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Y&R Report (February 19, 2022): The Latest on The Young and the Restless

Hey Y&R fans, every second Saturday TV Banter discusses the latest happenings and provides commentary on your favourite daytime drama. Note to U.S. readers - SPOILER ALERT: Here in Canada, I watch the show on Global TV which is one episode ahead of CBS.  I will inevitably refer to incidents you haven't seen yet.  Read at your own risk.  If you are the curious type, though, you may prefer to discover some things in advance.

Hi fans, 

Here are the latest happenings in Genoa City.  Billy Boy Abbott has insomnia.  What's that all about?  Chelsea is falling for Rey and baby Dominic needed to have a  bone marrow transplant.  Of course, Daddy Devon was the perfect match for the transplant and Chance has finally agreed to get professional help.

Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) is back from Milan and she looks happier and more refreshed than she has in a long time (Maybe Michelle was just burnt out and she needed a break from the show, or maybe her portrayal of a burnt-out Phyllis was very convincing).  She seems to have her old mojo back.  I'm pleased that she is staying in Genoa City, but why is she still resisting a romantic involvement with Jack?  I have a hard time believing she's afraid of them hurting each other again.  That doesn't sound like Phyllis.  When has she ever been so timid?  She's an all-in alpha type.

Jack has been receiving mysterious text messages from someone telling him to go to Los Angeles.  It appears that the message may be from his son Kermo, by his late Vietnamese wife, Luan.  Here's some background to refresh your memory.  Keemo was portrayed by Philip Moon from 1994 to 1996.  The character was written out of the show back in 1996 when Keemo left town.  So, Jack has rarely mentioned his son all these years and Keemo hasn't been seen on screen for about 26 years.  Are they really going to bring him back?  I wonder.  It's all very mysterious and some people even think Patty Williams may the author of those text messages.  However, Jack himself is hiding something.  According to the online spoilers on Soap Central, "Jack confesses."  I wonder if he has some romantic surprise for Phyllis,  Could that be what he's up to?  

What's with Chance?  Why was he so reluctant to seek professional help for his post-traumatic stress syndrome and why is he so reluctant to open up to Abby.  She had to practically beg him to confide in her.  She and others had to push him to get help for his mental issues.  He finally agreed to do so, as if he were forced into it.  At least he only asked Dr. Sharon for a referral.  It would have been ridiculous if he had asked her to treat him.  At any rate, considering he way Chance has been behaving, he must be hiding more than mental stress.

Something is definitely brewing between Chelsea and Rey - at least where Chelsea is concerned.  I don't think Chelsea would have any qualms about moving in on Rey.  Rey on the other hand, seems more morally upright and decent.  It's difficult to imagine him cheating on Sharon.  However, Chelsea may dupe him.  After all. her mother raised her to be a con woman.  No matter how things play out with Rey and Chelsea, I can see Sharon and Nick back together eventually.  It may take a while, but I think it will happen.  Sharon and Nick are far more comfortable with each other than Sharon and Rey. That's why Rey throws some pretty dirty looks whenever he notices the closeness between his wife and her former husband.  He is also jealous of the family ties between them and their children, Noah and Faith.  When Sharon faces problems with Rey concerning  her relationship with Nick (it's just a matter of time), she can't cry on Adam's shoulder any longer because he's too involved with Sally Spectra.

What is Victor up to?  He's obviously trying to bring Ashland Locke down, in order to protect his Princess Victoria.  He also wants control of all things Newman.  That is a certainty.  He can't stand the fact that the company he built is now called Newman/Locke.  He wants to remove the name Locke.  He much prefers its former name - Newman Enterprises.

I enjoyed the scene when Victor walked in on Sally and Adam just as they were about to kiss.  Victor obviously knows that the two are having a romance.  He definitely doesn't like Sally and he's not pleased that Adam has chosen her to be COO of Newman Media.  Yet, he approved her choice as COO.  Victor never does anything without a reason.  For the time being, it suits his purposes to have Sally right where she is.  The Big Man is definitely up to something.  Adam and Sally should beware. and they should be discreet unless they are ready to go public, as Sally hopes will happen.

I also wonder why Ashand is so intent on hiring Dr. Nate to work for Newman/Locke.  According to the spoilers, Victor is going to enlist Nate to "discredit Ashland."  That's going to put the good doctor in a very tight spot and will test his loyalties.

I have to say that I enjoyed Traci's scene with Jack when he teased her about having a romance with her publisher in New York.  Her response was very saucy and funny.


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Longtime Y&R viewer, CC in Etobicoke, Ontario, sent me the following email with her thoughts on Chance:

Hi Joanne,

Thanks for sharing my comments about Chance in your column last week.
Relieved to hear that we are on similar wave lengths about this character.

These days it appears to me that the writers take the storyline in whichever direction they feel will appeal most to viewers and character fans so it looks like this can become something deep or something relatively simple.  
They often seem to start it going in one direction and then shift gears as if something indicated to them that it wasn't going to be popular with viewers.

While it is too soon to judge the suitability of the actor now playing Ashland, how do you feel about the reason behind Richard Burgi's departure from the show?

I do not find any of the present major storylines particularly well done.  Each of them seem to have a major flaw that interferes with their credibility and appeal.
For example, Noah has apparently returned to G.C. to escape the aftermath of rejection by a female in London.  Or was it because he has been pining for Tessa all these months?  Either way, it is pointing at some personality weakness.  His actions toward Mariah and Tessa as in the portrait gift, often have both a loving aspect and a sly, sinister, revengeful side.
Something tells me he may be deeply disturbed in a similar way to how his mother Sharon was at one time.

Just as with Sharon, he may go over the edge at some point which will get him the attention he needs from all those worried about him, Nick, Sharon, Tessa, etc.

Perhaps the powers that be may be looking for ways to pare down the number of characters who are not key players in G. C. 

Taking the storyline in that direction could provide a route to the demise of Noah.

And it may take Mariah and Tessa with it.

Food for thought.


Thanks for your comments, CC.  Yes, it does seem that Y&R's writers have been shifting gears too often.  Part of the reason could be that the roles of Chance and Ashland Locke have been taken over by other actors.  The departure of Donny Boaz, just before Chance's wedding to Abby, caused them to change course, as did the sudden departures of the actors who played Kyle and Summer.  Still, the writing is rather uneven at times and it has been changing direction too frequently.

It's true that Richard Burgi's replacement as Ashland hasn't been on the show very long,  Yet, I still have an opinion about him.  I feely admit that I am biased, but I doubt that there is another actor more suited to the role of Ashland Locke than Richard Burgi.  The new Ashand is soap veteran Robert Newman (Gee, that's a familiar last name!).  He spent many years on Guiding Light.  He's a very capable and experienced actor.  He looks the part of a wealthy business mogul and he has a great speaking voice,  Still, he's not Richard Burgi.  He has much more of an edge than his predecessor.  Burgi showed us a likeable side to Ashland Locke.  Robert Newman's portrayal of Ashland seems more nasty and cunning.  We could believe that Burgi's Ashland really loved Victoria.  It doesn't feel that way with Robert Newman,  There simply isn't the same chemistry between Ashland and Victoria as there was when Richard Burgi portrayed Ashland.

I'm obviously disappointed about Burgi's dismissal from Y&R.  Unfortunately, he broke Y&R's COVID protocol and quarantined for five days rather than the required ten days.  It was an incredibly careless mistake, no doubt about it.  I am sure that he regrets it greatly.  The rules are there to protect the actors and the crew on the Y&R set.  Richard Burgi broke the rules and he paid the price.  Sadly, Y&R fans are the biggest losers.  If it weren't for COVID, he'd still be on the show.  

An intriguing question is whether the rules would be enforced for someone like Eric Braedein or Melody Thomas Scott.  After all, no one should be treated differently.  Still, would Y&R dare dismiss icons of that stature, who have been on the show for decades?  It's hard to say.  Just remember how terribly Doug Davidson (Paul Williams) was treated.

As for Noah, he is definitely going to do something really foolish.  He's about ready to explode.  He just can't leave Tessa and Mariah alone.  Why did he bring them a portrait of themselves?  Why did he torment himself that way?  He's being very weird.  It's interesting that we know very little about what actually happened to him in London.  What we do know is very sketchy.  Noah hasn't said much except that he was rejected by his girlfriend.  There may be more to that story.

Here are some thoughts from Y&R viewer Carly in  Barrhaven, Ontario.              

Y&R…Absolutely not a fan of the new Chance.  I find him to be too wishy-washy.
Devon is getting on my nerves so much.  That storyline can end anytime and Devon needs to get a life and have a baby with Amanda…lol
The new Ashland was on yesterday’s episode.  Although I prefer looking at Richard Burgi, I think the new actor will work out fine.  Good point about if Eric Braeden had not followed proper COVID protocol.  We know he would still have his job & rightfully so.  I love the Moustache.

As for Michelle Stafford, they need to do something more with her role instead of hanging on to Jack’s every word.  I guess they need some more fresh faces.  If she does leave, I wouldn’t blame her.  And Jack has become a real downer.

I'm not a fan of the new Chance either Carly.  He's a real downer.  I'm also not happy with what they've done to Devon Hamilton's character.  I know it's for storyline purposes, but Daddy Devon is getting on my nerves too.  He's become very self-righteous and judgmental.  I do give him credit, however, for encouraging Chance to seek professional help.


Robert Newman

Robert Newman has played the role of Ashland Locke for a very short time.  He's had to fill the shoes of the very popular Richard Burgi.  That hasn't been an easy task for the longtime soap actor.  What do you think of his performance so far?  Respond to the poll below and let me know.

What do think of Robert Newman's performance in the role of Ashland Loke so far? free polls

That's all for now.  Please remember that the next edition of Y&R Report will appear in this space on Saturday, March 5, 2020.

- Joanne

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