happen, it was obvious that Phyllis would be the one to put a stop to the doomed nuptials. Even the minister spoke slowly and deliberately, as if he knew what was coming, as if he were expecting Phyllis' arrival.

Nicholas Newman now has the dubious distinction of being left at the altar twice in succession, first by Avery and now by Sharon.   It is obvious that the wealthy Newman heir and his erratic college sweetheart will not legalize their marriage any time soon.  Sharon's dream of reuniting her family will remain just a dream because, as I have pointed out before, couples can not be happy on a soap.  There is not enough conflict for happy couples.  That is why, for example, Michael Baldwin is about to be diagnosed with a terrible disease, probably cancer.  He and Lauren are much too happy.

I hope the writers do not kill Michael off because Christian LeBlanc is such a fine actor. However, I fear they will make him die, for lack of storyline.  I have to ask:  Is it that difficult for professional writers to come up with a storyline for Michael?  I'm sure you readers must have some ideas.  Send me your comments, if you do, and I will publish them.

At least Michael was front and centre during the classic bachelor/bachelorette party episode.  I really enjoyed that episode.  It was fast-paced.  It was hilarious. Neil acted as if he were some kind of cool party dude.  I think he's going through a phase - middle age crazy, trying to retain his youth.  Too bad Lauren was not with the female contingent.

Avery's ex-husband, Joe Clark (Canadian viewers have to smile at that character's name because it is the name of our former prime minister), is a welcome addition to the show.  I hope he stays on because he's made an impact so far.  He's still a man of mystery because we don't really know much about him other than that he's a real estate dealer.  It appears that he hasn't gotten over Avery and would probably like to lure her away from Dylan.  That's why he's hanging around Genoa City and it's also the reason why he was so interested to learn that Dylan had been arrested for the supposed murder of Ian Ward.

Joe is beginning to become acquainted with other Genoa City residents and it seems that he's already met Sugar Cane Ashby before . . . Hey, what if Joe became involved with Phyllis?  That's just a possibility, but wouldn't it just drive Avery crazy? We don't know if Phyllis has ever met her former brother-in-law.  It's doubtful because Avery and her sister hadn't kept in touch for years.

. . . And what of Ian Ward?  Will Clueless Paul's plan to entice him to return to Genoa City work? Given the inept police chief's woeful record, it's not likely.  Victor's investigators, as usual, will find the slithery Ward first.  I'm willing to bet the Snake in the Grass is still alive.

As for the Great and Powerful Victor Newman, he's going to come out smelling like roses again. When Sharon's secret is revealed, he'll just crow, "I told you so.  I told you Sharon was devious and that she would hurt my boy, Nicholas.  As his father, I had to protest him from that dragon lady.  By the way, Summer, I also helped your mother come out of her coma . . ."

Poor Jack Abbott! He just can't win at the game of love. He's in a terrible dilemma. He never thought Phyllis would return  As he said himself, he never saw it coming.  I wouldn't be surprised if he lost both Kelly and Phyllis, much to Victor's delight. Where's the ghost of John Abbott when we need him?  John should make an appearance to give his son Jack some advice at this difficult time.  I just hope Jack manages to stay sober.  With Nikki hitting the bottle again and the prospect of Neil doing the same when he discovers wife Hilary's treachery, I don't relish the thought of a third character falling off the wagon.


Regular contributor CC from Etobicoke, Ontario writes

My comment is really a question.
Is it just me or has Christel Khalil (Lily Winters Ashby) had her nose re-shaped (aka nose job)?

If not, I didn't know that contouring with makeup could be so effective.

Speaking of cosmetic surgery and facial alteration, CC, another Y&R viewer, Fifi from Collingwood, Ontario, has noticed that Sharon Case (Sharon Newman) has had a lot of Botox injections.  Thanks CC and Fifi, for your observations.

By the way, readers, a little bird told me that CC from Etobicoke has become a grandmother for the first time and is absolutely delighted with the birth of her new granddaughter.  Congratulations to CC and her family!

Patsy from Sarasota, Florida commented on the pool area at the Genoa City Athletic Club. 

What pool area has huge glass vases all around the seating area?
Pretty blue colour but glass anything is not allowed near a pool deck. Just a slight design
flaw. I think I am too picky about details but this is not a pool deck design.

That's right, Patsy.  It would be a safety hazard if the glass broke or someone slipped.  Hey, maybe that could be incorporated into the storyline when Ian Ward is someday captured.  Victor could chase him on the pool deck and he could slip and knock over a glass vase.

Helen from Scarborough, Ontario did not like Summer's poetry reading at Nick and Sharon's almost-wedding.  I guess Supergirl is not such a super poetry reader.

Here's some great news for Y&R fans in the Ottawa region.  Carly from Barrhaven, Ontario has informed me that Melody Thomas Scott, a.k.a. Nikki Newman will be appearing on the Main Stage at the fall National Women's Show on October 26 in Ottawa.(at the Ernst and Young Centre).

Cover Photo
National Women's Show - Ottawa

National Women's Show - Ottawa

Melody Thomas Scott

Melody Thomas Scott

Melody Thomas Scott, who stars as Nikki Newman on “THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS,” celebrated 34 years in the role, having joined the cast in February, 1979. Scott’s character has matured from the girl from the wrong side of the tracks to the serial’s luminous and resourceful heroine.
After garnering a Daytime Emmy nomination for “Outstanding Lead Actress” in 1999, she went on to win in the same category for the Digest Award in 2001. She also received four Update Awards for “Outstanding Lead Actress” (1992, 1993, 1995 and 1996) for her portrayal of Nikki, the ultimate survivor.


Supergirl Summer's marriage may survive a bit longer than expected, although we all know it can't last.  Matthew Atikinson, who plays her husband, Austin Travers, has been given a contract with Y&R, Therefore, he will be sticking around Genoa City.  He's not one of my favourites, but he must have some fans out there. Otherwise, the show wouldn't be upgrading his status.

This is Atkinson's first role on daytime television.  However, the actor did have a regular role as Nick Fadden on the ABC Family drama Jane By Design.  He has also appeared in guest roles CSIDrop Dead Diva, and One Tree Hill.  In the 2009 film The Blind Side, he portrayed a valet parker.

Matthew Atkinson

Oscar nominee Sally Kellerman, who played Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan in the 1970 film version of M*A*S*H, is set to play a mysterious new character on The Young and the Restless.  Her character, Constance Bingham - will appear onscreen just in time for the November sweeps.


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That's all for now.  Please remember that the next Y&R Report will be posted on Saturday, October 25, 2014.

- Joanne

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