Saturday, November 19, 2022

Hands off our CBC, Pierre Pollievre!

Pierre Pollievre and the Conservative Party of Canada, have asked supporters to help defund the CBC.  In a fundraising email to Conservative backers, they described the CBC as the "billion-dollar propaganda arm of the Trudeau Liberals"  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I have watched the CBC for years, and it bends over backwards to be fair and neutral. It is not overtly liberal like MSNBC in the United States.  Nor is it overtly conservative like Fox News, although conservatives such as Kevin O'Leary, Don Cherry and Rex Murphy have been given prominent roles on the CBC.

I often watch At Issue, the CBC's political discussion show, and it presents different points of view.  It is not a mouthpiece for the Trudeau Liberals.  Yes, the CBC endeavours to be politically correct, but that is not the same as openly supporting one political party, or one ideology, to the exclusion or dismissal of other points of view.  Remember that it was Sportsnet, not the CBC, that fired Don Cherry, when he went too far.

The CBC has produced such fine shows as Kim's Convenience, Little House on the Prairie, and the award-winning Schitt's Creek.  It is also home to such venerable dramas as The Murdoch Mysteries, Anne with an "E" and Heartland.  Just imagine the fine programming that the CBC could produce if it had more funding.

Right-wing conservatives are hostile toward the CBC simply because they are hostile to anything funded by the government.  Yet conservative politicians make their living in the private sector.  I don't see any of them returning some of their government pensions, though.  

I support the CBC because it is the network that best reflects Canada.  It is ours and we should protect it.  I also enjoy the commercial free online programming on CBC Gem for a reasonable price.  

- Joanne

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