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Bewitched Quiz

TV Banter Quiz #5
All right, Bewitched fans.  It’s time to test your knowledge of the show with TV Banter’s 18-question quiz. 

What was the name of the advertising agency that employed Darrin Stephens?
A.  MacDonald and Tate
B.  Tate and Johnson
C.  McMann and Tate
D.  Wilson and Tate
E.  Tate and Evans

2.  What was the name of Samantha’s warlock physician?
A.  Dr. Vienna
B.  Dr. Incantation
C.  Dr. Ballantyne
D.  Dr. Bombay
E.  Dr. Brewster

Aunt Clara

3.  What was Aunt Clara’s hobby?
A.  Collecting broomsticks
B.  Collecting doorknobs
C.  Writing books of magic spells
D.  Making witch hats
E.   Making a special brew for witches

4.  Larry and Louise Tate had a son.  What was his name?
A.  Jonathan
B.  Robert
C. Daniel
D.  Arnold
E.  Geoffrey

5.  What was the name of Darrin’s conniving ex-fiancee?
A.  Margaret Ashbury
B.  Jane Milton
C.  Donna Wilson
D.  Sheila Summers
E.  Maggie Walton

6.  Which actor portrayed Samantha’s father?
A.  Peter Grey
B.  Maurice Evans
C.  William Windom
D.  David White
E.  Carl Betz

7.  In the 1964 Christmas episode, “A Vision of Sugar Plums," Samantha and Darrin . . .
A.  help Santa Claus deliver presents
B.  receive an unusual gift from Endora
C.  invite Abner and Gladys Kravitz over for Christmas dinner
D.  discover a magic Christmas tree
E.  invite an orphan into their home

8.  How many episodes of Bewitched were made?  (This is your bonus question.  Give yourself an extra point if you answer it correctly)
A.  356
B.  212
C.  254
D.  312
E.  244

9.  Darren and Samantha’s daughter Tabitha was born on an episode titled “And Then There Were Three”.  What date was that episode aired?
A.   January 13, 1966
B.  January 14, 1965
C.  February 14, 1966
D.  February 13, 1967
E.  March 13, 1965

10.  Samantha’s Uncle Arthur, played by Paul Lynde, was the prankster of the family.  Was he related to Endora?
A.  He was not related to Endora.
B.  He was actually Endora’s cousin.
C.  He was Endora’s brother.
D.  He was the brother of Samantha’s father, Maurice.
E.  He was Endora’s brother-in-law.

11.  Who was Esmerelda?
A.  An old school friend of Samantha
B.  Samantha and Darrin’s housekeeper
C.  An employee at the advertising firm where Darrin worked
D.  Tabitha’s babysitter
E.  Endora’s best friend

12.  In 1961, Agnes Moorhead (Endora) played the role of a farm woman who faces mysterious invaders on which television series?
A.  Alfred Hitchcock Presents
B.  The Outer Limits
C.  Amazing Stories
D.  Bold Venture
E.  The Twilight Zone

13.  Samantha had a mischievous look-alike cousin named Serena, also played by Elizabeth Montgomery.  Montgomery’s performance as Serena was credited to a fictional character.  What was the name of that fictional character?
A.  Pandora Spocks
B.  Samantha Twin
C.  Samantha Double
D.  Liz Two
E.  Anne Other

14.  Which member of the Bewitched cast had a son who died in the terrorist bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over the Scottish town of Lockerbie, just before Christmas of 1988?
A.  Agnes Moorhead (Endora)
B.  Dick York (Darrin)
C.  Marion Lorne (Aunt Clara)
D.  George Tobias (Abner Kravitz)
E.  David White (Larry Tate)

Dick York with Montgomery

15.  Why was Dick York replaced as Darrin on the show?
A.  He had a heart condition.
B.  He quit because he was tired of playing the part.
C.  .  He had a severe back condition.
D.  He wanted to spend more time with his real-life family.
E.  He was not getting along with his co-star Elizabeth Montgomery.

16.  What happened to Darrin’s mother, Phyllis Stephens, whenever she witnessed a witch’s spell or strange happenings at her son’s home.
A.  She fainted
B.  She developed a headache.
C.  She coughed uncontrollably.
D.  She covered her eyes.
E.  She laughed nervously.

17.  Which famous baseball player appeared as himself on an episode of Bewitched?
A.  Mickey Mantle
B.  Whitey Ford
C.  Don Drysdale
D.  Willie Mays
E.  Hank Aaron

18.  Endora is known for her trademark heavy eyeshadow.  What colour was her eyeshadow?
A.  purple
B.  green
C.  blue
D.  brown
E.  pink

1.  C
The agency that employed Darrin Stephens was McMann and 

2.  D

The name of Samantha's warlock physician was Dr. Bombay.  Bernard Fox played the role of Dr. Bombay   Samantha always summoned him with the words, "Calling Dr. Bombay, calling Dr. Bombay.  Emergency!  Come right away!"  Bombay showed up in various costumes, offering dubious cures and making trite jokes.

3.  B.
Aunt Clara collected doorknobs.  Marion Lorne, the actress who portrayed Aunt Clara, had a collection of antique doorknobs in real life.

4.  A
The son of Larry and Louise Tate was named Jonathan, after David White’s (Larry) real-life.

5.  D.  Sheila Summers
The name of Darrin’s former girlfriend was Sheila Summers.  The role of Sheila Summers was played by Nancy Kovack.

6.  B.
Maurice Evans played Samantha’s father. 

7.  E. 
Samantha and Darrin invite an orphan into their home.  The orphan’s name is Michael and he doesn’t believe in Santa Claus.  Samantha takes him to the North Pole to visit the real Santa Claus.  By the way, the role of Michael was played by Billy Mumy who went on to portray Will Robinson in Lost in Space.

8.  C.  254
There were 254 episodes in the series and Elizabeth Montgomery is the only one who appeared in all 254 episodes.

9.  A.
Tabitha was born on an episode that aired on January 13, 1966.  Elizabeth Montgomery was expecting her second child at the time and the pregnancy was written into the script.

10.  C.
Uncle Arthur was Endora’s younger brother.

11.  B. 
Esmerelda, played by Alice Ghostly, was the timid housekeeper of the Stephens family.  When Marion Lorne (Aunt Clara) died in 1968, rather than cast another actress in the role of Clara, it was decided to add another character to the series.  Ghostly joined the cast as Esmerelda in 1969.

12.  E.
Agnes Moorhead appeared in “Invaders”, a 1961 episode of The Twilight Zone.

13.  A. 
It was Elizabeth Montgomery’s idea to use the pseudonym “Pandora Spocks” for her role as Serena.  “Pandora Spocks” is a play on “Pandora’s Box”.

14.  E.
David White’s 33-year-old son Jonathan White was killed in the terrorist attack on Pan Am Flight 103.

15.  C
Dick York was forced to leave the series due to a severe back condition caused by an accident he had had in 1959.  It was a degenerative spinal condition and he was in constant pain.  He left the show in 1969 and was replaced by Dick Sargent.

16.  B.
She developed a headache.

17.  D
Willie Mays appeared as himself in a 1966 episode of Bewitched called “Twitch or Treat”.

18.  C.
Endora’s trademark eyeshadow was blue.


To watch a video tribute to Endora, just click on the link below.   

Some notes on Bewitched

* Bewitched aired on ABC from 1964 until 1972.

* For those wondering about Samantha's maiden name, it was never mentioned in the series.  In Al Hines' novel Bewitched, her maiden name was referred to as "Dobson."

* Endora and Maurice were not divorced.  They were separated and did not get along particulary well.

- Joanne

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