Thursday, November 4, 2010

Betty White and Mary Tyler Moore

Soon after writing about Betty White in my last blog entry, I read that Mary Tyler Moore is set to appear on Betty’s current sitcom, Hot in Cleveland.  On January 19, 2011, MTM will be a guest star on the second-season premiere of the popular show.  The two television stars have not appeared together on screen in 33 years.  I’m looking forward to watching that reunion.  They were so great on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.  Actually, it would be wonderful to see all the cast members of that show together again.  Are you listening Oprah Winfrey?  That seems to be your specialty since you recently reunited the casts of Love Story and The Sound of Music.  Sadly, Ted Knight who played pompous news broadcaster Ted Baxter, is no longer with us.  He died of cancer on August 26, 1986 at the age of 62.

To watch a video of a 1986 news broadcast announcing Ted Knights’s death, click on the link below.

Hey, Little Mosque on the Prairie fans (yours truly is a fan), our show will be returning on CBC for a fifth season in January.  There will be 13 new episodes for us to enjoy.  In the season finale, Ammar and Rayaan finally admitted their feelings for each other.  Their romance should shake things up in Mercy, Saskatchewan.
By the way, remember when networks produced 26 or 27 episodes per season of a series?  Due to rising production costs, those days are gone.

- Joanne

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