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Y&R Report (May 26, 2017): The Latest on The Young and the Restless

Hey Y&R fans, every second Saturday TV Banter discusses the latest happenings and provides commentary on your favourite daytime drama. Note to U.S. readers - SPOILER ALERT: Here in Canada, I watch the show on Global TV which is one episode ahead of CBS.  I will inevitably refer to incidents you haven't seen yet. Read at your own risk.  If you are the curious type, though, you may prefer to discover some things in advance.

Phyllis is really starting to annoy me.  The woman is such a busybody, interfering in everyone's lives.  She is just so overbearing.  It was Phyllis' brilliant idea to cover up the death of J.T. Hellstrom and bury his body.  She was relentless in browbeating Nikki, Victoria and Sharon to go along with her scheme.  Now she has manipulated Billy Boy into taking over the CEO position at Jabot.  He was reluctant, but she talked him into it and she is encouraging him to make it permanent. Billy Boy is starting to enjoy his powerful powerful  new job, which suits girlfriend Phyllis to a tee.  Through her influence over Billy, Phyllis has become for all intents and purposes the co-CEO of Jabot.  Her power in the corporate world has increased, as has her personal control over others.

Although Jack Abbott is far from perfect, do have some sympathy for his plight. He feels as if everyone has abandoned him.  Phyllis left him for brother Billy, but that wasn't enough.  Billy now  holds Jack's job as head of Jabot, despite the fact that Jack is more experienced and more competent.  Remember that Billy did not exactly have a stellar record at Brash & Sassy.  Do you recall the toxic face masks that poisoned Victoria?  Billy's sloppiness was the cause of that fiasco.  He tried to cut corners by rushing the product to market.

Jack also feels abandoned by his son Kyle.  He thought Kyle was going to join him in fleaving Jorming a new company.  He taken aback when Kyle declared that he more opportunities at Jabot.  Jack shouldn't have been so quick to assume that Kyle had agreed to leave Jabot and work with him.  Kyle should have been more clear and straight up with his intentions.

So, Nicholas Newman has suddenly decided to rejoin Newman Enterprises.  He's ready to enter into daddy's orbit again.  After trying so hard to become his own man, Nick is ready to give up his independence.  Sharon is so right in discouraging him, but he insists he needs to protect the family.  That, as Sharon pointed out, is Victor's language or "Victor Speak."

To gain some support for her point of view, Sharon went to Nick's sister, Princess Victoria. She was completely shocked and blindsided when the princess disagreed with her.  Victoria, the ultimate daddy's girl, thinks it's a great idea for her brother to work at The Firm again.

Who else's advice did Nick seek when trying to make a decision about returning to Newman?  Surprise of surprises, he went straight to his ex, Phyllis.  For once, though, Phyllis was in agreement with Sharon.  She warned Nick about working for his controlling father again.  Yet foolish Nick is not going to heed the warning of his two ex-wives.  He's going to "follow his heart" and fall into Victor's trap once again.  Say it ain't so, Nick!  Why can't you get it through your head that Victor is ruthless and manipulative.  He's never to be trusted.

I understand why Nikki disproves of Nick and Sharon getting back together.  Why, however, is Phyllis so upset that Sharon and Nick have reunited?  Is it jealousy?  As I've said before, she has her Billy Boy, so why should that bother her so much?  If she ever breaks up with Billy, I'm sure she'll go after Nick again.

Nikki and Phyllis are right in one respect.  Sharon is going to hurt Nick again.  When he finds out about the J.T. caper. I doubt he'll stay with her.  She shares responsibility with Nikki, Phyllis and Victoria for what happened. Sharon went along for the ride and didn't have the backbone to defy the other three women.  She, of all people, should have learned that keeping secrets won't work.  Is she delusional?  No, not at all.  The writers simply made Sharon go along with the other conspirators for storyline purposes and in order to create conflict.  If Sharon had gone to Clueless Paul Williams and confessed everything, the storyline would be finished.  So, instead she has joined the others in their cavalcade of cover-ups and lies

Have you noticed a big change in Faith?  She obviously looks a great deal more grown up.  Being an adolescent is difficult enough, but in Faith's case, it's even more difficult to act maturely when the adults around you are behaving so immaturely and foolishly.


Hunter King (Summer Newman) returning to Y&R

Summer Newman is finally coming home  Yes folks, our favourite "Snowfake" will soon be back in Genoa City after a long absence.  According to TVLine, Hunter King is returning on contract to The Young and the Restless.  Although Hunter currently co-stars as Clementine in the CBS primetime comedy Life in Pieces, she is set to do double duty.  Her first airing on Y&R will be on Monday, June 4 (CBS) and Friday, June 1 (Global-TV in Canada).

What will Summer find when she comes back to town?  She'll find that her former boyfriend, Kyle Abbott, has returned from New York.  Will she reignite a romance with her old flame?  There is certain to be better chemistry between the two characters now that Michael Mealor has taken over the role of Kyle.  He's a much better actor than the others who have played Kyle.

If Summer doesn't rekindle her relationship with Kyle, she may fall for Arturo, who seems to be Genoa City's Hispanic heartthrob.  Could that set up a love triangle, a rivalry between Summer and her Aunt Abby over the affections of Arturo?  Summer has never liked Abby, especially since Abby had a fling with Summer's late husband, Austin Travers.

Kyle, meanwhile, has shown an interest in Tessa.  He invited her to go to a movie with him and she declined (because of Mariah?).  Tessa's rejection was certainly a blow to Kyle's ego.


Arturo (Jason Canela)

There are romantic sparks between building contractor Arturo Rosales (Jason Canela) and wealthy heiress Abby Newman. Abby hasn't shown the best judgement when it comes to men.  Just think of her last two relationships - Zack and Scott Grainger.  Fans, has she got it right this time?  What do you think of Abby and Arturo as a couple?  Respond to the poll below and let me know.

Do you like Abby and Arturo as a couple?

Yes, they seem to have good chemistry and I think they get along well.
No, they don't suit each other. I don't like them together.
I'm not sure. i need to seem more of them before i decide.
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