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 Are you ready for the latest TV Banter television quiz?  Get ready and good luck!  There are ten questions.



1.  On Leave it to Beaver, what was the name of Beaver's friend, the fireman?

A.  Ralph

B.  Gus

C. Clyde

D.  Fred

E,  George

2.  In an episode of The Andy Griffith Show, Aunt Bee, portrayed by Frances Bavier, becomes part owner of a restaurant.  What kind of restaurant was it?

Frances Bavier

A. Italian restaurant

B.  French restaurant

C.  Malt shop

D.  Chinese restaurant

E.  Nightclub

3.  On Happy Days, what was Potsie Weber's real name?

Anson Williams as Potsie 1974

A,  Clark

B.  James

C.  Warren

D.  Simon

E.  Edgar

4.  On the Dick Van Dyke Show, how was Mel Cooley, played by Richard Deacon, related to television star Alan Brady, played by Carl Reiner?

A.  Mel Cooley and Alan Brady were first cousins.

B.  They were brothers.

C.  They were brothers-in-law.

D.  They were half-brothers.

E.   They were step brothers.

5.  On The Dick Van Dyke Show, what was the nickname of Buddy Sorrell's wife?

A.  Bunny

B.  Candy

C.  Tootsie

D.  Honey

E.  Pickles

6,  On Seinfeld, what was Elaine Benes' occupation from Season 2 to Season 5.

A.  Flight attendant

B.  Copy Editor

C,  Pharmacist

D.  Receptionist

E.  Librarian

7.  On Welcome Back, Kotter, what was the name of teacher Gabe Kotter's wife?

A.  Julie

B.  Judy

C.  Janet

D.  Jessica

E.  Jean

8.  On Welcome Back Kotter, what was the name Gabe Kotter's alma mater, the school where he return to teach?

A.  James Buchanan High

B.  Walt Whitman High

C.  Jefferson High

D.  Millard Filmore High

E.  Woodrow Wilson High

9.  On I Love Lucy, what was the name of the harpist, the only female member of Rick Ricardo's (Desi Arnaz) orchestra?  (This is the bonus question.  Give yourself an extra point if you answer it correctly.)

A.  Jane

B;  Dorothy

C.  Betty

D.  Nancy

E.  Jenny

10.  On Family Ties, where did the Keaton family live?

A.  New York City

B.  Chicago, Illinois

C.  Madison, Wisconsin

D.  San Francisco, California

E.  Columbus, Ohio


1.  B

Gus the Fireman

Beaver Cleaver's friend and confidant was a fireman named Gus.  American character actor Burt Mustin played Gus.  Beaver (Jerry Mathers) would visit Gus when at the fire station whenever he had a problem and needed advice.

2.  D

In a 1967 episode of The Andy Griffith Show entitled "Aunt Bee's Restaurant" (Season 7, Episode 21, Air Date: February 6 , 1967), Aunt Bee enters the business world as the part owner of a Chinese restaurant.

3.  C

Potisie Weber's real name was Warren.Weber.

4.  C

Richard Deacon as Mel Cooley

On The Dick Van Dyke Show, Mel Cooley was the brother-in-law of Alan Brady.  Mel, the producer of the fictional Alan Brady Show, was married to Alan Brady's sister.  Mel was always at the receiving end of comedy writer Buddy Sorrell's (Morey Amsterdam) jokes and insults, mostly about his baldness.

5.  E

Buddy (M. Amsterdam) with B. Perry as Pickles

Buddy with Joan Shawlee as Pickles

On The Dick Van Dyke Show. Buddy's wife, Fiona Conway Sorrell, was nicknamed "Pickles."  Barbara Perry (1921 - 2019) originated the role of  Pickles in two first-season episodes entitled "Sally is a Girl" (1961) and "Where You Been, Fassbinder?"(1962).  

Joan Shawlee played Pickles in three 1963 episodes - "My Husband is a Check Grabber," "The Sam Pomerantz Scandals" and "Divorce."

6.  B

From Seasons 2 to 5, Elaine Benes, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, worked as a copy editor at Pendant Publishing.  She lost her job in Season 5 when the company went bankrupt.  A merger that may have  saved the company was thwarted due to Elaine's habit of chewing speech-impairing Juicyfruit candies.

7.  A

Marcia Stassman as Julie Kotter

Marchia Strassman played Gabe Kotter's (Gabe Kaplan) long-suffering wife, Julie Kotter, on the sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter.  Marcia died of breast cancer in 2014.  She was 66 at the time of her passing.

8.  A
Gabe Kaplan as Gabe Kotter

On Welcome Back, Kotter, Gabe Kotter taught at James Buchanan High School in Brooklyn, New York.

9.  D

On I Love Lucy, the name of the harpist in Ricky Ricardo's orchestra was Nancy.  The Ricky Ricardo Orchestra was made up mostly of members of Desi Arnaz's orchestra.  The real name of the woman who played Nancy was Maryce R. Pickering.  She was a talented harpist who passed away in the age of 61.

10.  E

On Family Ties, the Keaton family lived in Columbus, Ohio.  

- Joanne

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