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Y&R Report: (March 27, 2021 ): The Latest on The Young and the Restless

Hey Y&R fans, every second Saturday TV Banter discusses the latest happenings and provides commentary on your favourite daytime drama. Note to U.S. readers - SPOILER ALERT: Here in Canada, I watch the show on Global TV which is one episode ahead of CBS. I will inevitably refer to incidents you haven't seen yet. Read at your own risk. If you are the curious type, though, you may prefer to discover some things in advance

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So, Rey Rosales was poisoned, but he's not going to die.  His life was saved by Dr. Nate and Dr. Elena.  That means that Jordi Vilasuso, the actor who portrays Rey, has not been written out of the show.  .  Adam will likely be charged with the crime.  Detective Rey has already asked District Attorney Michael Baldwin to question Adam.  Rey has also done a search of Sharon and Rey's home and he can't wait to put the handcuffs on his nemesis.  Methinks Detective Rosales is too personally and emotionally involved in this investigation to be objective and fair.

Viewers do not want soaps to be like the real world, especially when the real world is in the midst of a horrid pandemic.  How many people can just call up a doctor who will come immediately to your home during a health crisis.  That's what Sharon did.  When Rey's illness became worse, she just called Dr. Nate and he showed up at her doorstep right away.

It certainly hasn't been an easy time for young Faith Newman.  Her mother, Sharon, had a breast cancer scare.  Much to Faith's consternation, an article about her uncle, Adam, revealed how he switched her at birth. She's been bullied at school.  Her "friend" Jordan got her involved in underage drinking.  Her mother can't seen to stay away from Adam.  Her stepfather, Rey, was poisoned and suspects Adam.  

Faith felt elated when a boy began sending her admiring text messages.  However, she was crushed to learn that she had been hoodwinked by the devious Jordan.  Faith never had a secret admirer.  There never was a boy.  It was Jordan who pretended to be her admirer.  Faith was absolutely heartbroken.  She took some alcohol from Victor and Nikki's ranch and tried to drive a truck, although she doesn't even have a beginner's permit.  Using an app to locate her, Nick an Sharon tried frantically to catch up to her.  However, Faith was distracted by her cellphone and crashed.

Never fear, though.  Faith won't end up like her older sister, Cassie.  That is because she is going to have the support of Moses Winters.  Moses will be arriving in Genoa City any day now.  His ambition is to become a doctor.  His uncle, Dr. Nate, will be mentoring him and he will also spend time with his siblings, Lily and Devon.  I read that Moses will be working at the medical clinic with Nate and Elena.  I think that Faith will be taken to the clinic for treatment of her injuries.  That's where she'll meet Moses and they will fall for each other.  Maybe it won't happen exactly that way, but Moses will definitely interact with Faith sooner or later.  She's the only character who is in his age group and he will probably be attending her high school, Walnut Grove.  He will gallantly lend his support Faith when Jordan and the bullies try to torment her.

Chelsea is the same old con woman she has always been.  Although she has been mistreated and deceived by Adam Newman, her own actions have also been deceitful.  She is so full of vengeance against Adam that she treated her friend, Chloe, quite shabbily.  Her scheme to frame Adam in the attempted murder of Rey was over the top.  As Chloe pointed out, Rey could have died.  

Although Chelsea apologized to Chloe, the fact remains that she carried out  her plan without telling her friend everything.  Now Chloe, who has two children, is at risk of aiding and abetting a felony.  Some friend Chloe is!   Also, Chelsea let down her guard and Adam noticed her doing her stretching exercises.  He now knows that she has made a recovery from her paralysis.  Adam has his ace-in-the-hole and will use it when the time is right.

When Sharon eventually learns that Chelsea, not Adam, is responsible for Rey's poisoning, she will immediately come to Adam's defence.  This will cause another rift between Sharon and Rey.


* Why did Faith rely on Jordan as her only friend?  Why would she be so unpopular? 

* How did Faith obtain the keys to the truck she was driving?  

* I still want to know why Billy Boy Abbott doesn't have his own office.  It might be to save money on building another set during the pandemic.

* Rey Rosales is investigating his own attempted murder.  Is that accepted police protocol?  Would any police force allow it?  If not, why isn't Genoa City Police Chief Paul Williams dealing with the situation?  Shouldn't he make sure someone else is assigned to the case?



Mishael Morgan (Amanda) has emergency eye surgery

Mishael Morgan, who plays lawyer Amanda Sinclair on Y&R, had to undergo emergency surgery to save her eyesight.  The actress shared her experience on Instagram and posted two photos of herself with a large bandage over her eye.  She wrote: "So this happened!  Emergency eye surgery not fun, but saving my vision, rocking a sexy pirate look and one crazy story for the books . . . pretty fun!"

After being deluged with well wishes and inquiries about her eye, Mishael revealed that the reason for her surgery was a detached retina.  It was not the result of an accident on the set of Y&R.

Doug Davidson says he's had enough!

Longtime Y&R favourite, Doug Davidson, has had enough and I don't blame him.  He just hasn't been given any significant screen time.  His character, Paul Williams, hasn't appeared in Genoa City since November and the long layoff hasn't even been explained to him.  Doug hasn't been kept in the loop about his lack of air time and he's tired of waiting for answers.  He says he's "done" with the show and he is quite frustrated.

Doug Davidson, is a class act and he certainly doesn't deserve this kind of shoddy treatment after portraying Paul Williams on The Young and the Restless for 43 years.  Doug recently took to social media to express how he feels.  He says he's been "treated like a day player."  He posted a photo with the following caption: "At this age, I'm only interested in consistency, stability, respect & loyalty."  He hasn't been receiving any of that from Y&R for quite a while.  

Doug's TV wife, Christine (aka "Cricket), played by Lauralee Bell, has appeared on Y&R recently, but not in scenes with Doug.  In a March 16th interview with Soap Central, Lauralee Bell was asked how she felt about his announcement that he is done with Y&R.  She replied. "I completely understand where he's at."  Although she understands his feelings, she still hopes that with time, he may think differently.  She addend, "I can't fathom not working with him.  So, I guess I just don't accept it!"

The powers-that-be on Y&R should be ashamed of themselves for treating Doug Davidson so shabbily.  His "Paul Williams" character has been a staple of the show.  Doug deserves far better than this.


* Baby news for Michael Graziadei, who played Daniel Romalotti  on Y&R from 2004-2016.  The actor is going to be a first-time father.  Michael, 41, and his partner, Lauren, are expecting twins. 

* Jacob Aaron Gaines, a newcomer to daytime television, has been cast in the role of Moses Winters, son of Neil Winters and Sofia Dupre.  Moses is due to arrive in Genoa City on April 1 (CBS) and March 31 (Global). 

 Jacob Aaron Gaines has appeared on several commercials.  Most recently, he had a supporting role in the Netflix film Fatal Affair.

* Eric Braeden  (Victor Newman) celebrates his 80th birthday on April 3rd.  So, does he have any plans to retire after 41 years on Y&R.  Not on your life!  In an interview with People magazine, the German-born actor said that he is not considering retirement, at least not for the foreseeable future.  He stated: "I feel very loyal to The Young and the Restless, very beholden to the audience who has supported us all those years."  He intends to remain on Y&R as long as he can.

Eric Braeden


Melissa Claire Egan

Fans, do you have any sympathy for Chelsea, even though she poisoned Rey in order to frame Adam?  Adam hasn't been an angel either, so what do you think?  Respond to the poll below and let me know.

Do you have sympathy for Chelsea?
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Some. Adam treated her terribly, but she went too far by putting Rey's life at risk.
None at all. She is a deceitful con woman. She even treated her friend, Chloe, terribly.
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