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Y&R Report (July 21, 2018): The Latest on The Young and Restless

Hey Y&R fans, every second Saturday TV Banter discusses the latest happenings and provides commentary on your favourite daytime drama. Note to U.S. readers - SPOILER ALERT: Here in Canada, I watch the show on Global TV which is one episode ahead of CBS.  I will inevitably refer to incidents you haven't seen yet. Read at your own risk.  If you are the curious type, though, you may prefer to discover some things in advance.

In dramatic fashion, the phantom J.T. was unmasked as Nicholas Newman.  We are seeing a new Nick now.  He is focused and fiercely determined.  I think it's wonderful that someone has dared to stand up to the Great Victor Newman.  However, I think Nick went too far.  He was out of bounds.  He employed tactics worthy of Victor himself.  He decided to become like Victor in order to bring Victor down.  He went down to Victor's level.. He was only concerned about the end results, not the means he used to achieve those ends.  I also think he's over-confident.  Victor is not going to take this sitting down.  He'll fight back with all the weapons at his disposal.  I'm afraid that Nick is in for rude awakening.

Sharon, of course, was not amused by Nick's tactics.  She thinks he acted too much like his father.  She concerned about the ethics of his behaviour. but she's also concerned about the fact that J.T. is truly dead.  If J.T. had survived, Sharon and her three co-conspirators (Phyllis, Nikki and Victoria) would have been off the hook.  Still, Sharon isn't as devious as Phyllis.  Yes, she has done some awful things.  However, she has a much sweeter disposition than Phyllis.  Phyllis is attracted to "bad boy" behaviour.  She likes Nick's new aggressiveness and his ambitiousness. She told him that sometimes the end justifies the means. As for their secret tryst, it won't stay a secret for long.

Nick lacks judgement.  Why did he just assume that Sharon called off their engagement without speaking to her first?  I also think that Nick enjoyed Phyllis' approval of his actions, whereas Sharon questioned his conduct.  Sharon told him that she didn't know him anymore.  Nick was disappointed that she wasn't thrilled about what he had done.  He felt misunderstood.  Phyllis stroked his ego.  Sharon didn't.

Now that Billy Boy seems to have had enough of Phyllis, her secret tryst with Nick may not be enough for her.  She may go after him full force. She will definitely come between Nick and Sharon.  It will be interesting to see Summer's reaction to the breakup between her mother and Billy.  I think she'll take Billy's side over Phyllis' side, especially when she learns about her mother's little fling with Nick.  She will accuse Phyllis of not being understanding enough of Billy's gambling addiction.  She will say that Phyllis' infidelity was worse than Billy's poker playing.

Philip Chancellor is not Jack Abbott's biological father.  The DNA doesn't match.  So who is Jack's daddy?  I think there are two possibilities.  Maybe John Abbott is Jack Abbott's biological father.  Maybe Dina, in her confusion, has mixed everything up.  It could be that Traci is the one who is not John's biological child.  The other possibility is that Jack's father is Albert Miller, the father of Victor Newman.  That would make Jack and Victor brothers.

Did you think Hilary had died without seeing Devon?  For some reason, the writers made it appear that she did.  I'm glad, however, that Devon got back in time. Now they'll get married before Hilary dies.  Lily is really going to be in hot water when Devon and the police learn she went through a red light.

Hilary recently had a secret meeting with a man named Mark.  What was that all about?  She is hiding something and it will be revealed after her death.  It must have some significance to the storyline. It will probably affect Devon.  Remember that Mariah and Tessa saw her with Mark.

Fans will really miss Eileen Davidson when she leaves Y&R in September.  What will happen to Ashley Abbott once Eileen goes?  I hope that she is not replaced by another actress.  I would like to see Ashley move to New York.  She's lived in the Big Apple before and her sister Traci is there,  The two of them could make occasional visits to Genoa City.

Ashley is currently COO of Jabot and Billy is sending her to Berlin on business.  I don't think she'll stay there, though.  I also don't think that Billy will remain CEO.  I think he's going to crash personally and professionally.  Eventually, Jack will regain his position as CEO.  I know he's agreed to join Nick's new company, Dark Horse, but I don't think Dark Horse will succeed.  Victor will see to that.


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Here are some comments from regular contributor CC in Etobicoke, Ontario.

Shocked and surprised to see Nick play the J.T. trick on his father.  It is about time he put Victor in his place.  However, I fear the revenge that Victor will bring to him.

Neil and Ashley had a short fling some years ago but it went nowhere.  Now it seems that it is passe - too little, too late.

Hillary is making it pretty plain that she has a strong attraction to Dr. Nate, but Devon seems to have his blinders on

Between nasty Summer, Lily and Cane, Ashley and Neil, and who really is Jack's father, the fun of watching is quickly fading.

I definitely agree that it's about time someone put Victor Newman in his place, CC.  However, Nick should be careful that he doesn't become too much like Victor in the process.  I also think that Nick is about to face the formidable wrath of The Moustache.  Although Victor is in a weakened state, due to his fight with J.T., he is still very powerful and determined.  He is like a wounded beast, fighting for his territory.  Newman Enterprises is his empire and he will protect it fiercely.  It isn't easy to topple an emperor.  Nick may think he's winning, but he hasn't faced Victor's revenge. He's going to be hit by everything his father can throw at him.  I expect Victor to come out on top, as usual.

Back in 2010, Ashley and Neil dated after being friends for years.  Their breakup was amicable as Neil decided to focus on his family and get his life together.  Ashley then became involved with Tucker McCall.

Now, Eileen Davidson is set to leave her role as Ashley.  I wonder why head writer Mal Young had Ashley and Neil briefly rekindle their romance and then suddenly decide they were better off as friends  This was not good writing and it was confusing to viewers.

Y&R fan, Fifi in Collingwood, Ontario, pointed out a glaring inconsistency on Y&R.  Sharon and Nikki were absolutely horrified when they saw Nick disguised as J.T.  Yet, not long after, Sharon opened the door to her house without a worry in the world.  She wasn't frightened that the caller was J.T  She didn't even ask the visitor for his or her identity.  She just opened the door nonchalantly.  It turned out to be Phyllis.

Another Y&R fan, Rosie in Richmond Hill, Ontario, was right on the money when she suspected that Nick was behind the "return of J.T.  She wrote the following:

What are your thoughts on J.T.'s return?  Is it really J.T., or is it someone who looks like him (or is it the real J.T. and the one that was abusing Victoria an imposter)??  I somehow think Nick may be involved in this potential twist as he is determined to get back at Victor.

Mishael Morgan (Hilary Curtis) expecting second child

On July 15th, her 32nd birthday, Mishael Morgan made a joyous announcement on social media.  She confirmed that she is pregnant with her second child, a girl.  She wrote: "Best birthday present ever!  My official reveal that YES I am pregnant!  And guess what . . . it's a girl!!!"

To the disappointment of many fans, Mishael has just left Y&R.  Since her character, Hilary, is pregnant on the show, many viewers speculated that she was having a baby in real life.  When I wrote my last Y&R Report post (July 2nd), Michael had not yet made her announcement.  Now I can confirm that the viewers were right.

The new baby will be a little sister for Niam, whom Mishael and her husbant, Navid Ali, had in August of 2015.



Nick Newman is determined to stand up to his ruthless father.  Are you impressed by the way Nick's behaviour?  He impersonated J.T., Hellstrom and made everyone believe that J.T. was alive.  In the process, he frightened Nikki, Sharon and Victoria.  He obtained Victor'a medical records and harmed his father's company.  He asked family members to choose between staying with Newman Enterprises or joining his new company, Dark Horse.  Let me know what you think of the new Nick.

Do you like the way Nick is acting?

Yes. I agree with what he's done. It's about time someone stood up to Victor.
He's right to stand up to Victor, but he's gone too far.
No, I think he's becoming ruthless, just like his father.
I don't know.
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