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Y&R Report (October 2, 2021): The Latest on The Young and the Restless

 Hi fans,

It promises to be an exciting autumn in Genoa City.  I can't wait to watch the two weddings in Italy - Kyle and Summer's in Milan and Victoria and Ashland's in Tuscany.  It should be so much fun.

So, Ashland Locke still hasn't come clean.  He has only divulged some of the story.  He has revealed that his real name is Bobby DeFranco.and that he has assumed the identity of  his friend, Ashland Locke.  The original Ashland Locke died in a car crash 40 years ago.  After hearing that part of the story, Victoria felt sympathetic toward Ashland because he had tried to escape from the clutches of an abusive father.  The Princess became angry with her brother Nick for forcing Ashton to recall painful memories from his past.

By his own admission, Ashland Locke has not revealed everything yet.  When  Victoria complained that he was behaving like Billy and lying to her, he finally confessed that he hadn't told her the entire story.  She agreed to leave early for Italy with him and he promised to tell her more.  What Ashland has already revealed to Victoria and Nick puts him in a favourable, but somewhat opportunistic, light.  It does not paint him as a hardened criminal or an evil man.  In fact, he comes across as someone who suffered greatly and was a victim of circumstances.  If that's the case, though, why was Ashland willing to pay three million dollars to cover up his past?  Why was he so hesitant about telling the whole truth?  Why didn't he at least tell Victoria sooner?  Why did he wait until he was boxed into a corner?

There are even more questions.  How did Ashland obtain the money to purchase the television stations that launched his business career?  What happened to Camilla Rhodes, the older woman who was his mentor?  Did Ashland have something to do with her death.  Billy Abbott is already trying to find information about Camilla's will.  He would love to pin a murder on Ashland. Locke.  It's doubtful, however, that Ashland will turn out to be a murderer.  Richard Burgi, who plays Ashland, is very popular among female viewers.  So, I don't think the writers want him to be a real villain.  It's possible that before Burgi turned out to be a fan favourite, they planned to make Ashland the Locke-ness Monster.  Now he's a puppy dog.  He doesn't seem very scary.  

Fashion your seatbelts as the Ashland Locke saga unravels this fall.  There's much more to come.  We haven't heard the whole story yet - not by any means.  In the previews for this coming week, Victoria is shown questioning Ashland about "criminal activities."  Perhaps Bobby/Ashland's abusive father was involved in criminal activities.  

Despite all the drama surrounding Ashland's past, it looks as if the nuptials in Tuscany will go ahead as planned.  Who knows, though, if Victoria and Ashland will actually complete their vows.  Since this is a soap, expect some disruptions.  No matter what happens, that wedding is going to be a fascinating event.  

Janice Lynde, who portrayed concert pianist Leslie Brooks on Y&R back in the 1970s, is scheduled to make some appearances on the show.  Nikki mentioned that Leslie will play the piano at Victoria's wedding.  By the way, I think that the bride will end up wearing the dress that Sally Spectra designed.  I have no idea how Sally will manage to pull that off, but she'll find a way.  Somehow Victoria will wear an exquisite dress that viewers haven't seen yet.

Speaking of Victoria, how do you like that portrait of her in her office?  I think it's really beautiful.  I never thought that Victor's portrait would ever be removed.  It's supposedly hanging in the boardroom of Newman Enterprises.  Of course, daddy Victor has outdone himself again by gifting his princess with the Newman villa in Tuscany.  

Y&R has done an exceptionally poor job in portraying baby Dominic.  I realize that they probably couldn't show a real baby due to COVID regulations.  Still, why can't they fill out that blanket some more.  It really looks fake, as if there's almost nothing inside, never mind an infant.


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\I have received an email from longtime Y&R fan, CC in Etobicoke, Ontario.  Here are CC's comments:

Good to read your thoughts today, Joanne.  As far as I am concerned, the whole Chance thing is a joke.  Do producers and writers think fans are that gullible?  The MIA topic is being portrayed insensitively, not to mention the creation of a child being handled in such a cavalier manner.  Did anyone involved give this any deep thought?

I think the person blackmailing Ashland could be his brother.

Victoria has her own agenda for being involved with Ashland.  It is as sinister as Ashland's for being involved with her . . . she thinks she will scoop the company from him, make Billy jealous, and open the door for her and Billy to be media tycoons together, even taking Chancecom away from Lily.

With Summer gone, Nick and Phyllis have lost their main glue.  Phyllis and Jack will sizzle together.

Sharon and Adam are two of a kind.

Connor can already make his father, mother and grandmother squirm.

Enjoy these beautiful autumn days.


Thanks for your comments, CC.  I don't like the Chance storyline either.  They didn't expect to fire Donny Boaz, the actor who played Chance so suddenly, right in the middle of a major storyline in which he was about to marry Abby.  We'll probably never know what really happened, but the powers that be must have been really upset with Donny to let him go at such a crucial time.  Yes, they were left in a bind, but the storyline could have been handled much better.  I really hope they reveal Chance's fate soon.  He's been gone far too long.

I question Victoria and Ashland' motives, but I'm not quite as cynical about the pair as you are.  

I also think that Phyllis and Jack "will sizzle together" again.  Although Jack doesn't want to interfere with Phyllis and Nick's relationship, that doesn't me he won't step in if their relationship falls apart on its own.  It seems to me that Jack and Phyllis are more compatible than Nick and Phyllis.  Nick and Phyllis are obviously physically attracted to each other, but the two don't have much in common outside of that.  

Yes, Sharon and Adam are indeed two of a kind.  Sharon just light up when Adam enters the room.  That's probably because Mark Gross, who plays Adam, is her real life boyfriend.  It also works for the storyline.  Poor Rey!  Sharon will never look at him that way.  Adam and Sharon will never stay away from each other.

Young Connor is no fool.  He can see right through the adults in his life.  He knows there's something between his father and Sharon.  He knows Sharon is the real reason Adam and his mother, Chelsea, broke up.

Rey and Nick are losers are losers at love.  That's probably the reason why they get along so well, even though Nick is the ex-husband of Rey's wife.

I also received an email from Fifi in Collingwood, Ontario, another longtime Y&R viewer.  Fifi wrote the following:

I must say that I could also see Ashland Locke with Phyllis.  They would make a good match.  Tired of seeing that ridiculous mini baby of Abby's who's suffocating with a blanket over its head.  They could do way better than that.  

I've never thought about Phyllis with Ashland.  Now that you mention it, I can picture them together.  They might make a good match.  

I agree with you wholeheartedly, Fifi, about the phony blanket baby.

Here are some comments from Y&R fan, Carly in Barrhaven, Ontario:

As for Ashland and Phyllis, they would make a great match.  Hopefully she does not go back to Jack.  His storyline is pathetic and the Abby/Devon/Mariah storyline is so boring that I am fast forwarding a lot.  I'm wondering if Abby and Devon will hook up.

Well Carly, I think this "poor Jack" storyline has gone on far too long.  Jack should not have to be pitied.  I'd like to see him with Phyllis again.  

There are signs that Mariah and Devon may hook up.  If Chance dies or is declared missing, 

I spoke to longtime Y&R viewer, Hellen in Scarborough.  Helen wants to know how Stitch forced Mariah into that room.  Did he hit her over the head and knock her out?  She never complained of a head sore.  So, how did he get her there.  I guess we're not supposed to ask.

That's all for now.  Please remember that the next edition of Y$R Report will appear in this space on October 16, 2021.  October 11th is Thanksgiving Day in Canada,  I would like to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers.

Take care,


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