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Y&R Report (May 21, 2022): The Latest on The Young and the Restless

Hey Y&R fans, every second Saturday TV Banter discusses the latest happenings and provides commentary on your favourite daytime drama. Note to U.S. readers - SPOILER ALERT: Here in Canada, I watch the show on Global TV which is one episode ahead of CBS.  I will inevitably refer to incidents you haven't seen yet.  Read at your own risk.  If you are the curious type, though, you may prefer to discover some things in advance.

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Well, we expected Diane Jenkins to stir things up and she certainly hasn't disappointed.  Not surprisingly, Diane crashed the Mariah/Tessa wedding.  She just couldn't stay away, which tells me that she hasn't completely reformed.  In many ways, she's still the same old Diane and she uses her sincere love for Kyle as a cover for dirty deeds..  If she had really changed, she wouldn't have shown up at the event..  Of course, she used the excuse that she just wanted to see Kyle officiate at the wedding.  Michael Baldwin scolded her when she told her what she had done.  He tried to impress upon her that she really did crash that wedding and that it was a bad mistake.  Diane being Diane, I doubt she'll listen to Michael's sage advice.
By turning up at the wedding.  Diane did herself no favours.  She risked her chances of reconciling with Kyle.  He wasn't exactly pleased to see her there, but she is betting that he will allow her back into his life - and she is probably right.  Kyle Abbott is conflicted by the return of his mother.  He is appalled by some of her actions and he's not convinced that she has reformed.  Still, he is unable to completely reject her or to pretend that she's still dead or that she doesn't really exist. This means stormy weather ahead for Kyle and his newlywed bliss with his Snowflake bride.
We've just caught our first glimpse of the new Summer Newman, played by Allison Lanier..  She seems sweeter than the way Hunter King played her, not as rough around the edges.  The new Summer doesn't seem devious like her mother.  However,  she certainly shares Phyllis' dislike of Diane, her new mother-in-law.  Summer is planning to return to Genoa City, a decision she will probably come to regret.  
Diane is not going anywhere.  In fact, she seems to be enjoying herself, despite all the animosity towards her.  She will not be driven out of Genoa City - at least not for a while.  That means that Summer will have to deal with her, which won't be easy for Snowflake.  It will be very awkward and it will probably cause problems for her marriage to Kyle.  Summer claims that she will support her husband in whatever decision he makes regarding Diane.  As the feud between Phyllis and Diane escalates, the situation will become more and more awkward for Summer.  It will be difficult for her not to take sides.  In fact, Phyllis will demand loyalty from her daughter.  She will be very angry if Summer refuses to stand by her..  
Meanwhile, Kyle's sympathy for Diane seems to be growing.  After all, despite Diane's nefarious behaviour, she is still his mother.  In the end, the unfortunate Summer may have to choose between Phyllis and her marriage to Kyle.  By supporting Phyllis too strongly, se risks alienating him.  As for Kyle, he may have to choose between his mother and Summer.
It's obvious that Diane has too main objectives.  The first is, of course, to win Kyles's approval and become a part of his life.  The second is to bring down her archenemy, Phyllis.  She is determined to hit Phyllis where the fiery redhead is most vulnerable - her relationship with Jack.  She will probably go after Jack herself, just to punish Phyllis.  In Diane's eyes, Jack is Phyllis' weak spot.  She freaks out whenever Diane even mentions the status of their relationship and makes it clear that any discussion of Jack is strictly off limits.  Diane has taken note that Phyllis only became romantic with Jack when Diane came on the scene.  Will Jack feel that Phyllis is using him as pawn in her attack on Diane?
So, Ashland Locke met Diane in the park.  I've been waiting for those tow  to run into each other.  She the only person in Genoa City who is as unpopular as he is.  Diane seems to like his type, a wealthy business mogul.  Ashland, however, may use her to make Victoria jealous.  It's obvious that Victoria is not over him.  That's why she's decided to go on a spa vacation with Nikki, to put some space between them,  
Kyle and Summer were wrong to forbid Ashland to see Harrison.  It was mean and petty. They should not have allowed their feelings toward Ashland to interfere with Harrison's relationship with someone whom he has always regarded as a  parent.  I'm afraid that poor Harrison is going to be very confused someday.
It's about time Noah Newman got a life.  Yes, I know he's been helping Nick at New Hope and that has done some artistic work.  However, he always seems to be moping.  It's about time he stopped pining over Tessa and his failed romance in London.  I hope he gets over it  and moves on because there could be a love triangle in the works between Noah and Allie and Crystal Porter (Tessa' sister, played by Morgan Obenrede).  It all depends on whether Morgan becomes s permanent member of the cast.  As far as I know, there's been no word yet  as to whether she just came for the wedding or whether she'll stay for a while.   If she leaves, the field is wide open for Allie.  So let's focus on Allie, since Crystal may not be around town much longer.  What is really going on with Jack's granddaughter and what is her connection to Diane?  Is she really that sweet or does she have a hidden agenda? Does Diane have some connection to Allie's mother?
What is the deal with Allie's mother anyway?  Allie confided in Jack about her feelings toward her mother and how the two are estranged.  Her mother's identity hasn't been revealed yet and there is a certain mystery surrounding her.  I suspect that Allie has a painful secret that will be revealed at some point.  The secret may threaten her relationship with Noah.
Adam is conspiring again, this time with his main squeeze, Sally Spectra.  He is determined to gain control of Newman Enterprises and he has come up with what he considers to be a foolproof plan.  He and Sally have decided to help rekindle the romance between Ashland Locke and Victoria.  Adam figures that if Victoria goes back to Ashland, she will lose Victor's support and Newman Enterprises will be his for the taking. 
Michael Baldwin is playing a very dangerous game.  He's never going to please both Lauren and Victor.  In the end, he will have to make a choice.  Working for Victor Newman is challenging and exciting to him.  He doesn't seem to mind being Victor's lackey and Victor doesn't want him to play it safe.  Where does that leave Lauren, though?
I'm please that Y&R is  honouring Kate Linder and giving Esther her due.  I enjoyed the flashback scenes with her and Mrs, Chancellor and Jill.  The storyline about Esther trying out a dating app is funny and poignant.  I rally don't blame Chloe for being concerned about her mother.  That guy contacted Esther far too quickly.  My instincts tell me he may just want to sell cleaning products to Esther.  At least, Esther's expectations aren't too high.


A. Lanier (Summer)

So fans, now that you've seen Allison Lanier n the role of Summer, what kind of an impression has she made on you?  Does she suit the part?  I've had a fairly positive attitude toward her.  I think she has good chemistry with Micharl Mealor (Kyle).  Let me know what you think.  Are you pleased with Hunter King's replacement?  Reply to the poll below and let me know.

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