Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ed Asner!

Happy Birthday to Edward Asner, a television great.  Ed is 81 years old today.  He was born in Kansas City, Missouri on November 15, 1929.  His parents, Lizzie and Morris David Asner, were Russian immigrants who raised their son in a Jewish Orthodox household.  The young Ed attended the University of Chicago where he was active in student drama.

Ed Asner starred in two of television's best shows, The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970-1977) and its spin off, Lou Grant (1977-1982),  His portrayal of the crusty Lou Grant is unforgettable.  Asner is the only actor to win an Emmy award for playing the same role in both a sitcom and a drama. 

During the course of his impressive career, Edward Asner has appeared in some popular and very highly-regarded mini-series.  Most notably, he earned an Emmy for his portrayal of Captain Davies, the man who sold Kunta Kinte into slavery in Roots.  He also played another villainous role in Rich Man, Poor Man as Axel Jordache. 

Most recently, Ed Asner provided the voice of Carl Fredrickson in the acclaimed Oscar-winning animated film Up.

To watch a video of an interview with Ed Asner, click on the link below.

- Joanne

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