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Y&R Report (August 1, 2015): The Latest on The Young and the Restless

Hey Y&R fans, every second Saturday TV Banter discusses the latest happenings and provides commentary on your favourite daytime drama. Note to U.S. readers - SPOILER ALERT: Here in Canada, I watch the show on Global TV which is one episode ahead of CBS.  I will inevitably refer to incidents you haven't seen yet. Read at your own risk.  If you are the curious type, though, you may prefer to discover some things in advance.

Genoa City police chief Paul Williams has suffered a heat attack.  However, it seems as if he's going to be all right.  He just needs some rest and relaxation.  His wife, Christine (a.ka.a The Cricketmeister), is trying to get him to concentrate on his health and his recovery.  Meanwhile, in Paul's absence, Detective Mark Harding is holding down the fort.  He's in charge of the Genoa's City's police; and there's the rub!  Can Harding be trusted?  He's always been mysterious and we really don't know to much about him or his past.  To me, he seems smarmy and obnoxious. I've never liked his character.

With Detective Harding running the show, could the fox be guarding the hen house? Is he in league with Peruvian drug lord Marco Annicelli?  It is also possible that Austin is still alive and he is working with Marco. And what of the lovely Marisa?  Is she trustworthy?  It's interesting that Harding declared that he didn't trust her for a second.

One thing I can guarantee.  Expect a big twist in the plot when the GC killer is finally revealed.  With head writer, Charles Pratt, you never know what will happen. Marco will either go to prison or die because there cannot be two Jacks permanently.  One of them will have to go.

Colin Atkinson has returned.  What a piece of work that Aussie is!  What a sleazeball!  He sure enjoyed setting up that bachelor party for Devon and drugging him so that he would succumb to that woman named India ("like the country," as she told the hapless Devon).

Devon couldn't do anything right at the party.  He even lost a lot of money to Colin in the poker game.  I was quite amused that when Colin bragged about winning the game fair and square, his son Cane retorted, "That's the first honey money you've ever made, then, isn't it, Dad?"  Of course, we all know that Colin will do just about anything for cold hard cash.  Neil certainly took advantage of that, didn't he?

Some fans are of the opinion that Neil Wnters' quest for revenge is out of character. Kristoff St. John, who portrays Neil, disagrees.  He wrote on Twitter everyone has a dark side and speculated that his character's dark side could very well emerge after all he's been through - alcoholism, blindness, the infidelity of his wife with his own son etc.


Here's a comment from Patsy from Sarasota, Florida:

Yes Patsy, the spoiled heiress does have a way with words.  However, she hasn't had much luck with men, - Daniel, Tyler, Austin and now current boyfriend Stitch who will most certainly become involved with her mother, Ashley.  

Regular correspondent Fifi from Collingwood, Ontario had this to say:

I like Nikki's haircut.  I think it suits her.  She needed a change.  I think Neil is going to kill Hilary.

I also like Nikki's new, shorter hairstyle.  I think it's attractive and very suitable for the summer.

Am I missing something here, Fifi?  Why do you think there is going to be another murder on the show involving Neil?  I don't see that coming at all, unless you mean he's going to kill Hilary accidentally.  That may happen.

Neil may have a dark side, but he's not a cold-blooded murderer.  Besides, hasn't there been enough murder and mayhem on the show lately, especially since Charles Pratt took over as head writer.  Has Pratt convinced viewers that every character is prepared to commit murder?

Here are some thoughts from CC from Etobicoke, Ontario.

OMG!  I was totally shocked to see Nikki's hair.  Just wasn't expecting it.  She has had it in a similar style before and it really does suit her.

The thought of Neil killing someone has crossed my mind but I thought it might be Devon rather than Hilary.  Of the two of them, Devon's role has the least impact,  plus it might be a good time for him to change career roads.  Hilary is a powerful actress who is headed for greater things if that is the way she wants to go once her maternity leave is over.

Not to keen on how either the murder mystery or "the two Jacks" storylines are going.  I do like the talented actress playing Marisa but not so sure she is trustworthy enough to be with Noah.

Well CC, it's thumbs up for Nikki's new hairstyle.

Unlike you and Fifi, I have not entertained any thoughts of a murder on the show involving Neil and Hilary and Devon.  Neither have I read anything about Hilary or Devon leaving Y&R.  As far as I know, Mishael Morgan, the actress who plays Hilary, will return after she gives birth.  She is due this month.

I agree that Sofia Pernas, the actress who plays Marisa Sierras is talented.  I also think Marisa is going to break Noah's heart somewhere along the line.  I don't believe she has any intention of hurting him. It's just that she has a checkered past and a lot of dirty laundry.  Her involvement with Marco is going to catch up with her and she and Noah are most likely going to have to pay the price. They will probably both end up getting hurt.  It's obvious that Noah is very smitten with Marisa .  I would bet that they are going to have a bittersweet romance.

Speaking of romance, it appears that Billy and Victoria are beginning to rekindle theirs.  Wouldn't this be the perfect time for Billy Miller return to the role?  I have nothing against Burgess Jenkins, the current Billy, but it's hard to fill Miller's shoes. He had such good chemistry with Amelia Heinle, who portrays Princess Victoria.  In May, there was a flurry of media speculation that Miller was going to end his current stint on General Hospital and come back to Y&R.  I haven't heard anything about the matter since then.  However, there is an online petition to get him to return to the show.  If you are interested, check out the following link.


Once again, there have been online rumours that Eric Braeden is planning to leave his role as Victor Newman.  His fans can relax because there is no truth to the speculation.  Braeden responded to the the rumours with the following post on Twitter: "I am not leaving the show!  I just signed an extension, so kindly don't ask me that question again!”   Hmmm . . . Eric sounds a lot like his Y&R character. Victor always uses the expression "kindly."  He's always telling people to "kindly leave" or to "kindly" do his bidding.  As you will kindly note, it, it appears that Victor will be staying in Genoa City for a while yet.


Y&R fans, here's your chance to tell CBS what you think about the show. Executives at the network want to know your opinion.  According to Soap Central, executive producer Jill Farren Phelps is reportedly in contract negotiations.  Head writer Charles Pratt has a reputation for stirring up controversy.  Their status and the status of some of the actors could depend on you.  Network executives want you to fill out an extensive survey.  The survey is associated with Nielsen ratings.

So, fans, you can exert some influence.  This is your chance to be heard. Just click on the following link.

I have a suggestion.  Y&R used to have singers.  There was Brock Reynolds and Gina Roma.  Lauren and Danny and Traci used perform too.  Why can't a new character be introduced who entertains at the Genoa City Athletic Club?  That would be fun.


Chris Mckenna as Mark Harding

Do you trust Detective Harding?

Yes, he's not likeable but he's not corrupt. He's a cop's cop.
No, absolutely not. He's in league with Marco or Victor.
I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for now.
No, he's hiding something. We know nothing of his past.
I don't know.
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That's all for now.  Don't forget to check out the next edition Y&R Report on Saturday, August 15, 2015.

- Joanne

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