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Y&R Report (June 25, 2016): The Latest on The Young and the Restless


Hey Y&R fans, every second Saturday TV Banter discusses the latest happenings and provides commentary on your favourite daytime drama. Note to U.S. readers - SPOILER ALERT: Here in Canada, I watch the show on Global TV which is one episode ahead of CBS.  I will inevitably refer to incidents you haven't seen yet. Read at your own risk.  If you are the curious type, though, you may prefer to discover some things in advance.

Victor Newman has become so utterly ruthless and evil that he appears psychotic.  He's better suited to a psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane than a prison.  It was his son Adam who summed up Victor's sickly state of mind most accurately. When the elder Newman declared, with a straight face, that his conscience was clear, Adam retorted, "That's because you don't have one." Even Ian Ward seems more sane than the "The Moustache."

My point, fans, is that Victor's current behaviour is completely abnormal.  He's far worse than both Ian Ward and Patty Williams, and far more dangerous.  Now he's joined forces with yet another psychotic - namely Chloe Mitchell.  Since Elizabeth Hendrickson, who portrays Chloe, has returned to the show, it is obvious that she is the mysterious woman who is helping Victor Newman frame Adam for the murder of Costance Bingham.  The unbalanced Chloe absolutely hates Adam and she would gladly assist Victor in destroying Adam's life.

Victor certainly attracts a lot of visitors to his prison cell and he manages to intimidate them all.  He goes right on the offensive and forces his family and "friends" to go on the defensive.  There's one person, however, who handles Victor very effectively.  He stands up to old Vic and doesn't take any guff from him.  That's the prison warden himself, Mitch Pulman.  I enjoy the way Warden Pulman lays down the law with "Moneybags."  He doesn't allow Victor to manipulate him.  He's also very firm with the very foolish Dr. Meredith Gates.

Sharon is off her medication.  She threw her meds into a garbage bin, but didn't seem concerned that Dylan might discover them there.  Now she's being haunted by visions of Sage.  Kelly Sullivan, who plays Sage, appears to be having a great old time playing an apparition.  She seems tor relish giving Sharon the death stare and scaring her out of her wits.

Should Summer and her Aunt Victoria trust the men in their lives?  Snowflake seems so happy with Luca, frolicking around the swimming pool.  Victoria just loves to dance with Travis at his dingy bar. Are they both in for major disappointments.  Were either of those men them behind the disastrous Newman oil spills?

Luca may have feeling for Summer, but will he put her ahead of his overriding ambitions?
I don't think so.  He doesn't want to hurt Snowflake but he is determined to gain control of Newman Enterprises.  That is his priority.  Summer's heart is going to be broken.

I wonder about Travis.  Lately, he seems too good to be true.  Is he really as ethical about business as he claims to be?  Did he really leave Wall Street because he wanted to change his life?  Victoria is reluctant to trust him, having been lied to so often.  At the moment,she seems to be buying in to Travis' explanations for his actions, though. Admittedly, Travis' explanations sound more plausible than Luca's, but is he just a very good talker?   Are aunt and niece both destined to suffer a broken heart or is Travis the real deal?  Could either (or both)  Luca and Travis be working for Victor?  If Victor is behind the oil spills, along with his other schemes, he sure is a busy man behind those prison walls.  He's orchestrating more evil deeds than when he was free.

Why is Billy Abbott so jealous of Travis if he is so enamoured of Phyllis?  Why is he so hostile toward Victoria's "new man?"  Perhaps it's the storyline, but I find Billy, as portrayed by Jason Thompson, to be quite unlikable.  His character has become dark and vengeful, as reflected by the terrible decor at his new home, the former Chancellor mansion.  He's also seems to have lost the boyish sense of humour he had when Billy Miller played the role.

Y&R should lighten up a bit.  It's too tense.  So many of the residents of Genoa City are nervous and stressed.  Why not have a few more funny scenes or a summer barbecue party in Chancellor Park?


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Here is a comment from regular contributor, CC in Etobicoke, Ontario.  CC writes about the online theory that Bethany, played by Chrishell Stause (the real life girlfriend of Justin Hartley, who plays Adam Newman), was cast on the show to appease the demands of her boyfriend.

I agree with this theory. Both the actress and the character are lame.

I tend to agree with you, CC.  I think thee's some nepotism involved.  Justin is a very good actor and The Young and the Restless certainly does not want to lose him.  The producers know that he will soon be starring on a prime time series called This is Us and they don't want him to leave Y&R because he doesn't want to do both shows.  Justin Hartley keeps the ratings up and he has a large fan following.  The last thing the producers need is a serious fan backlash.  There is little doubt that they want to keep him happy. There is also little doubt that they want to go through the arduous process of casting a new Adam Newman.  The character of Adam is central to the storyline.  He and Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) are a very popular couple, They have chemistry. Speaking of Melissa, she is a good friend of Chrishell and she was quite pleased to have her on the show.  I'm sure the producers want to keep her satisfied too.

Having said all that, I must remind you that, according to Internet reports,  Chrishell's "arc as Bethany" spans 12 episodes.  It doesn't appear that she is a permanent cast member. Since you are obviously not impressed by her acting ability, you will be pleased to know that she probably won't be on Y&R much longer.  Her character was needed to be a decoy to prevent Jack from discovering the truth about Phyllis and Billy.  We all know that Billphyll  (Phyllbill?)  won't be able to keep their dirty little secret hidden much longer.


Jason Thompson (Billy Abbott) is a new father

Jason Thompson (Billy Abbott) is a new father.  His wife, Paloma, gave birth to a baby boy recently. The child's name is Bowie.  Hmmm . . . Maybe he and Paloma were fans of the deceased singer David Bowie and they decided to pay tribute to him by naming their child after him.

Alyvia Alyn Lind (Faith Newman) to star in another Dolly Parton TV movie

Aly Lind with Dolly Parton

Talented child star Alyvia Alyn Lind will portray a young Dolly Parton again in the sequel to last year's television TV movie Coat of Many Colors.  The sequel is a special for the holiday season and is titled Dolly Parton's Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love.  The cast of the original film will be featured in the new one as the story of the Parton family of rural Tennessee unfolds.


In the last edition of Y&R Report, I mentioned that Michael E. Knight (Dr. Simon Neville) may be exiting The Young and the Restless.  A report claims that he will be leaving the show soon. According to TVInsider writer Michael Logan, the decision to let him go was made under former Executive Producer Jill Farren Phelp.

Michael was never on contract, but he was involved in a huge storyline.  In my opinion, it's a huge mistake to let him leave.  He hasn't even had his much-anticipated epic romance with Ashley Abbott yet.  Fans really want to see that happen.  How can it be left unfinished?  What will happen to the drug trial storyline involving several major characters, with Hilary and Ashley front and centre.  Now that Jill Farren Phelps has departed, why can't the decision regarding Michael E. Knight be reversed? I and many other fans will be disappointed and unsatisfied if Neville leaves Genoa City.  The storyline can't be the same without him.

Do you agree with me about Michael E. Knight or do you have a different opinion?

Are you disappointed that Michael E. Knight (Dr. Neville) may be leaving Y&R?

Yes, he's a good actor and I would like to see a romance between Dr. Neville and Ashley Abbott
No, I don't really like his character. I can do without him on the show.
It really doesn't matter very much to me.
Please Specify:
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That's all for now.  The next edition of Y&R Report will appear in this space on Saturday July 9, 2016.  

- Joanne

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