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Y&R Report (September 28, 2019): The Latest on The Young and the Restless


Hey Y&R fans, every second Saturday TV Banter discusses the latest happenings and provides commentary on your favourite daytime drama. Note to U.S. readers - SPOILER ALERT: Here in Canada, I watch the show on Global TV which is one episode ahead of CBS.  I will inevitably refer to incidents you haven't seen yet. Read at your own risk.  If you are the curious type, though, you may prefer to discover some things in advance. 

So, Victor really isn't dead (no surprise).  Victoria was arrested for his supposed murder after being set up by Adam.  Mishael Morgan is back, but not as Hilary.  There is a lot happening in Genoa City. as we head into autumn.

Victor Newman has cheated death before and Y&R would have been crazy to kill off such a popular character.  The plot is somewhat convoluted, though.  One thing really bothers me.  If Nikki and most of the Newmans were in on Victor's plan, why did they behave as if they really believed he was dead, even when they were alone and Adam was not around?  At least we know why Dr. Nate's tablet came into play.  Adam used it to set up Victoria.

The writers seem to be doing an about-face where Adam, Theo and Summer are concerned, or at least they are showing another side of those characters.  They are trying to present this trio of troublemakers in a more sympathetic manner, probably so that they will become more popular with viewers.  Now that Adam knows that Victor is still alive, he is suddenly very contrite.  He regrets what he has done and doesn't think he's worthy of being a father to Connor.  As for the Snowflake, she is truly grieving her grandfather's "death" and is very vulnerable (She was not told that Victor is still alive because the rest of the family thought she might reveal the truth to her mother, Phyllis).  Theo opened up to Summer and told her about his childhood and the death of his father.  All of that is probably good because no one is one-dimensional.  It's about time those characters showed a more human side.  Nevertheless, I still can't warm up to Theo.

Regular readers will know that in the August 17th edition of Y&R Report, I wrote about speculation that Mischel Morgan was returning to The Young and the RestlessSoap Dish cited a "reliable source" who stated that Mischel would be returning to the show.  It was not known in what capacity she would be returning since her character, Hilary, was definitely dead, not presumed dead.  Well, the source was indeed "reliable" and Mischel is back, but not as Hilary.

Y&R frequently resurrects characters from the dead and uses four methods to so: The first method is that the character somehow survives, although considered dead by other residents of Genoa City.  For example, Adam survived an explosion and J.T. survived being buried alive.  The second method is that the dead character has an identical twin, as in the case of Mariah being Cassie's twin.  The third method is that the dearly departed faked his or her own death.  Examples of this are Victor pretending to be dead in order to bring down Adam and Chloe alive in the coffin at her own funeral. The fourth method is the look-alike method.  That's what the writers have done with Mischel Morgan.  They've changed her hairstyle and voila, a Hilary look-alike.

Mischel's look-alike character is a lawyer named Amanda Sinclair, who is involved in the challenge to Devon's multi-billion dollar inheritance from his grandmother, Katherine Chancellor.  Amanda's personality seems very different from Hilary's, although the two are dead ringers.  It remains to be determined if viewers will warm up to Mischel's new character.

I am not a big fan of look-alike characters, but there was not much choice in finding a way to bring Mischel back.  Hilary was as dead as a doornail and a long lost identical twin would have been worse than a look-alike in this instance. Perhaps the writers should not be so fast to kill characters off, unless it's absolutely necessary to a storyline, or unless the actor dies in real life like Jeanne Cooper (Mrs. Chacellor) and Kristoff St. John (Neil Winters).  It is very common for actors whose characters have died to return after some time off.  It would be much better for those characters to leave town or to write them out in some other way so that there will be an opening for them to come back as the same character.

Devon doesn't think it's a coincidence that a Hilary look-alike was sent to his place and has vowed to get to the bottom of it.  Will he eventually fall for Amanda because of her resemblance to his late wife?  Even if he doesn't, Amanda's presence is bound to cause enormous difficulties for him and his girlfriend, Elena.  This could lead Elena to knock on Dr. Nate's door.  In fact, I think it's inevitable that Nate and Elena become a couple.  That leaves Abby out in the cold.  With her poor judgement in men, she'll probably hook up with Theo.  He doesn't want to settle down either.

Something strange is going on with Philip Chancellor 1V, better known as Chance.  Why is he suddenly challenging Katherine's will and Devon's inheritance?  Is Chance really doing this or is somebody else behind it?  What has happened to Chance anyway?  He was a disciplined soldier, a straight arrow.  Has he changed?  Why was he involved with Adam in Las Vegas?  Chance's grandmother, Jill, has not been able to contact him.  Jill does not believe that his bahaviour has changed.  She is convinced that he is still decent and trustworthy.

Chamce may show up in Genoa City and we will get some answers.  If he does return, I wonder if a different actor will play the role.  John Driscoll was the last actor to portray Chance (from 2009 to 2011).  For those of you who don't remember or haven't been watching the show for long, Chance is the son of Nina Webster and Philip Chancellor III.  I also wonder if Nina (Tricia Cast) will also return to GC since head writer Josh Griffith likes to have familiar faces on the show (I doubt it, though).

Chance's lawyer, Amanda Sinclair, has claimed that Mrs. Chancellor actually bequeathed a great deal of her fortune to Candy Cane Ashby.  That doesn't necessarily mean, however, that Chance won't show up eventually.  If he doesn't show up, I think it's poor writing.  Why mention Chance so often if he is not going to be be in the picture?  Why not show his face.  At the very least, viewers are owed an explanation as to what happened to him.

John Driscoll

Tricia Cast in 

Faith Newman may come from a very wealthy family, but she hasn't exactly had a very stable childhood.  Her parents, Nick and Sharon, have ridden a merry-go-round with their myriad spouses and significant others.  Now Faith has been sent away to boarding school, just like her father, Nick, her Aunt Victoria and her Uncle Billy.  When she returns, she will look about 20 years old.  She will probably be spoiled and bitter..  I wish Y&R would keep the same Faith, Alyvia Alan Lind, and let her grow up naturally.  I doubt they'll do that, though.  They are in a hurry to make her an adult for storyline purposes.

Nick Newman has to be one of the biggest losers at love.  His romance with Chelsea seems to be over because he did not tell her that Victor was still alive.  As for Chelsea, she appears to be more sympathetic toward Adam lately.  Maybe both Chelsa and Sharon will find themselves competing for Adam's affections.


Christel Khalil is back as Lily Winters

Great news for fans of Christel Khalil.  She's returning to Genoa City as Lily.  In the summer of 2018, Christel decided to cut back her appearances and was dropped to recurring status.  Since then, she has appeared in some episodes related to the death of her TV dad, Neil Winters (Kristoff St. John).and tributes honouring Kristoff.  She also played the role of Iris in sequences from Traci Abbott's novel.

An airdate for Christel's return has not been announced yet.  However, now that Mishael Morgan is back, although not as Hilary, it will be wonderful to see both of them together.  Lily is really going to freak out when she see's Hilary's look-alike.  Also, it will be interesting to see what will happen if Cane inherits all that money from Katherine.

Former General Hospital star coming to Y&R

Jeffrey Vincent Parise (ex-Carlos Rivera on General Hospital) is coming to Y&R.  He has been cast as Simon Black, a dangerous strange who will stir up trouble in Genoa City.  The mysterious Simon come to Geona City to settle some unfinished business.  That certainly sounds ominous.  I wonder if his target.

Parise, 48, is a native of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Beth Maitland (Traci Abbott) back on the show's opening credits

Beth Maitland (Traci Abbott) certainly has an expanded role on Y&R these days.  Traci  recently completed a novel and decided against having a romance with Cane Ashby.  Now Jack has asked her to write a book on the history of the Abbott family. Now Beth is back in the show's opening credits.  Her face now appears during Y&R's opening theme.  Beth expressed her delight about this on Instagram when she wrote, "So excited to be back after over two decades in the opening credits."


Mishael Morgan

How do you feel about Mishael Morgan's return as a look-alike character?  Are you happy that's she's back, even though she's not playing Hilary?  Respond to the poll below and let me know.

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