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Y&R Report (October 15, 2016): The Latest on The Young and the Restless

Hey Y&R fans, every second Saturday TV Banter discusses the latest happenings and provides commentary on your favourite daytime drama. Note to U.S. readers - SPOILER ALERT: Here in Canada, I watch the show on Global TV which is one episode ahead of CBS.  I will inevitably refer to incidents you haven't seen yet. Read at your own risk.  If you are the curious type, though, you may prefer to discover some things in advance.

The autumn leaves are falling in Genoa City and Sharon is in crisis, as usual.  Patty Williams is spooking her and she is living in fear that her big secret about Sully will be revealed to Dylan and Nick.  I'm glad that Patty is back and I enjoyed the scene between Pattycake and her brother, Paulie. Sharon's secret will probably be revealed in time for the November sweeps.  That means that Sharon and Dylan will not be together much longer.

As for Nick, I wish the writers hadn't started pairing him with Chelsea so soon.  It seems so contrived.  Their scenes in the park with Connor appear awkward.  I haven't been able to detect much chemistry between Nick and Chelsea either.  They are obviously being brought together for storyline purposes.  It could be because Adam is still alive somewhere out there.  It could also add to the problems when Sharon's secret is revealed. Don't forget that Chelsea and Victor are the only ones who know that Adam is/was Christian/Sully's biological father.  Will Chelsea tell Nick he is isn't Sully/Christian's father?

Travis Crawford made a huge mistake when he agreed to work for Victor Newman.  He will come to regret that decision and it will eventually cost him his relationship with Princess Victoria.  I don't think Travis is aware of how controlling "The Moustache" can be, especially with the men in Victoria's life.  If he had any idea, I doubt he would have agreed to work for Newman Enterprises.  It won't be long, however, before he finds out.  It won't be a pleasant experience.

It turns out that Travis isn't so squeaky clean either.  He has a skeleton in his past.  It seems he was involved with a woman named Michelle, who just happened to be his boss's wife/  When his boss caught wind of the affair, Travis was fired and blacklisted on Wall Street.  Nobody's perfect, of course, and Travis did come clean to Victoria.  However, he did so after being cornered by Ashley Abbott.  Ashley was acquainted with Travis in New York and she knew about his past.

Is Travis just a gigolo?  Did he use Michelle and Victoria to advance in the business world?  Not surprisingly, Victoria was initially upset and suspicious when Travis revealed the truth to her. He quickly defended himself by claiming that he really did love Michelle  He also pointed out that Victoria came into his bar and that he did not seek her out.  She has forgiven him, but who can blame her for having trust issues after Billy's shenanigans?  Travis isn't out of the woods yet, though.  Don't be surprised if Michelle eventually turns up in Genoa City to cause trouble.  

It's obvious that Billy Boy Abbott and Travis are competing for the affections of the fair Victoria.  I enjoyed the scene where they were both thrown in jail.  It provided dome comic relief.  Although Victoria pretended that she was disinterested in their childish antics, I think the opposite is true.  I think she's flattered by the attention she is receiving from the two men.  She'd never admit it, but I think she's enjoying the competition.

On the anniversary of Delia's death, Chloe introduced Billy Boy to Bella, who is presumably his daughter - although he doesn't know it yet.  When Billy finds out, he will have to deal with a lot of complications (as if Billy needs any more complications in his mixed up life!).  For example, will he seek custody of Bella if Chloe is returned to the psychiatric hospital?  Billy won't be the only one affected when the truth about Bella's paternity is revealed .  What if Kevin Fisher marries Chloe again?  Kevin has grown quite attached to Bella and he really wants to be a father to her.  Will he someday fight Billy for custody of Bella?

Surprise!  Surprise!  Hilary's good behaviour won't last much longer.  She'll veer off the high road and drive right into the gutter.    According to an Internet spoiler, she'll go too far while chasing a hot scoop.

Phyllis want to help Jack in his quest to bring Victor down.  What a waste of time!  When will they ever learn?  The writers have made Victor invincible.  He may spend time in prison.  He may be reprimanded by his family and by his friends and foes.  Yet he always rises up like a phoenix.  He always returns to his office and his desk.  As for that infernal portrait of him, it will always hang on that wall.  It may be taken down sometimes, but it will always be returned.  So, good luck, Jack and Phyllis.  You'll need it because you're embarking on a voyage of futility.  It may be of benefit to Phyllis, though.  It may bring her closer to Jack. The redhead is very attracted to men who are out for revenge.


Steve Burton (Dylan McAvoy) to leave Y&R

There is some sad  news for fans of Steve Burton.  The actor has announced that he will be leaving his role as Dylan McAvoy on Y&R.  After three years of playing Dylan, Burton has decided to exit the show when his contract ends in December.  He feels it's time for new pursuits.  Here's what he wrote on Twitter:  "I've had an amazing time, but it feels right to move on to new adventures in my life.  I can't say enough about the AWESOME cast and crew.  Much respect!"  

The announcement comes as a surprise to disappointed fans of Steve Burton.  Remember, though, that his wife Sheree and their three children live in Nashville, Tennessee.  That's a lot of commuting from Los Angeles and I'm sure it's difficult for Steve and his family.

As of this writing, it's unclear if a new actor will play the part or whether the character will be written off.  Dylan may leave town when he discovers Sharon's secrets and lies.  He may also be killed off.  In fact, he may dihie heroically saving someone's life.  Another option would be to have him leave Genoa City for a while and then return with another actor playing the role.

Mara McCaffray to return as Natalie for a brief stint

Mara McCaffray will be back in her role as super computer hacker Natalie Soderberg during the week of October 17th.  I am not a big fan of the Natalie character, but she's obviously returning for storyline purposes.  McCaffray last appeared on Y&R in early August, 2016.


I enjoyed Billy's reaction when Victoria informed him that it was Travis' first day on the job at Newman Enterprises.  Billy said it was Travis' first day as an MIT - Moustache-In-Training.


Would you like to see a new Dylan after Steve Burton leaves

Yes, I really like the character of Dylan and he's an important part of the storyline.
Yes, but not until some time has passed. He should leave town for a while.
No, I can do without the character. He should leave town permanetly or be killed off.
No. I really like Steve Burton and I don't want another actor to play Dylan. If the character dies, he should die a hero.
Maybe. It depends on how important Dylan is to the storyline.
I don't know.
It doesn't matter to me.
Please Specify:

That's all for now.  Don't forget that the next edition of Y&R Report will appear in this space on Saturday, October 29, 2016.

- Joanne

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