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Y&R Report (November 7, 2020): The latest on The Young and the Restless

 Hey Y&R fans, every second Saturday TV Banter discusses the latest happenings and provides commentary on your favourite daytime drama.  Note to U.S. readers - SPOILER ALERT: Here in Canada, I watch the show on Global TV which is one episode ahead of CBS.  I will inevitably refer to incidents you haven't seen yet.  Read at your own risk.  If you are the curious type, though, you may prefer to discover some things in advance. 

Hi fans,

It's time for the November sweeps and The Young and The Restless is going to pull out all the stops for ratings.  The end of this month also marks a significant milestone for Y&R - the show's 12,000th episode.  That's just another reason why November should be fun for viewers.

So, we've had our first look at the two new characters in Genoa City: Jordan and Sally Spectra.
They are both troublemakers and they will stir things up.  Jordan is Faith Newman's new best friend.  She's older and more worldly than Faith and she also seems to be a female Eddie Haskell type.  Faith is at a rebellious age and Jordan is is going to get her into a real mess.  Her concerned dad, Nick Newman, is in for a tough time.  He may be about to experience Cassie, the Teenage Rebel, Part II.

Faith was deeply upset when she encountered Adam speaking to Sharon in the Crimson Lights coffeehouse.  She later spoke to Jordan about it. Jordan told Faith that she had something that might help.  Then she opened her backpack and smiled as she showed Faith what was inside - most likely drugs.  

As for Sally Spectra, she's landed herself a job as Lauren's executive assistant.  She's admitted that she's after a bigger prize, which I think is Jack Abbott, although she is rather young for Jack.  However, Jack is looking for romance and he'd be very vulnerable to Sally's charms right now.  If Sally goes after Jack, it could set up a love triangle storyline.  Maybe Jack's son, Kyle, will also fall for Sally, since he's on the rebound from his breakup with Snowflake.  That will definitely cause conflict.

Lily and Billy have started a new romance.  As with every soap romance, there will be bumps on the road, especially where Billy is concerned.  The two won't be able to hide their romance much longer, though, since Amanda and Devon are already onto them.

Did you notice that Y&R completely ignored Halloween this year.  No costumes - nothing.  It wasn't even mentioned.  I guess the COVID regulations prevented them from doing much.

Adam Newman has really gone over to The Dark Side - having Chelsea kidnapped and locked in a room, and it looks like were headed for a whodunnit during the November sweeps.  It looks like we'll be guessing who shot Chance, who tried to protect Adam from a bullet.
According to online spoilers, there will be a juicy "whodunnit" in Genoa City.  Paul and Michael and Rey will try to find the culprit.  I'm not sure if the mystery will be about who tried to shoot Adam.  At any rate, Rey and Sharon's wedding will be put on the backburner because of Rey's involvement in the 
police investigation. I doubt the wedding will ever happen, especially since online spoilers also say that Sharon will break her promise to stay away from Adam.  Why am I not surprised about that?

Two people connected with The Young and the Restless have tested positive for COVID, according to memo sent to the production crew. They are in self-isolation and production of the show continues.


Trish Cast will be back as Nina Webster

Tricia Cast in 1986

Yes, Tricia Cast is returning as Nina Webster.  Tricia first joined the cast of Y&R in 1986.  She received a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series in 1992.  It makes perfect sense to bring her character, Nina, back now.  Nina's been a Hollywood scriptwriter for years now, but with her son, Chance (Donny Boaz) back in Genoa City, she has every reason to come home for a visit.  I wonder how she'll get along with Chance's girlfriend, Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway.  I'm sure Nina will also spend some time with her best friend Christine, whom she always called "Cricket."  That would be a good way to give some screen time to Cricket (Lauralee Bell) and her husband, Paul Williams (Doug Davidson).

Tricia is expected to make an appearance early this month and again at the end of November to help celebrate Y&R's 12,000th episode.

Tyler Johnson (Theo Vanderway) to leave Y&R

Tyler Johnson, who portrays Theo Vanderszy on Y&R has announced on Twitter that his time on the show is over.  He tweeted the following: "I've always been an optimist.  Today isn't an end, but a new beginning.  Thank you everyone tuned in to watch Theo Vanderway - it was all a blast.  The future is bright.  Love you all."

Tyler's stay in Genoa City hasn't been long, and to be honest, he has never been a fan favourite.  His character didn't seem to catch on with viewers.

Eileen Davidson (Ashley Abbott) to star in new comedy

Eileen Davidson, who portrays Ashley Abbott, has signed to play Brenda, a "has-been actress" in Duke of the Valley, a new sitcom which also features Eileen's husband, Vince Van Patten, their son Duke Van Patten, as well as Vince's real life brother, James Van Patten.  The sitcom is based on the memoirs of Vince's father, the late Dick Van Patten, who starred in Eight is Enough.  

Written and created by father and son duo Vince and Duke Van Patten, Duke of the Valley chronicles the life of Duke Van Patten, who plays himself., as he tries to make a name for himself as a Hollywood actor.  Meanwhile, he lives in a dingy fictional apartment in the San Fernando Valley, owned by his Uncle Jimmy Van Patten, played by, of course, James Van Patten.  Vince Van Patten  portrays a homeless man who wants to camp outside the apartment building.

The show sounds interesting and I intend to watch it.


* Melissa Claire Eagan's (Chelsea) real life husband, Matt Katrosar, will appear on the show this week as her abductor.

* Lauren Woodland returns to Genoa City as lawyer Brittany Hodges on Friday, November 13th (CBS), Thursday , November 12 (Global TV)..  According to onlone spoilers, Theo will hire Brittany lawyer to represent him in a lawsuit against the Abbott family.


Besides Phyllis, there is now another fiery redhead in town.  It's the ambitious Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope), who has secured a job as Lauren Fenmore's assistant. Who do you think Sally should be paired with?  She already knows Theo (Tyler Johnson) but he will be leaving town.  So, what do you think, fans?  Click on the poll below and let me know.

Who makes a good match for Sally Spectra?
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