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Y&R Report (February 18, 2017): The Latest on The Young and the Restless

Hey Y&R fans, every second Saturday TV Banter discusses the latest happenings and provides commentary on your favourite daytime drama. Note to U.S. readers - SPOILER ALERT: Here in Canada, I watch the show on Global TV which is one episode ahead of CBS.  I will inevitably refer to incidents you haven't seen yet. Read at your own risk.  If you are the curious type, though, you may prefer to discover some things in advance.

Well fans, I hope you had a better Valentine Day than the residents of Genoa City.   Lily and Cane argued while celebrating their anniversary and she asked him to leave the restaurant.  Billy accused Victoria of behavinglike her father, Victor, and of being a cold person.  Ashley and Jack Abbott did not have Valentine dates. Phyllis is searching for a new man 

Sugar Cane Ashby has been behaving rather childishly.  If anyone is entitled to Brash & Sassy, it's Victoria.  She built that company from the ground up.  As she is fond of saying, it's her baby, her pride and joy.  It's not as if she's decided to kick Cane out of the company.  He's has quite a good executive position. Why can't he be satisfied with his job and with Lily and his family.  Most people would consider him extremely fortunate.  As for Lily, isn't she acting rather too chummy with that photographer, Jordan.  I don't blame Cane for not being too happy about that, especially given her history with Joe Clark.

Jill's Valentine's Day was an absolute disaster.  She is now facing the worst crisis of her life.  Her scoundrel of a husband, Colin, completely drained her back accounts.  He squandered all her money on bad investments and gambling.  A fiasco ensued when Jill discovered his betrayal.  The sly Aussie was shut out in the cold.  That wasn't all, though.  Jill ended up having a heart attack.

I have to commend Y&R for drawing attention to woman's heart disease during the month of February, which is "heart month."  It was a very responsible thing to do and a great public service. It may even save lives.

I truly enjoyed Ashley's reminiscences about her late father, John Abbott.  Her memories about her John were very touching and those flashback scenes were a treat.  It's all part of head writer Sally's Sussman's determination to connect the show to its past and to honour it history.

Ravi is a difficult character to figure out.  He seems sincere and he appears to really care about Ashley.  They have developed a connection and their conversations can be quite meaningful. However, Ravi seems so nervous and awkward.  We know little about his background..  Ashley is always the one who provides him with information about herself.  Ravi, on the other hand, doesn't reveal much.  What's going on in his life other than his job at Jabot?  Doesn't he have any family and friends?  He seems to be more comfortable in the company of older women such as Ashley and Phyllis than woman closer to his own age.  When he was introduced to Mariah, he couldn't relate to her at all.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I suspect there is more to Ravi than meets the eye.  There's may be something we viewers don't know about.  That's why I don't know what to think about him and I don't completely trust him.

Y&R has new cast photos in its opening credits.  They replace black and white photos and are much brighter and upbeat.  They give the show a fresh look.

Now that Lauren's son, Scott, is coming to town.  As a journalist who has been in war zones, he could be a fascinating chraracter.  I wounder which of Genoa City's eligible women he's going to romance. Abby and Mariah are the first to come to mind - especially Mariah.  I would really like her to find someone other than Kevin.  He doesn't appreciate her enough.

Get ready for a big love triangle involving Nick, Chelsea and Sharon.  This time, Sharon might win Nick back.  She has a few advantages over Chelsea.  She has more of a history with Nick.  Faith wants her parents to reunite.  Chelsea is keeping a huge secret from Nick.  She and Victor both know that Adam is really Christian's biological father.  Nick will eventually discover the truth and he will be extremely angry with Chelsea for hiding it from him.  Believe it or not, Sharon is not keeping any secrets from Nick right now.


Sofia Pernas

I've been wondering about Sofia Pernas, who plays Marisa Sierrass.  She has not appeared on Y&R for quite a while.  However, her on-screen love interest, Noah Newam (Robert Adamson), has had a great deal of air time lately.  He's been mostly seen helping his father, Nick, with his restaurant, The Underground.  We know that Noah and Marisa are still together because Noah was asked about her and explained that she couldn't make an appearance.

I have been trying to find out if Sofia Pernas is still with The Young and The Restless.  So far, I have been unable to find an answer.  She is making appearances on prime time shows.  For example, she plays Jane's cousin, Catalina, on Jane the Virgin.  

Last March, Sofia was cast in a starring role on CW's pilot, Transylvania.  At that time, she told that she would be staying on Y&R in a recurring capacity unless her pilot is picked up as a series.   In May, CW announced that it had passed over Transylvania.  

All of this leaves me wondering if Sofia is still with Y&R, at least in a recurring role.  I don't think she quite fits into the current storylines.  If she isn't coming back, however, why didn't Noah say that he had broken up with her.  As soon as I find out some information on Sofia, I will keep you posted.


The Great Victor Newman has been making a lot of rumblings lately about retiring.  Does he really mean it or is he just blowing smoke?  After all, he's not one to give up power easily.  So, is he playing games to test his children?  Does he have something up his sleeve or is he really ready to step down as head honcho?  What do you think?

Do you think Victor is really ready to retire or is he up to his old tricks?

Yes, I think Victor has really mellowed and he's ready to hand over the reins of power.
No way. Are you kidding? Victor will never retire. He likes to be in control.
No. I don't think he's ready to retire yet, but he's definitely up to something.
I don't know.
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